8 Ways To Use Mind Movies 4.0 In Your Everyday Life

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Mind Movies is an online company that gives you the tools to make dynamic vision boards right from their website. It’s very user-friendly. You can easily create multiple vision boards with pictures, affirmations, music, and video all in your Mind Movies account.  Here are 8 ways I can think of to use Mind Movies in your life.

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1. Use It To Reinforce Your Focus For The Month

If you have finished Lifebook Mastery, then you probably have tried or are currently in the Lifebook Membership which focuses on one area of your life each month. But, even if you haven’t taken Lifebook, this habit of focusing on one area of your life each month is a good one. It can help you zone in on issues you are having and create change both in beliefs and behavior.

For instance, if you are focusing on your physical health this month, you may research ways to tackle issues you are having, put into effect new habits that you want to try out, and read books and take courses focused on physical health. At the end of the month, you have a new awareness around your physical health and some new habits put into place.

You can use Mind Movies to help you create a vision board of what your goal is around your topic of the month. For instance, you can create a board with a healthier you, a stronger you, or a younger-looking you. Whatever fits into your goals and desires for the topic can go into the board.

You can also add inspiring quotes and affirmations to keep you on track for the month.

2. Use It To Get Specific About What You Want

Choosing images, words, and phrases to incorporate onto our board allows us the chance to reflect, to focus, and to be specific about what we want. – Chopra Center

If you find yourself lacking targets in your life, or not being able to focus on them, then Mind Movies can help.

You can upload pictures, quotes, affirmations, and visions that are in line with what you really want in life, and, when your mind gets off track and starts to ponder about what you really want out of life, you will have a Mind Movie to remind you.

3. Create A Gratitude Board

Gratitude is a common denominator in all the personal development books and courses I’ve read or taken. I don’t know one teacher or expert who does not think gratitude is beneficial to life.

Gratitude makes you feel good both emotionally and physically. It helps you stay motivated and on track. It helps you keep your head up during the hard times and gives you a reason to get out of bed during the even harder times.

Expressing gratitude is a powerful and free tool that we all have access to.

You can create a gratitude movie on Mind Movies that reflects all those things you are grateful for, including people, situations, quotes, affirmations, and videos.

It’s great to visualize what you are grateful for and even write it down in a gratitude journal, but adding in a visual movie where you see all the things you are grateful for and add the element of music takes your gratitude practice up a level.

4. Create An Affirmation Board

You can create an entire Mind Movie of just affirmations that you want to soak into your subconscious. While I strongly encourage you to try something like Subliminal 360 to give you some flashing subliminal affirmations that affect your subconscious mind, it’s also important to consciously look at affirmations that you want to repeat to yourself often so that you can start to believe them quicker and make the positive changes that they will lead to.

5. Create An Optimistic Video To Use During The Tough Times

When we visualize the outcomes we would like to embody, we can hold that in our vision during the times we lose focus and optimism. – Shefali Tsabary

There are positive things that define us and our lives, but during the tough times, we can forget what those things are. We can lose focus on what we want and start to swim in a sea of pessimism. The problem is we can get lost in that sea very easily if we don’t keep our eyes on the place where optimism is.

Mind Movies can help you during those times you get lost in pessimism and can’t focus on what really matters in life. It can put a visual in front of you that clearly outlines what’s good in your life, what you are working towards, and why you have a lot to be positive about.

You can create am optimistic Mind Movie during the good times when you feel that sense of optimism that keeps you going forward. Then, when you are going through a rough patch, you can play it as a reminder from your optimistic self of what you really need to focus on or where you will end up going back to.

6. Use It To Manifest Your Ideal Life

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Therefore, as you focus on a Mind Movies that holds all the visions and messages you want to incorporate into your life, your energy naturally flows towards helping you achieve those visions.

You may become inspired to do something that moves you closer to what you want. You may just find yourself being more open to opportunities that you may not notice if your focus is not on what you want to manifest.

The bottom line is that Mind Movies can help you create a visual of what you want to manifest and keep it in your line of vision so what you do and say also stays in line with what you want.

7. Create An Inspirational Mini Movie

This could work in a few ways:

  1. Create a movie that inspires you to be the best you can be. Pick images, videos, and affirmations that inspire you to live your best day or be your best self in some way.
  2. Create a movie that inspires you to do what you need to do. I created a movie that lays out my perfect day according to my schedule. It inspires me to do those things on my to-do list that I know I want to do.
  3. You can put inspiring people and quotes in a mind movie to inspire you that things can be done with the right amount of time, energy, and effort.

Wherever you need inspiration, Mind Movies can help you create a visual that gives you that inspiration.

8. Create A Video Around What You Want

Let’s say you have a bucket list for this month or the next few months or the next year. Put pictures and videos with writing on them in your Mind Movie that reflects that bucket list, so you stay constantly reminded of what you want to do and why.

You can also create a video of things you want the most in your home or another area of your life. For instance, a wish list for the house.

Note: If you are not clear on what Mind Movies is, you can read my Mind Movies review here. Or, you can just go ahead and learn more about it on their website.

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