The Level 10 Life: Helps You Create Goals To Achieve The Life Of Your Dreams

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The new year is coming up, and for a lot of people, that means new goals. You can probably think of a few things you would like to accomplish in the next year, but are you sure that your goals will help you get the life of your dreams? No? That’s where the Level 10 Life concept comes in. This is a tool that has changed the way I make goals, and it has changed my life.

Level 10 Life Create Goals

When I first heard about it from Boho Berry, I was feeling really lost. I didn’t know what goals to make to further my happiness, success, health, etc. It’s like my brain was fried and I couldn’t figure out how to progress my life towards what I wanted.

I’m assuming that’s why I found this Level 10 concept. You tend to attract in your life what you need most (or at least I do!), and I was praying for something to help me get clear on what I what I wanted, and this was the answer I was looking for.

My Level 10 Life Chart

Kara from Boho Berry does her Level 10 life concept in a wheel, which she says is how the creator of this idea, Hal Elrod, presented it, but I saw another woman on YouTube (sorry, I can’t remember who) do it in vertical boxes, and I liked that more. So, mine is pretty much a replica of hers.

What’s Worked For Me – The Process…

Here’s the process that worked for me. I’ve seen people do different things with the Level 10 Life concept, so do what works for you!

1. Create The Visual

First, I created my Level 10 chart. I used the same areas of life that Kara used, including:

  • Family and Friends
  • Personal Development
  • Spirituality
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Relationship (or marriage if you prefer)
  • Fun and Recreation
  • Giving and Contribution
  • Physical Environment
  • Health and Fitness

I’ve seen other people use different categories that apply to them, such as beauty, parenting, and creativity. I like the creativity one, but I’ve included creative stuff in ‘Fun & Recreation’.

When it came to filling in the current level of each area, it wasn’t hard. I just used my intuition, picked a number that I felt represented the category, and then colored in the boxes with the number that I felt I was at.

To see that things like ‘Fun & Recreation’ and ‘Career’ were so low gave me huge motivation to start working on those areas.

I topped each point of where I was at with a thick black line, and since then, I’ve raised my numbers in a few areas that I feel I’ve progressed in, including ‘Spirituality’ and ‘Family & Friends’.

Putting that thick black line in on top will help you keep track of progress as you go.

2. Write Down Why I Gave Each Area The Number I Did

Next, I wrote down why I gave each area of my life the number that I did.

Level 10 Life Numbers Explained

By writing it down, I was able to reflect on each area of my life and figure out what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong.

For instance, in Spirituality, I wrote down what I felt like I was doing right, but then realized I wasn’t doing it enough. Simply writing that down helped me reflect on that area of my life more.

3. Write Out A List Of Things I Could Do To Improve Each Area

In this step, I wrote out 10 things I could do to improve each area of my life.

List For Goals Level 10 Life

I found that it wasn’t always easy to write 10 things. You can do as many or as few as you want. I just liked the number 10 and it really made me think about each area of my life.

Moreover, writing down that many things helped me come up with some ideas that I may not have written down and then make some changes in my life that have impacted it greatly.

For instance, for years I’ve been a ghostwriter for a guy who runs a personal development blog. I often find quotes from Joel Osteen or T.D. Jakes for that blog, so listening to them was one of the points that came to mind. Turns out that T.D. Jakes has an eChurch where you can watch his sermons live, and my husband and I have been really enjoying them!

That one thing has benefited all areas of my life – including my relationship and personal development. So, for 2018, I’ve made a goal to watch every single Sunday without fail. My husband agrees!

4. Make Some Big Goals For The New Year

I’ve kept all my sheets focused on my Level 10 Life in my Happy Planner, so I’m constantly looking at them. And because of that, I was able to really create some big goals for the new year that I’m excited about.

The goals are not just about things I want, they are about making my life better. They are about getting me closer to a Level 10 Life in all areas. That’s not something I would have thought of in previous years.

Usually, I create goals for getting rid of bad habits or strictly around my career, but now I have a wide variety of goals that will help me level up in each area of my life.

That’s why I recommend the Level 10 Life method for creating your goals. Your awareness will fall on all areas of your life and help you create a balanced life that only gets better and better!

5 Great Things About The Level 10 Life Concept

  1. It’s adaptable. Keep track of whatever areas of life you most want to keep track of. Get creative with how you keep track of them. The point is simply rating important areas of your life from one to ten and then finding out how you can scale up in all those areas.
  2. It gives you something concrete to look at. Before I found the Level 10 Life concept, I was trying to figure everything out in my head. I couldn’t really see which areas of my life were lacking because my thoughts were constantly bouncing from one issue to another. With the graph, there was no denying what areas I needed work on and that gave me a clear starting point.
  3. It helps you create strong goals that push you towards a level 10 life. Once you get clear on what’s going wrong and what you could do to fix it, you can create goals that help you move towards level 10.
  4. It’s an easy way to mark the progress of goals. As you go along, you will either feel that you have moved up a level or two or not. Either way, you can see your progress if you take the time to update your Level 10 chart every so often.
  5. It’s also an easy way to keep track of what works and doesn’t. If you are not making progress, then you may want to consider scraping out the goals that you created and adopting new ones.

The Level 10 Life Tool Is A Starting And End Point For Your Goals

While you can make measurable goals on your own, a Level 10 Life chart will clearly show you how much progress you are making towards a balanced, happy life overall. It’s a great tool to help you come up with new goals for the new year or anytime during the year.

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