A Money EQ Quest By Ken Honda Is Coming Up On Mindvalley

The only real financial course Mindvalley had was by T. Harv Eker, but that seems to have disappeared from their list of courses. I was waiting for Mindvalley to release another course in relation to money and today I noticed that Mindvalley just released part of the upcoming masterclass with Ken Honda. At the beginning of March, a new quest called Money EQ by Ken Honda is starting on Mindvalley. The masterclass isn’t live yet, but here is the short excerpt taken from the masterclass.

I’m really looking forward to this Mindvalley quest. It sounds like it will be approached in a more energetic way, which makes sense because I watched a video by Ken Honda talking about his Happy Money book and he talks about making money smile and about receiving money with joy.

Then I watched Ken Honda talking about the concept of happy money and what he’s learned about it. Since this is obviously the essence of Ken Honda’s teachings, I know it’s going to be a big part of his Mindvalley quest. And, I totally dig it.

Give this short video about his book a listen to see if his ideas resonate with you or, at the very least, intrigue you.

To me, the new quest sounds like it’s going to be about coming to peace with your money and getting on an energetic vibration that aligns you with money.

This is a concept that many teachers touch on briefly, such as Michael Beckwith in Life Envisioning. He talked about how money is energy and you need to circulate energy. In other words, you make money and by spending money you are circulating it as it should be circulated. Energy is money and it needs to be circulated in order to complete the natural cycle of give and take and creation. I learned from him to say, ‘I’m circulating money’ instead of ‘I’m spending money’.

And I got all that from just one insight about how money is energetic! So, I’m looking forward to Ken Honda’s quest and learning how he relates to money. He obviously does something right as he is financially set, so I’m looking forward to his ideas and lessons.

Update: The full Masterclass is now open. You can check it out here. In it, Ken Honda teaches a money technique that Vishen claims has added a million dollars a year to his life.

Note: I saw someone else say that the masterclass is about to end, but that’s not true. It just went live and as far as I know, it’s a permanent part of Mindvalley going forward.

Done! You can read my Money EQ review here.


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