With 4.2 Billion Pages On The Internet, You Can Still Be Original

Thinking about starting a blog or website? Worried that you won’t be original? Worried that you don’t have anything new to say or contribute to the world? I feel that way too sometimes. But, from experience, I know it’s not true.

I’ve started many websites for myself and other people, and every single article I have written has been original and unique. It’s amazing to think with so much content out there, we can create something original, but it can happen.

According to this page, there are 4.2 billion pages on the internet. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it sure feels like it. Actually, with the number of websites that I follow, it feels like there should be even more than 4.2 billion pages. Yet, I have never created content that copies someone else.

Even when I started writing online, and many people were taking shortcuts with their writing, I still stuck to my own thoughts and my own way of writing.

For instance, one thing that was really popular when I started writing online was rewriting other people’s articles. I remember a ‘content spinner’ software that basically replaced words with synonyms to create an article that seemed to be unique but really wasn’t. The content often didn’t make sense when it was ‘spun’.

I couldn’t use it, not even for my own articles. It was so dumb.

If you ever come across an article that doesn’t make sense, they probably used some sort of content spinner software to create it.

I’ve Written Well Over 2000 Articles

Since I’ve been writing online, I’ve written over 2000 articles. I couldn’t give you an exact number. I wish I could. It may be more than 3000. I don’t know. I just know that I’ve created 10 websites with a lot of content, one website for someone else that has hundreds of articles written by me, and I’ve contributed to many other websites with my ghostwriting.

And every single piece of content has been unique.

This website currently has 323 published posts alone.

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I Use Copyscape For Every Article

I have used Copyscape forever. When I was writing for clients on iWriter, they automatically put your articles through Copyscape when you submitted them.

Except for when I use quotes in my articles, I’ve never had my article match anyone else’s content.

Be Original With Copyscape

I still use it because it feels like after writing so many articles, I could write something that someone else has written. But it never happens.

To The People Who Copy My Work

There are people out there who copy my ideas. If you start a blog or have a blog, there will be people who copy yours too.

These people will sometimes surpass you in search engines.


  • They build links back to your work on their sites (which they claim as their work).
  • They build social media profiles that get attention and put links back to your work on their sites (which they claim as their work).
  • They steal your title ideas.

And they use other methods of raising their content in the search engines.

While there are many explicit things I want to say to the people who copy my work, I won’t in the article. Let’s just say that we would never be friends because our ethics don’t align.

Yes, You Can Be Original In Your Writing

If you are thinking about starting a blog, buy some credits with Copyscape and then start writing your own articles based on your experiences, lessons, knowledge, etc.

I guarantee that despite there being billions of pages on the internet with many more being put out every day, you will still be original. Some of your articles may share thoughts and ideas with other people’s articles, but they will still be original.


  • There’s only one of you with your exact thoughts.
  • There’s only one of you with your exact experiences.
  • There’s only one of you with your exact lessons.

Combine those things together and nobody could even fathom writing something like you do.

Write about what YOU know and experience, and you will be original.

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