Yummy Doh Review: Yep, It’s Yummy And Lives Up To Its Name

I was looking for some vegan crispy squares, and I found Yummy Doh as I was scrolling through a list of vegan items at Costco. Turns out they have Yummy Doh in a bunch of different stores, including one near me. Even though I can make cookie dough, I had to try it… obviously. I don’t really have a lot of time to make anything anyways, so this sounded like a convenient and easy way to get my yummy on.

The Strawberry Confetti Yummy Doh

I got the Strawberry Confetti Yummy Doh first. I’ve been craving strawberries lately.

Yummy Doh Strawberry Confetti

The thing about the Strawberry Confetti Yummy Doh is that there is no seal on the top. You just squish the sides of the Yummy Doh lid and it pops up. There’s no plastic or seal to protect it from being opened and licked in the store, which we’ve all seen happen to ice cream.

I thought maybe this was a fluke and I got an opened one, so I bought another container and it was the same thing. I don’t like that.

There is a cute little spoon sitting on top of the dough when you open it.

Yummy Doh Strawberry Confetti Opened

It looks shiny on top. I’m not sure why. Maybe the wax? But once you start digging into it, it just looks like regular cookie dough.

It tastes like strawberry cookie dough. The strawberry flavor is not that strong, but it’s there.

Here are the nutrition facts for the Strawberry Confetti Yummy Doh.

Yummy Doh Strawberry Confetti Nutrition

And here are the ingredients in the Strawberry Confetti Yummy Doh. I’m not a fan of the sprinkles ingredients. Tartrazine is something I’ve avoided for years because it used to hurt my stomach. It doesn’t seem to be doing that with this cookie dough, but it’s not something I would want to eat too much.

Yummy Doh Strawberry Confetti Ingredients

The Chocolate Chunk Yummy Doh

The Chocolate Chunk Yummy Doh, on the other hand, has a nice seal on it. You can be confident that it hasn’t been tampered with… just the way I like it.

Yummy Doh Chocolate Chunk

There’s a little more sugar in this one, which is surprising because I find the Strawberry Confetti sweeter.

This tastes exactly how you would think it tastes. Just like chocolate chip cookie dough.

Here are the nutrition facts.

Yummy Doh Chocolate Chunk nutrition

And here are the ingredients. Better ingredients than the Strawberry Confetti, in my opinion.

Yummy Doh Chocolate Chunk Ingredients

You can cook the Yummy Doh or eat it raw. I haven’t tried cooking it because I like it raw too much.

Why Can You Eat Yummy Doh Raw?

The reason you can eat this cookie dough raw, according to Yummy Doh is because of the heat-treated enriched wheat flour.

Apparently, heat-treated enriched wheat flour is a type of processed wheat flour that has been treated with heat to make it more edible and nutritious. This process helps to increase the protein and nutrient content of wheat flour, making it a healthier option than regular white flour. Heat-treated enriched wheat flour is often used in baking and cooking recipes that require greater amounts of nutrition and texture. It can also be used in combination with other flour for added nutritional value. And, heat-treated enriched wheat flour has a longer shelf life than regular white flour, making it a beneficial choice for long-term storage.

Also, because the flour is heated to temperatures between 160°F and 190°F, it can kill the E. coli present in the flour. While this process does not guarantee a 100% kill rate, it is effective enough to reduce the risk of contamination significantly. So, this is why you are less likely to get sick than when you eat other things with raw flour.

The Yummy Doh Is Yummy

When I was buying the Yummy Doh the second time, a guy who works at the store joked that they were supposed to be ‘yummy’ – referring to the name. It’s a catchy name, and I told him that the cookie dough lives up to its name.

According to their product page, Yummy Doh also makes a Chunky Choco Banana dough and a Brownie Delight dough. And they have one that is in the works but isn’t released yet. I haven’t found the other two yet, but if they are half as good as the two I’ve tried, they will live up to their name also.

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