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It makes sense that for my first course of doing Skillshare daily for a year, I would take a course on self-discovery through writing. That’s totally what I’m all about – writing and self-discovery.

Yasmine Cheyenne’s course is about working with writing prompts to cultivate both gratitude and growth. It’s a very creative way of looking at your life and working through issues that may arise, or just discovering thoughts and feelings that need to be discovered.

What Writing For Self-Discovery Will Help You Do

This is an hour and ten-minute creative writing class broken up into 11 parts. For 6 of the classes, you focus on a prompt and then come up with words or ideas around that prompt to help you dig into it and discover things about it.

I love working with journal prompts, but Writing for Self-Discovery used writing prompts in a way that I haven’t used before.

So as I said, there are 6 journal prompts discussed in this class. Yasmine Cheyenne helps you use these journal prompts and creative writing to:

  • Access your emotions that you may or may not know you have.
  • Practice self-care.
  • Cultivate more joy.
  • Work with regret and discover visions of what in your life through that work.
  • Redefine what success means to you.
  • Connect back with your younger self and allow that part of you to confront and work with your current self.
  • Get everything out of your mind in a brain dump.
  • Look at how you are spending your time and evaluate it.

The Prompt I Enjoyed The Most

I have never thought of using a quote as a writing prompt, but Yasmine Cheyenne showed how to use a quote as a writing prompt to dig into yourself and your life.

She demonstrated how it could help us discover good things that are already happening in our lives that we may be missing out on and think about how to cultivate more of what we want in life.

I work with quotes a lot, and I love writing prompts, but I have never thought to use a quote as a writing prompt before.

What I did was work with a quote on trust as my writing prompt. I needed to do this because as I was taking the class, we were getting our water heater replaced. The old one broke and luckily our basement only filled with a little bit of water and didn’t do any damage. But, we had to get a new one quickly, and I always have a lot of distrust when it comes to people installing stuff in our house. I feel like they are too rough or too careless, especially when we are paying a ton of money! So, I wanted to work with that feeling of mistrust through a quote writing prompt.

The quote writing prompt that spoke to me was this one:

None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith.”― Paulo Coelho, Brida

Here’s what I wrote write off the bat:

  • I must have a lot more trust and faith than I realized in my life because I always go forward despite not knowing what’s going to happen. I’ve never thought about it that way, but every step you take requires a sense of trust and faith.
  • I put my trust into a lot of people without worrying about it. Even ordering something off Amazon, which I do quite often, requires trust in the producers, packers, shippers, and delivery people.
  • Every time I step out the door, I have faith that I will be safe going out and come back later on. If I didn’t, I would never leave my house!
  • I trust other drivers not to drive into me on the highway.
  • Normally things work out for the best, so why even bother not trusting someone or having faith that a situation will work out. Doesn’t it seem like a waste of time and energy?
  • What would life be like without faith and trust? Not like what it is now. I think I would be in bed, scared to move, and even then not trust that things are going to work out for the best.
  • I’m so grateful that I have so much trust and faith because it allows me to attempt things that I likely wouldn’t attempt if I didn’t have it. It allows me to get up, go out, do things I enjoy, and have experiences that I might otherwise not have.

I was using this writing prompt this as the guy was changing out our hot water tank and I started to feel better with every word.

It was amazing how I shifted from worry and fear to an overwhelming sense about how trusting I really am and how much faith I have in life. It even moved past the hot water tank guy and made me realize that despite sometimes feeling like I’m lacking faith, I actually have an abundance of it and it feels really good to have it, so why not cultivate more of it?

After I finished, I actually felt lighter and it has impacted the way I look at trust and faith in every situation.

I Recommend Writing For Self-Discovery If You Need Some Creative Ways To Boost Gratitude And Personal Growth Through Writing Prompts

There is something powerful about writing things down. It helps you work through issues and come up with ideas in a way that you can’t do just by mulling things over in your brain.

What you will discover in Writing For Self-Discovery is that writing prompts are the jumping board for helping you get all your thoughts down and cultivate more gratitude and growth. And, Yasmine Cheyenne demonstrates everything beautifully. She is a good speaker and explains everything very well in the class.

As I was going through the class, I realized how powerful a writing prompt is for cultivating gratitude and self-growth and will be using writing prompts going forward quite a lot when I feel a struggle occurring internally.

You can check out this class for yourself here.

And, you can learn more about Yasmine Cheyenne on her website where she shares tools and resources for self-healing, or follow her on Instagram here where she shares a lot of affirmations, quotes, and thoughts.

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