Review: The Art Of Astral Projection With Jade Shaw

The Art of Astral Projection was one of the quests on Mindvalley that I was really looking forward to. I believe that astral travel can be done. And, I would like to be able to do it as well as I can lucid dream. But, even though the program was really well done, I found that I wasn’t able to work past my fears of astral projection, despite being told by Jade Shaw it was safe.

Why I Want To Astral Travel

the art of astral projection

Astral projection sounds awesome!

For the most part, I want to have spiritual connections. I want to travel and meet up with deceased loved ones or other spirits in the spirit world.

I also want to connect with that world that Anita Moorjani talks about in Dying To Be Me. That astral realm where there is love and peace and a connection that can heal both mind and body.

And I want to travel outside of the physical restraints. I want to see my friend at the other end of the country. I want to travel to a place that I’ve never been to and take a look around. I want to explore the ocean, sky, and most of all – mountains.

In short, I have a lot of reasons that I want to experience astral projection.

My Fears Are Holding Me Back From Astral Travel

What fears do I have? Mostly that I will go so far away from my body that I will die and get lost out in space somewhere. I also have a fear of my physical body giving out when my spirit is out and about.

These are irrational fears according to what I’ve read and what Jade Shaw taught. In fact, she teaches that when you astral travel:

  • You are always drawn back to your body no matter where you go.
  • You will be in some type of control.
  • You will not lose your mind.
  • You will never come back worse off than when you left.

But, still, every time I felt a vibration in my energy (which could be indicative of being able to leave the body according to Jade Shaw), I would instantly wake back up wide awake and stop any progress I made.

I even like her mantra, ‘I release control, I surrender to the flow’, but it’s not enough to help me let go of astral projection fears.

The one thing that I was willing to try was going into astral projection through a lucid dream. There was one technique Jade Shaw talks about where you get into a lucid dream and draw a door (kind of like in Beetlejuice) and then you enter into astral projection.

This didn’t seem as scary to me as just leaving my body while falling asleep, so I was going to try it. But I haven’t had a lucid dream since I’ve been trying to do it!

The Hypnagogic State Is Conducive To Moving Into Astral Travel

One thing Jade Shaw teaches in The Art Of Astral Projection is using the hypnagogic state to flow into astral projection.

The hypnogogic state is a state in between consciousness and sleep. In it, you can see faces, hear sounds, etc. For years, I used to see faces and hear sounds and thought I was tapping into some otherworldly dimension – either that or I was going crazy. I could never find any explanation for it, but now I know that it actually has an explanation – you are in the hypnagogic state.

Note: I wrote about my experience with the hypnagogic state here. 

Ironically, I haven’t experienced hallucinations while falling asleep for a while, and now that I know what it is, I want to experience it because it could not only help me astral travel, but you can go straight into a lucid dream state from this state.

The other day, I went on a road trip by myself, and while I was falling asleep in the van, I heard a woman scream in my ear. I instantly knew I was in the hypnogogic state, and I actually calmly thought about an exit technique Jade Shaw taught to lift my spirit out of my body so that I could astral travel. There was no fear! Unfortunately, I must have fell asleep instantly after that because I didn’t get to try it.

Since there was no fear, next time I’m in the hypnagogic state, I’ll try one of the techniques for leaving your body and see how it goes.

How The Art Of Astral Projection Gets You Ready For Astral Travel

First, Jade Shaw is an ex of Charlie Morley, who did the lucid dreaming course on Mindvalley. I loved that quest so much, and it’s interesting to listen to Jade Shaw talk because it’s obvious she has shared a lot with him and has some of the same beliefs.

For instance, conscious dying was talked about in the lucid dreaming course and Jade Shaw talks about it in this course too.

In the quest, she also talks about the difference between out-of-body experiences and lucid dreams so that you can figure out which one you are experiencing when you are in it.

Four Weeks Of Content

The content in The Art Of Astral Projection is great. No fillers, which I always appreciate.

Jade Shaw leads you through 4 weeks of content. Through these weeks, you learn:

  1. How to prepare your mind and body for astral travel.
  2. How to manage astral travel.
  3. Advanced techniques to help you exit the body.
  4. What to expect when you experience astral travel.

As I said, even though the first week is about embracing astral projection and letting go of fears, I still fear it on some level. I know that if I could just let go of the fear and experience astral travel firsthand, I would love it, but I need to make that breakthrough still.

I need to draw that door in a lucid dream and step through that way. I’m positive the fear won’t be there in my lucid dream as it is when I’m doing meditation or a technique to exit the body.

The last three weeks of The Art Of Astral Projection really focus on tuning into, learning about, and navigating the other realm, traveling, and exiting your body.

There are plenty of techniques for exiting your body discussed. I tried all of these, and I felt things happening, so I stopped because I was scared. I truly believe if my fear wasn’t there, I would have experienced astral projection very quickly.

I saw that some students ended up having their first experience with astral travel on the last day of the quest, which I think is interesting. I’m sure some people still haven’t experienced it for whatever reason.

I would think that trying too hard would keep you from experiencing astral travel. From what Jade Shaw teaches, you really have to get into the flow or groove of what’s happening, and trying too hard would keep you too analytical and rigid.

There Are Lots Of Great Meditations And Guided Exercises

If Jade Shaw talks about a technique, then there is a meditation or guided experience to go along with it. I counted 20 different audios included with The Art Of Astral Projection.

One of my favorites doesn’t have to do with astral projection. It has to do with loving-kindness. I find myself doing this little exercise quite a bit.

The point is that you are not left hanging. You are walked through how to do these exercises, feel the vibrational element, etc.

Jade Shaw even demonstrates techniques.

The Quest Offers An Interactive Way To Learn About And Experience Astral Projection

If you want to know more about astral projection and experience it, then The Art of Astral Projection offers you everything you need to know to get started with it.

I would love to have gone through this quest without fear, but I didn’t. I know that fear always holds us back in life, but these fears are nestled in me from long ago. I’ve always feared a few things to do with my body that are not rational, so I’m working on shaking them.

As I said, I know that if I can just experience it once, I will lose that fear completely, but the tricky part is getting to that point when your mind stops putting up so much resistance.

I know that I either need to do it in the hypnagogic state or in a lucid dream, so I’ll keep trying. I look forward to writing about my first astral travel experience.

Interested In The Art Of Astral Projection?

If you are interested in this program, you can take a free masterclass with Jade Shaw here. It’s a free class with Jade talking about Astral Projection.

Or you can check out this page for more information on the program itself.

And if you have any questions about The Art of Astral Projection on Mindvalley, please let me know. If you are interested in Mindvalley’s programs, you can always sign up for the Mindvalley Membership and get access to this and many other quests.

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