Speak And Inspire Review: Lisa Nichols’ And Mindvalley’s Powerful Course

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If you want to inspire, motivate, or transform one or a million people, then Speak and Inspire by Lisa Nichols is a quest on Mindvalley that you’ve probably heard about. If you haven’t, you should hear about it! It’s a powerful course that will teach you how to stand up, speak up, and hopefully create positive change with your voice. That’s something that we need in the world today in a big way.

Lisa Nichols Quote: Speak And Inspire Review

I’ve Listened To Lisa Nichols For Years

Over 10 years ago, Lisa Nichols came to our city and did a seminar. It was on manifesting the life you want.

My husband and I went, and as we were walking around we noticed my mom and her friends. We didn’t know my mom was going to be there. And, it was the first time that I realized my mom was starting to get really involved in her personal development. It didn’t surprise me that she picked Lisa Nichols to go see because she is a powerful presence.

I’ve seen Lisa Nichols popping up everywhere since then, including recently on Dr. Phil as a Transformational Coach.

So, when I found out that Mindvalley has a 30-day course by Lisa Nichols called Speak and Inspire, I jumped at the chance to take it even though I consider myself a writer, not a speaker.

I know how powerful her voice is, and I wanted to learn her secrets and see what I could apply to my mission of motivating people to live happier and healthier lives.

After The First Few Days, I Found Myself Very Aware Of My Voice (Even My Written Voice)

Speak and Inspire is about using your voice to inspire, but it’s also about being aware of your voice and how you use it. You start to think about how you want other people to feel after you speak.

Strangers Are Benefiting From My New Awareness

Speak and Inspire has helped me to be more inspirational and loving in both my big and small daily interactions. I’m amazed at how conscious I am of my words and behaviors, and how they impact the people I’m engaged with.

For instance, I went out shopping a few days after starting the course and while I was in the checkout line I noticed the guy behind me had two items. I thought about Speak and Inspire and my mission to make other people’s lives better. So, I asked him if he wanted to go ahead. He said he was fine to wait, and suddenly I became very aware of my voice and how I was using it. I realized asking him was giving him an option and, being polite, he would say no. So, I made a space for him on the belt and then told him that I had made a space for him to put his stuff down, removing the option of having to say no, and then explained that there was no need to wait for me and my hundred items while he only had two. He smiled and went ahead and even thanked me as he left.

In that moment, I became acutely aware of how I was using my voice and how it was making other people feel.

Everyone Is Benefiting

This has happened in every interaction I’ve had since. I pay attention to the words I want to say and then choose my words carefully before speaking. My goal is to make people feel good, not bad, so I’m trying to speak with purpose.

I feel like this has benefited my personal relationships in a big way. I’m not as quick to spew out the words in my head without thinking. It’s helped me take time to form my words in a way that may help, not hurt.

I Also Pay Attention To My Voice While Writing

I’ve also found myself aware of my voice while writing. Writing is my chosen way of getting my message out, so Speak and Inspire was something that I was hoping would help me deliver a stronger message, and I feel that it has.

It can only get stronger from here as I practice the techniques I’ve learned.

This Is One Of Those Courses People Take Again And Again

I noticed that in the Facebook group, some people are on round 3 or 4 of going through the Speak and Inspire course. One woman said it was because there were so many nuggets of wisdom in each session that she takes in new things each time she goes through the program.

You May Not Want To Speak Up Right Away

I can also see people who don’t want to speak up the first time take this course again. There are quite a few days in Speak and Inspire where you are supposed to start a Facebook live video in the group and talk about some things that Lisa Nichols tells you to talk about. And all of these things are very personal.

For instance, on Day 13 you have to share 21 personal things in regards to what you are proud of, what you forgive yourself for, and commitments that you have made. This is very personal stuff, so anyone not comfortable with speaking in front of others could have a tough time with it.

I found that if you don’t like speaking to an audience, but feel like you need to in order to get your message out there, then going through the course once can help you build up the knowledge and courage to help you speak up the second time you go through the course.

The more sessions you go through in the course, the more you understand why it’s important to speak out. And, the more you interact with the Facebook group and see people making their live videos, the more motivated you become to do yours as well. Especially when you see people who are obviously nervous taking the leap. You will feel that if they can do it, you can too.

A Few Things That Make Speak And Inspire Different Than Other Courses On Mindvalley

Speak and Inspire is all about teaching you about your voice and why and how you should use it. This course is meant for people who want to inspire other people through their words – even if it’s just their parents, kids, spouses, or friends.

Some Days In The Quest Are For Reflection And Extra Material

There are a few days that are simply days for reflection. I haven’t seen this in other Mindvalley courses. This is a time to reflect on what you’ve learned and the actions you’ve taken.

Lots Of Live Interaction

In the Facebook group, you will find a lot of people posting live videos. It’s nice to see the people you are taking Speak and Inspire with, and it is also inspiring to see them doing the exercises and talking about their insights. It motivates you to stick with the full quest and get as much as you can from it.

I found it’s also inspiring to see that there are other people out there who want to spread a positive message or help other people in some way. I’m so used to seeing mean and nasty videos on social media, that the Speak and Inspire Facebook group is a refreshing place to see videos full of love and hope.

Lisa Nichols Is A Seriously Good Speaker

Lisa Nichols is thorough, real, and passionate when she speaks in this course! Those are all good things for teaching others how to speak and inspire!

She is not reading from a script (or she doesn’t seem to be anyway). She is animated and passionate and thorough with the subject.

You can even see in the screenshot above that she spends about 7 minutes talking about the actions for the day. You don’t just get told what to do… you get told why it’s so beneficial and often get examples from Lisa Nichols to help you understand the action better.

I’ve noticed that the passion that she exudes is contagious and makes you want to master what she’s talking about it.

As a side note, she also teaches why being passionate while speaking is important.

Who Speak And Inspire Is For

If you want to:

  • Be a better speaker…
  • Learn how to master your voice…
  • Keep people’s attention when you are talking…
  • Understand what kind of speaker you are…
  • Learn how to use your voice in any situation…
  • Bring people back to you again and again for your messages…
  • Teach other people something that you think is important…
  • Speak with impact…
  • Keep other’s attention without yelling…
  • Express yourself better…
  • Help people understand a certain subject…
  • Stop comparing your voice with others and appreciate your own voice…
  • Improve your relationships…
  • Motivate other people to do great things, be happier, and improve their lives…
  • Inspire other people with your story and message…
  • Understand what your story is…
  • Engage in a powerful dialogue with other people…
  • Transform people’s lives…
  • Speak more powerfully to people…
  • Be more transparent with your audience…

Speak and Inspire is for you.

Lisa Nichols says that a lot of the speaking techniques she’s teaching in Speak and Inspire is stuff she didn’t learn until she had been speaking for about 7-9 years. So, you are getting an inside track to become an amazing speaker and influencer.

I Would Recommend Speak And Inspire To Several Types Of People

I would recommend this course to all people doing podcasts or YouTubers who are trying to have some sort of impact – inspirational, motivational, transformational – and want to make their impact more powerful. Also, if they want to get more subscribers and loyal watchers or listeners, Speak and Inspire will help them do that.

I would also recommend this to anyone who needs to speak in front of an audience and wants to connect with them and impact them positively. Again people will by loyal and keep coming back to speakers who know what Lisa Nichols teaches in this program.

And, if someone wants to connect better with their loved ones or other people in their personal life, then this course will be beneficial. It will teach you how to communicate in a way that improves your relationships.

As a writer, I would also recommend this course to other writers. It will help you understand how to connect better to your audience by crafting a better message and engaging with them in a more powerful way.

5 Things Inside Speak And Inspire To Be Ready For

1. Daily Learning

This is part of the new way of learning through Mindvalley quests, where you are taught something new each day. The daily videos range from 11 to 25 minutes in length, but they are packed with insights, so you don’t want to be distracted while watching them.

With Lisa Nichols, things get pretty intense. She’s very passionate about this subject and it comes through. You will admire her ability to speak so well, and you will learn how she does it. Every day you will walk away with a new amazing insight. Or at least I did!

2. Daily Action On The Lesson

This is probably the one thing that would stop you from taking Speak and Inspire. In other Mindvalley quests that I’ve taken, the daily action is private. You do things in your journal or in your home, not on Facebook Live!

In Speak and Inspire, there are some days where you do things in private. But, there are many days where you are supposed to make a Facebook Live video in the group dedicated to Speak and Inspire.

Most videos are only supposed to be about 2 minutes in length, but that can feel like a long time if you are not comfortable speaking in front of people!

3. Daily Mirror Work

Every day during the quest, you need to stand in front of the mirror and say a few things to yourself. Lisa gives the instructions for this in the first day, but let me tell you it’s not easy. I was uncomfortable while doing it for the first while. I even broke down crying the first time I did it… and the second and third time.

But, this exercise helps you to understand yourself better and understand your story better – the one that other people can benefit from.

4. Q&A Sessions

On Day 8 there are two Q&As to listen to at just over an hour each. Then on day 20 there is another Q&A that is about an hour long. There’s a ton of aha moments in this 3 hours of extras.

I’m assuming that if Lisa Nichols does any more Q&A sessions with Mindvalley for Speak and Inspire, anyone taking the course will be able to attend and ask their questions.

5. Crying Or Feeling Deeply

If you are like me and cry when you feel deeply, then expect to cry as you listen to Lisa Nichols and as you do the work.

There’s a lot of stories and insights that will touch your soul! I’ve never had that in any course as much as I have had In Speak and Inspire, so I guess that’s a very good testimonial to the fact that she really knows how to connect with her audience and is capable of teaching you how to do it too.

You Must Want To Touch Other People’s Lives

You really need to have a desire to impact other people’s lives in a big and positive way. That’s what Speak and Inspire is really about. It teaches you how to own your voice and use it to impact other people in some way.

While the quest is about speaking, as a writer, I applied it to writing. I’m not someone who wants to stand up and speak. I feel much more capable of inspiring through my words than my voice. That’s not to say that I may not want to be an inspirational or motivational speaker in the future, but for now, I feel as though I am an inspirational and motivational writer – and that’s right where I want to be.

You Need To Be Willing To Do A Few Things

You need to get really personal in this course. In it, you will have to be honest with yourself, open up with your tribe on Facebook, and even need to open up to a few people in your personal life in a very personal way. And, you need to be ready to acknowledge your bad side (failures and struggles) along with your good side (accomplishments and knowledge), and then share some things about both.

You also need to be willing to reach out and speak out. You will be constantly challenged to reach out to people and deliver inspirational messages in different ways.

Again, you may want to go through the course once, prepare yourself for what you need to do, and then do all the work the second or third time around.

If You Want To Speak And Inspire, This Course Is For You

I can say with complete certainty that this course can help anyone who wants to speak and inspire.

In it, you spend so much time thinking about your voice, how you use it, and how you can use it better, that you finish the course with a heightened desire to get out there and use your voice to inspire.

I started the course because my goal in life is to inspire and motivate other people. I’m a writer not a speaker, and I haven’t decided if I would ever want to be a verbal speaker. But, I can say that this course helped me understand how to better get my message out there through my writing and inspire people that I do communicate with orally.

If you are interested in learning more about Lisa Nichols’ ability to teach you to speak and inspire, I suggest you take the Masterclass here. Or, you can find out when the next start date is and learn more about the quest itself here. The quest starts on a certain date so that you can start with other students, interact, and go through the program together.

Note: I’m going to take Speak and Inspire again, so I may update this review with some more information. But, I know that I won’t answer everyone’s questions, no matter how many times I take it. So, if you want to know anything else about the course please ask in the comments below. And, if you’ve taken Speak and Inspire, please share your experience in the comments below.


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