My First Experience With My Lucid Dream Plan

The other day, I wrote that I had my first lucid dream since taking the dream quest with Charlie Morley. I didn’t put my dream plan into action, though. My dream plan was to call for a healer to come and work on me in whatever way they saw fit. I’ve been having a lot of gut issues lately along with an ovarian cyst, so I’m completely tired of having pains and issues. I’ve been trying every night to put my dream plan into place and I finally did it the other night, for a short few seconds.

Realizing I’m Dreaming

I went through a period where I did reality checks in my dreams a lot and they helped me realize I was lucid.

Then I went through a period where my regular reality checks weren’t helping me realize I was dreaming.

Now it seems like I don’t need reality checks. I just seem to know that I’m dreaming. I still use the reality checks in my dreams, but if they don’t work I still know I’m dreaming.

This time I just knew I was dreaming. It was chaotic and there was a lot going on and I realized I was dreaming and started to lose lucidity instantly. I tried flipping my hand around to focus in, but the lucidity quickly started to go away again.

Then I looked upwards and yelled ‘Healer now!’ That was my dream plan!

What Happened?

When I yelled ‘Healer now!’ I felt a ton of energy in my chest area. It was vibrating in me and I had my chest pushed out and up to receive it. I had my eyes closed and couldn’t hear anything – I just felt the energy vibrating in me.

It only lasted a few seconds though. I quickly lost lucidity and woke up.

But those few seconds were AWESOME!

I woke up and felt like something amazing had happened to me. My goal is to do it again but hopefully remain a little more calm so that I can stay lucid and experience more of whatever the ‘healer’ has to offer.

A Dream Plan Works!

Charlie Morley talks about this in his quest, Experience Lucid Dreams, and it’s something I think everyone should be doing. Why not plan out your lucid dreams so that you get the best possible experience?

A dream plan helps you plan out what you want to do in your lucid dream so that you are not fumbling around without direction.

Even in all the chaos of the dream (there was a lot of noise and motion), I was able to remember my dream plan and yell ‘Healer now!’

So, if you want to experience a lucid dream, I recommend creating your own dream plan… that, and learning everything you can from Charlie Morley. He’s so interesting to learn from and has a lot to teach.

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