Amarilys Henderson’s Classes: Working From Home & Sticking To It

Amarilys Henderson is a watercolor illustrator as well as a teacher on Skillshare. I don’t know what search led me to her class, but I ended up taking her class on working from home as a creative, which led me to take her class on maintaining a creative practice. She had some great advice for working from home in a creative profession and taking on challenges with a purpose for your passion and career.

Taking Challenges To Push Your Passion And Career Forward

One of the things she talked about was the challenges that she’s done and how she’s worked through them and how they have impacted her personally and professionally.

I took a lot from her lessons on that topic as I’m currently trying to challenge myself to do a few different things daily, including taking a daily Skillshare class and writing about it.

She got me out of my analytical mind (I need to do things a certain way or it’s not good enough!) and into my creative mind where there’s some freedom to be me. She helped me see things from a different point of view.

A good illustration of doing things daily both for your passion and your career is Suraj Fine Arts on Youtube. I often think about how he challenges himself to do a painting every day and what it’s ended up getting him over the years. One of his videos focuses on a Yin Yang painting and has hit over 15 million views! That just blows my mind when I think about it. He put in daily work to get to this point and it’s paying off for him big time. And I guarantee there were days that he didn’t want to do anything but pushed through that and did it anyway, which has earned him some huge rewards along the way. (Amarilys Henderson had a tip for when these days happen that made me feel much better about how I tackle those days.)

I Love The Freedom Of Being Able To Do What I Want To Do

These classes reminded me that I’m creative and I don’t have to pursue things that don’t work – or don’t work out very well – because I can always shift gears and create something different.

I can say that when I started working online, I did it because I wanted to be free to do what I wanted to do. Over the years, I’ve struggled with what’s right and what works and what doesn’t, and sometimes it can all be very confusing as to which way is the best way to go on a day to day basis.

Amarilys Henderson helped me see that sticking to the things you know and are passionate about, combined with some structure, focus, systems, and having some fun is the best way to go forward.

I’m definitely going to be following her on Skillshare. If you are interested in her, you can check her out on Skillshare. So far, she focuses her classes on having a business as a creative person and she makes the whole notion of it feel doable, which is something we all need when we are started to wonder what’s around the next corner.

You can also find her on her website, Watercolor Devo, where you can see her work, find out more about her, buy from her, and learn more from her.

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