I Just Had My Most Intense Dream Ever

I just had the most intense dream I’ve ever had. It was terrifying to me. It was like Groundhog Day but on speed. My husband thinks it was a way for my higher consciousness or a higher power to send a message. He might be right.

I’ve had a pretty bad day. All I wanted to do was sleep and not think about the intense things that have happened today. So I went to take a nap.

I Wake Up From My Nap

The dream starts with me waking up from my nap.

In the dream, I get up from my nap and look out the window and realize that it’s raining. The rain has turned all the trees a lovely red color and I get excited about our new neighbors seeing how intensely beautiful our neighborhood is.

I open the bedroom door, go into the hall, start to head downstairs, and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

Again, I wake up from my nap. I have this bad feeling in the pit of my stomach and I roll out of bed and open the bedroom door. I yell out for my husband, but he doesn’t answer, and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach again. But, this time my husband is there and calls my name. I’m worried I’m still dreaming, but he puts his hand on my head, and I reach out and feel his fingers. I sigh a sigh of relief because I know I’m not dreaming anymore. I roll over to see him, but he’s not there and I freak out and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

The bad feeling in my stomach is there. I get out of bed panicked. I look at fingers, which is a technique that I use to figure out whether or not I’m having a lucid dream. (If my fingers change color or shape as I flip my hand over and over, I know I’m dreaming.) Sure enough, my fingers change all kinds of colors.

I open up the door, but now it’s my parent’s house. I know I’m dreaming. I head to the front door and go out into the street. I look at my parent’s neighbors who are out a few houses down and start heading the other direction towards the next street. I see some more of my parent’s neighbors and I start to fly, but they don’t care.

A car is heading towards me, and I think about landing on the car. The driver gets scared, and I start to lose lucidity, and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

I jump out of bed and check my fingers. I only have 4 out of my 5 fingers.

Yep. Still dreaming. I decide I need to be lucid for longer this time to try to figure out what’s going on.

I open the bedroom door and see my hallway and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

At this point I’m terrified. I start to worry that I’m stuck in a dream state and I’m never going to get out.

The bad feeling in the pit of my stomach is there. I’m wondering if I’m really awake or not.

Before I can check anything, I hear a voice. I know it’s a higher power’s voice. I think it’s going to tell me something religious. It then tells me that it has something to tell me. Then it says, “You must appreciate what you have,” and then…

I Wake Up From My Nap Again

I’m still terrified. I take the covers off. It’s my room in my house. I check my fingers, and they look good. In fact, I now see the nail polish I currently am wearing. In the dream, the nail polish was a clear white at first each time I checked and I currently have a yellow and pink design.

I open the bedroom door, walk into the hallway, and check my fingers again. Still awake.

I’m Still Feeling The Terror

It’s now about 30 minutes later and I’m still worried that I’m stuck in that dream. It was a terrifying feeling.

But, I’m also remembering the message to appreciate what I have, which I think is the message I needed to hear today.

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