Donna Eden And David Feinstein Teach The Energies Of Love: Review

Just before I was about to write this Energies of Love review, I was watching a show where it pointed out some statistics about physical violence in relationships and then talked about those relationships. Before that, I was thinking that only people who are not into energy medicine and energy work would find this program a little bit weird, but now I can see there is a whole other category of people who might not benefit from Energies of Love. I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with a good person, and The Energies of Love offered us energy techniques and other practices to improve our relationship. But there are some people who likely won’t have a positive experience with this course. Keep that in mind as you read on.

The Energies Of Love Is Focused On Strengthening Your Relationship

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Energies of Love is a really good program for strengthening your relationship. It teaches you everything Donna Eden and David Feinstein know and use about reducing conflict, working through issues, and creating a deep relationship bond.

Donna Eden teaches a lot about energy and how she sees it interplay between a couple both in good times and in bad. As someone who enjoys energy work, I found this interesting.

At the beginning of the course, they work with a small audience of couples and show how their energies are impacted by certain issues in the relationship and how to fix their energies through energy techniques.

And Donna Eden and David Feinstein both teach and demonstrate energy techniques that they use when something goes wrong in their relationship and they need to bring themselves back to balance and interact in a more positive way.

They even teach you hands-on energy techniques to restore each other’s energy and express your love. But, these require you to do them on your partner, so if your partner is not interested in Donna Eden and energy work – or creating a stronger bond with you, then they may not be willing to do these techniques with you or have them done by you.

The Energies of Love doesn’t just help your love relationship, although that is the main focus (you don’t want to do many of these things with a friend or family member because it would get too personal and weird), it can also help with all relationships in your life.

In other words, The Energies of Love will give you some insights and some tools that will help you look at all people in your life differently and deal with your reactions towards them differently.

I noticed this right away when we went to visit a family member who frustrates the heck out of me. We were quite far into the book and I was able to calm myself down with a few energy techniques we learned and, with a calmer state of mind and body, gain some perspective on why he behaves the way he does. I can’t say I’ve totally accepted the way he acts, but I can see why he does. I need to work on the acceptance part.

Is The Energies Of Love For Every Couple?

As I was saying at the start of this review, some people are in abusive relationships. They may want to try to fix their relationship through this course because it does offer a lot of tools to work through issues and connect on a deeper level.

But I don’t know if it’s good for everyone to take. I am in a loving relationship where my partner is willing to try things. That’s the only viewpoint I have to review The Energies of Love from.

I imagine I would be very frustrated if my partner was not willing to at least try to do some of the things talked about in The Energies of Love and I wonder what that would do to my relationship. I think it would likely hurt a lot, and then change my view of the relationship into an even more negative view when I realize my partner is not willing to work on things. Being annoyed, angry, and frustrated wouldn’t help the relationship, that’s for sure.

There are some things you will learn to do on your own to reduce stress and come back to balance, but a lot of the course focuses on working with your partner to stop arguments, decrease stress, and connect in a way that requires some touching and communicating. And, because this is a course by Donna Eden, you are touching in a way that works with your energy, which means you need to be up close and personal.

The communication techniques discussed are pretty intimate and require a lot of willingness to be vulnerable with each other. My husband and I are pretty open to talking about things, but it felt uncomfortable for the first few times doing the things Donna Eden and David Feinstein demonstrated with such ease.

I know both Donna Eden and David Feinstein say that they’ve had major issues in their relationship and these techniques have helped them overcome those issues and get to where they are today. But they were both willing to work on the relationship, and I think that’s essential to making the techniques taught in this course work for you.

A LoveBook Complements Energies Of Love

You get a 93-page eBook with Energies of Love to complement each day. It highlights the summary from the day, gives you space to write notes from the lesson, reiterates your practice for the day, and includes an extra aspect called ‘Going Deeper’.

The ‘Going Deeper’ section is where Donna Eden and David Feinstein share related information to the lesson at hand but there’s a caveat… The information is found in their books, Energies of Love and Energy Medicine, so you would have to buy those to be able to make use of the extra information.

Here’s a screenshot from Day 4 in the LoveBook. It only references The Energies of Love book, but on most days, there are references to the Energy Medicine book too.

Lovebook The Energies Of Love

Here is a screenshot of the reference books they recommend as references for this course, including the specific version of the books.

The Energies Of Love Reference Books

The Energies Of Love Book Compared To The Energies Of Love Course

Not long ago I wrote a review about the book by Donna Eden and David Feinstein. What I wrote in that review applies to the course because it is pretty much a replica of the book. So, if you want a more detailed review, you can read that. There’s no point in me writing it twice. 😉

There are a few extra things taught in the course, though. For instance, there is an extra component to the tapping routine that Donna Eden and David Feinstein teach in the course as opposed to the book. There were one or two other things that were taught in the course and not the book, but they are not huge things that would negate buying the book over the course.

The book contains more explanations and examples. The course covers everything that needs to be covered from the book, but without extra information to complement the main points. But I think the course is enough on its own if you want to just go that route. It really does cover the major points that they talk about in the book.

The biggest difference between the course and the book is that you have Donna Eden and David Feinstein demonstrating what they are talking about in the course. You get to visually see how all the techniques they talk about work. They even demonstrate communication techniques with each other.

Also, they have an audience with couples for the first few weeks and they use the couples in there to demonstrate what they are talking about.

I love Donna Eden’s energy, so I like the course better. I like seeing her smile and laugh and demonstrate stuff. She has a lot of flow to her and always looks relaxed. She explains things well and makes energy work look so logical instead of weird. That’s one of the things I liked so much about Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine on Mindvalley. She makes energy medicine and energy work welcoming and fun.

David Feinstein is the total opposite of Donna Eden. He’s stiff and awkward. At the beginning of each class, they do a little session to help you remember your intention for the course and to get in better energetic alignment going into the lesson. Every single time he’s stiff as a board and looks around awkwardly as he does the energy technique. My husband and I got to the point that we were laughing before we would do it because we knew what he was going to look like. He’s a nice guy but just really awkward in this course, and it can get distracting in some cases.

screenshot energies of love

Screenshot from day 10 of The Energies Of Love

The Energies Of Love Course Doesn’t Come With Q&A Sessions

One of the things almost all Mindvalley courses come with is weekly Q&A sessions. I was blown away when there were none in this quest.

After researching why, I found out that there is a class, but it is only available to Mindvalley All Acces Pass students. I guess this is their way to get people to buy the pass instead of just one course. I don’t know. Obviously, I recommend the pass as I have it and enjoy it, but I’m a little shocked they did that.

Our Relationship Is Better For Taking The Energies Of Love

If you and your partner are willing to try out the stuff taught in The Energies of Love, then your relationship should benefit from it.

My husband and I understand each other on an energetic level much better. I’ve noticed that we don’t get into arguments in the same way we used to. We use the pact taught in The Energies of Love (but we do the energy work separately) and we communicate better afterward.

I used to hold grudges after a fight for a long time, but I’m able to let them go much more easily now. This is in part because my husband handles the arguments differently now. He understands what I need to feel better when issues arise, and he gives me what I need.

I also use one of the techniques taught about appreciation and by doing so, I think I’ve let my husband know much more clearly what I need in order to feel better after an argument and to feel loved in general, so he’s able to give it to me.

And my husband reacts differently during arguments. He used to clam up, which made me much more upset, and then after an hour or so he would be perfectly happy again. I, on the other hand, was still upset because I hadn’t talked anything through with him or heard anything from him that made me feel better. But now he takes his space and then within a short time comes out and talks it over with me. There’s no more pretending like it didn’t happen, which makes me feel so much better about the situation.

I use the tapping sequence taught in The Energies of Love ALL THE TIME. Not just for relationship issues, but for any time I’m feeling stressed out or upset. It calms me down every time.

There are a few exercises that we haven’t tried because they are just too weird for us right now. I talked about that in my book review for The Energies of Love and thought that we might come around by the time we took this quest, but no. They are still too far outside of our comfort zones. It would be so awkward that I don’t think there would be a lot of benefits to it.

But we have enough tools to work with for now anyway. I can see us becoming more and more comfortable with relating to each other in different ways and using energy work when things get stressful. The book and the quest have impacted our relationship, and the strength of our bond, in a positive way.

The Energies Of Love Helps You See Your Partner And Your Relationship Differently

I think the main thing is that The Energies of Love helps you see things in your relationship differently. You look at it from a more energetic point of view and see how you can influence it together and alone through various techniques and practices.

You also end up look at your partner differently. Donna Eden and David Feinstein teach how we are all different, and understanding these differences, especially how we deal with stress, can help us be more patient and loving during times of stress.

The Energies of Love helps you to calm down when things get heated and come back and communicate from a place of balance instead of anger or hurt, which is so helpful for coming out of arguments with a solution or resolution rather than more pain or hurt.

You will learn more about why you do what you do in your relationship and why your partner does what they do, and how to deal with that.

Donna Eden and David Feinstein cover what you need to know about the energy in your relationships, how you relate to each other, how to create boundaries, and how to adapt to each other’s energies.

The book works just fine, too. You get all the lessons and techniques in the book (minus just a couple of things that they included in the quest) and you can work through it at your own pace.

If you get distracted or annoyed by awkwardness, then I suggest you read the book, because there is a lot of awkwardness in the quest. Donna Eden and David Feinstein take turns talking through the quest, so there is a lot of awkwardness to go around. And at the end of every class, they do this awkward thing where they side hug and say blessings.

Despite that, I enjoyed the course. My husband says to mention that the course offered more than the book because they were so thorough in demonstrating how to use the techniques.

You can also learn more about the quest here. This quest is a part of the Mindvalley Membership.

If you have any questions about The Energies of Love, please feel free to ask in the comments below.

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