My 6 Spiritual Goals For This Month That Align With My Vision

It’s the start of May, so in Lifebook Membership that means we are in the spiritual month. Obviously one of my first spiritual goals for the month is to listen to all the content in the Spiritual section of the membership, but beyond that, I have my own spiritual goals that are in line with my vision that I have set out for myself in the spiritual section of my Lifebook. My vision is to be educated in various aspects of spirituality and to be my most relaxed, confident, curious, and happy self with a big sense of connection to myself and all things and people around me.

Spiritual Goals For The Month: More Smiling, less worrying, more compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.

1. Meditate Daily

With everything that’s been going on, I should have been meditating more, but I’ve actually fallen out of my mediation routine. That’s going to change this month.

I intend to build the habit of meditating back up. Meditation connects me to my inner self and something much bigger than me, which is why it’s one of my spiritual goals for the month.

Also, meditation helps me to be more mindful and connected to what’s going on around me, including nature, energy, and the bigger picture.

I’ve decided to meditate with the Zen12 audios. Zen12 has meditation levels 1-12 and they each have different lengths to them. For instance, level 1 is 12 minutes long and level 12 is 20 minutes long.

zen12 file screenshot highlighting level 11

I started with Level 11 today, which is a 19-minute long meditation. I usually choose nature sounds when I listen to Zen12, but I decided to choose the Relaxation Music track today. Big mistake. It had some sort of dinging sound on it that sounded like a computer alert. I want to say it was the sound of windows starting on the computer, but I can’t be sure. It was extremely distracting.

The sad part is the music was amazing. It included an amazing singing voice that was straight up out of a Disney movie. It was full of wonder and awe, and it was mesmerizing. And then I would hear the ‘Ding, ding, ding, ding’ and totally snap out of my focus.

Tomorrow I’ll probably just choose the Level 12 music and go for the full 20 minutes meditation. If I’m going to go for it, I might as well go all in.

2. Finish The Chakra Quest On Mindvalley

I’ve been putting off finishing The Chakra Quest for a while, even though I really enjoy it. I really don’t know why. I haven’t been doing any courses from Mindvalley lately. Ironically, I only have a couple of quests left, but I haven’t been motivated to finish them off the past month.

I am looking forward to some new quests that are coming up this month on stress management and the Silva system (I get instant access to these new courses because of the Quest All Access Pass), but I just haven’t put in the energy to finish the other quests.

The Chakra quest focuses on each chakra and how the mind, body, and spirit related to it. This is why it’s one of my spiritual goals for the month. It will help me connect myself to my spiritual side more through my chakras. In fact, today I did a third eye chakra healing exercise that still has me floating and feeling very connected to a wider perspective than myself.

3. Continue On Reading The Bible

I started reading the bible last year and then got sidetracked. I want to finish reading the bible.

This is one of my spiritual goals because, in Lifebook, I have one of my strategies for spiritually as studying all religious texts and religious practices.

I want an awareness of how different people practice spirituality in their life. I want to have insight into different faiths and feel a connection with everyone’s way of being in this world spiritually. I just think it will be a cool thing to experience that will help me develop more faith and practices for my own life.

4. Have Two Lucid Dreams

Since my dog died last year, I haven’t been having lucid dreams. I don’t know why his death caused a disconnection with my ability to become lucid in dreams, but it has.

I had a lot of sadness and even despair around his death, and one of my last lucid dreams had to do with him. I had the dream when he was sick and was in his last month of living. I was finding myself out of the moment and worried about him and what was to come. The dream was a reminder to live in the moment.

I think my essence has cut me off from lucid dreaming because it’s trying to keep me out of that sadness and despair that I associate with his death and the lucid dream I had not long before he died. I’m not totally sure, but my plan is to move past this block and get back to lucid dreaming again.

It’s been almost a year and while I’m still having a hard time with his death, lucid dreaming has always been my connection to something bigger than myself. It’s helped me find answers and receive lessons that I so badly needed. I want to start having those dreams again.

I plan to work daily on a technique for lucid dreaming that I’ve found most valuable, which is simply doing a lot of reality checks. This is where you consistently check to make sure you are in reality and not dreaming.

For instance, if a big coincidence happens that seems almost too good to be true, you can flip your hand back and forth to see if you are awake. If you are, your hand will look the same as you flip it back and forth. If you are not, your hand will change in some way, either by color or length or something else.

5. More Time Looking At The Stars

One of my spiritual goals is making more time to look at the stars.

I am fascinated with the night sky. I always have been. I will travel to remote places just so I can see meteor showers. In fact, we did a 12-hour drive not long ago just so I could get to a place where it wasn’t going to be cloudy for a popular meteor shower.

Looking at the stars is one of the times I don’t feel the need to look up information on my phone or think about negative things that have happened. I just want to look and think. It’s a time when I think about all the wonders of the world and how much we don’t know about what’s going on.

I’ve seen some incredible things while looking at the stars. Things that I can’t explain and let me know that there’s more going on than what we see on a daily basis. This wonder and awareness that there’s more to life than we know is one thing that helps me stay connected to my spiritual self.

6. Practice Daily Gratitude

This is one of my spiritual goals because gratitude helps me stay out of my head and be more open to spiritual things.

When I’m in my head, I can’t be curious and hopeful and have faith. I’m too focused on lack or what I don’t have, which creates a huge barrier between being focused on faith and a higher power that has my back.

I’m already pretty grateful, but I want to start writing it down consistently in a gratitude journal. I have a gratitude journal, so I just need to take the time each night to practice gratitude.

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