February’s Lush Kitchen Subscription Box Review: It’s My Last Box

You can always smell Lush products from a mile away, even if they are in a box. This month’s Lush Kitchen Subscription box smelled amazing. It smelled like my Reiki therapist’s place – full of flowers and other scents that I can’t totally identify but love.

But, I think this will be the last time I get the Lush Kitchen Box subscription. I’ve already canceled my subscription.

If Lush was to promise vegan products, then I’ll definitely start buying again because I like the surprise of getting new products. But as you will see, the bath bomb leaves me wondering what’s going on, and I’m not going to support the use of animal products when there’s absolutely no need to use them.

1. Absolutely Delight (Or Disgusting) Bath Bomb

This is frustrating. As you can see the bath bomb is a pretty color.

Carmine Bath Bomb Lush

It smells wonderful. It really does remind me of the spray my Reiki woman uses at the start of a session. I think it’s the jasmine or the bergamot.

That said, here are the ingredients.

Red 4 is the biggest issue for me. According to every article I’ve read, including Wikipedia, red 4 is derived from Carmine – or ground-up bugs. I thought most companies had stopped using this type of ‘dye’, and NEVER in a million years would have thought Lush would use it.

Why would they? There are so many other options to create the color red. They use them! There’s no reason to use something not vegan in their products. None.

I had this problem is November’s Lush Kitchen box too.

I wrote in to find out if it is vegan or not, and here was the chat.

chat with lush


Chat with lush

Chat with lush

Chat with lush

I don’t know about you, but her answer doesn’t make me confident that it’s vegan. Moreover, there are conflicting answers between this person and the last person in November who said they only use 100% vegan dyes there.

First, she gave me the generic answer, which is what Lush representatives tend to do I find, and then when I asked the question more directly, she gave me an answer that tells me she doesn’t really know.

I went on the website to find any product with Red 4 in it labeled vegan and couldn’t find any other products with Red 4, so I’m not sure what product she was looking at. If she was being honest, you think she would have mentioned the name of the actual product.

In short, I don’t trust it. I’m not bathing in bug juice color, so it’s a waste of product for me. I’ll give it to someone else who doesn’t worry about things like that.

I can’t tell you how much it pisses me off that LUSH would use an ingredient like that. That color of red is not essential. There are other colors of red they could have achieved using more ethical products.

2. Love Body Lotion

I’m always happy to get lotion from Lush. I find I’ve been needing a lot of lotion for work lately because it’s so dry in the building, but I can’t wear something that smells too strong or I’ll knock out my co-workers.

Love Body Lotion Lush

This Lush lotion isn’t as strong smelling as the lotion in the Halloween Kitchen Subscription, but it does have a semi-strong floral scent. Anyone who is sensitive to smells probably wouldn’t appreciate having to smell it all shift.

I, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind smelling it all shift. I really like the smell.

Here are the ingredients in the body lotion.

Body lotion ingredients Lush Love


3. Shower Gel

This is extremely strong-smelling, but I like it. It’s going to make for some invigorating showers that help me wake up when I don’t want to head out to work nights – or get up in general.

Sex Bomb shower Gel Lush

To me, it smells like rose and jasmine are equally paired together. I love the smell of rose over any other type of smell.

This body wash smells like a field of flowers on a warm summer day after it’s rained.

This scent is right up my alley.

Here are the ingredients in this body wash. Notice how it’s labeled vegan and it’s RED!

ingredients body gel lush

4. Oh La La Soap

There’s something about classic soap that I like. I started only using body wash about 12 years ago or so, but I really do like this soap bar from Lush. It’s pretty and it’s a fairly big size, so it feels like you are getting your money’s worth.

soap Lush Kitchen Subscription Box February

It smells a bit like lavender, but not much. It’s a subtle, pretty smell. I suppose it’s the honeysuckle that I’m smelling, or maybe the grape juice combined with the honeysuckle. Whatever it is, I do like the smell.

Lush Soap Ingredients Kitchen Subscription Box

5. Shower Bomb

Lastly, we have the useless shower bomb. I’ve talked about how I think these are a waste of money before. I should have known there was going to be one in the Lush Kitchen Subscription Box again.

I guess it’s not as useless as a product made with possible bug juice that I can’t use.

I do like the design of this shower bomb though.

Shower Bomb Lush Kitchen Subscription Box February

This smells like Jasmine to me. Again, it smells like the room I go to when I get reiki done, which I think will be good for me when I need to feel an energy shift while I shower. I’m going to try to break it up and get more than a couple of uses out of it.

Here are the ingredients in this shower bomb from Lush.

Shower Bomb Ingredients Lush Kitchen Subscription Box February

I Won’t Be Buying The Lush Kitchen Box Until They Guarantee Vegan Products

I don’t want to receive products that aren’t guaranteed vegan.

I don’t want to wonder whether or not something I buy is vegan.

There’s really no need not to use all vegan products in this day and age. Not even to achieve that perfect color. It doesn’t make sense to me to put ingredients that harmed an animal in any way into a product.

I’m currently taking ‘Life After Death’ on Humanity Stream, and there’s a lovely thought in concept 7. It says that all animals are part of the We Consciousness so when you disrespect them, you disrespect yourself. I fully agree. I get sick at the thought of using animals for anything and feel their pain and despair.

In short, I’d rather buy the stuff myself and guarantee as much as possible that the ingredients are in line with my ethics.

I think that I got swept up in the Valentine’s Day aspect of the subscription box and wanted to receive products related to love – because we all love to feel love.

But that’s it. I’ll go online and buy my own products for now until I hear that Lush is guaranteeing vegan products in this Kitchen Subscription Box.

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