The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent Review: What I Enjoyed And Questioned

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent is a book written by Esther and Jerry Hicks and the energetic awareness that flows through Esther called Abraham. Now, you may not believe that part about Abraham, but not being sure about the Abraham Hicks thing doesn’t negate the fact that this book has some good techniques for raising your energy into a feel-good state. In The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, they talk a lot about having the conscious awareness to raise your vibration to the vibration of your desires, and I totally believe that’s necessary to get what you want out of life. I’ve never seen anyone be miserable and attract their deepest desires.

The Emotional Scale In The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent focuses mostly on moving yourself up the emotional guidance scale through different exercises. The emotional guidance scale is very similar to the emotional vibration scale that I talk about in Love or Above. In fact, the whole idea that you need to move up the emotional/vibrational scale is what both Abraham Hicks and Christie Marie Sheldon focus on.

Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent Scale Of Emotions

Some Of The Lessons I Enjoyed In The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent

I really liked most of the book. There were a few things I questioned, though, and I’ll talk about that in a moment.

But most of  The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent is focused on the vibrational aspect of your desires as compared to where you are. It helps you see if you are allowing or resisting things you want into your life and helps you find a path towards allowing your deepest desires into your life.

While reading, I often thought that people who are taking something like Lifebook (or who have completed it) would benefit from reading The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. We come out of Lifebook knowing what our desires are, and this book can help us get in alignment with those desires and in alignment with better emotions and vibrational energy that helps us do what we need to do to make those desires come true.

Here are some lessons I took from The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent.

How Grateful I Am For My Emotions

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in emotions and treat them as reality, but they are just emotions that will pass eventually if you do the right thing or if something comes into your awareness that helps you move on.

Emotions are built-in tools to help us recognize where we are, decide if something is wrong, and guide us towards what we really want.

My emotions help me understand where my thoughts currently are, but they also help me know if my hormones are out of whack, which helps me do things to get those back into balance too.

Having emotions are a blessing, and we can use them in our lives to create better health and more of what we want.

The Reminder To ALWAYS Reach For Better Emotions

First, the idea of being in a higher emotion, such as hopefulness, optimism, positive expectation, and happiness is appealing. I’ve obviously heard this before, many times, but I needed this reminder that it’s beneficial to stay at a higher level of emotion and how I can get there.

In short, it feels good to feel good, and you can get more done in life.

There have been times when I’ve felt depressed and angry and discouraged for a long time, and do you think I got anything meaningful done in that time? Nope! It was just a waste of time where I was stuck focusing on the negative.

Being down in the dumps did help me see what I do and don’t want in life, which helped me see where I needed to focus, so it wasn’t totally unhelpful I suppose. But I don’t think you need to stay in those states for a long time in order to get the benefit of knowing where you want to go.

Moving up the emotional scale helps you to feel better and better and better, which makes you more productive in all areas of life. That’s where I like to live – in positive emotions and productivity.

There was one technique called the Wouldn’t-It-Be-Nice-If technique and I LOVED it. I went to bed reading about it and every time I woke up throughout the night, I instantly applied the technique. I woke up in the morning and used the technique for at least an hour and I felt great. It’s without a doubt my favorite technique in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

All the different techniques talked about are meant to help you move up the scale of emotions. And each technique works for certain levels of emotion.

For instance, the Wouldn’t-It-Be-Nice-If technique works best if you are in a range between positive expectation and discouragement. So, if you are worried, overwhelmed, or frustrated, it would work for you.

The Lesson On The Beauty Of Not Getting What You Want

One of the lessons was that you don’t need to fear contrast in your life because the contrast in life is what helps you focus on what you really want.

For instance, when you want to be in a job you love, but you are in a job you hate, you can clearly see where your focus needs to go thanks to hating your job – on getting into a job you love. That focus is going to help you stay high on the emotional scale and in vibration with the people and circumstances that help you get what you want.

Every time I feel a negative emotion, I know that I’m focused on something that isn’t helping me be in alignment with what I do want. Then I try to find what I do want and focus on that.

To Pay Attention To My Thoughts

Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent Quote

Abraham Hicks says that the way you feel when you in a focused thought is what matters most for deliberate creation. And this is talked about repeatedly throughout The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

I’ve long been a huge believer in positive affirmations and how they can impact your life. But, coming out of reading The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, I find myself paying attention to not just what I’m saying, but how I feel when I think about what I want.

For instance, when I thought about my goals for the next month, I tuned into how I was feeling and I found myself feeling a little doubtful, worried, and overwhelmed. Mostly worried, though. I quickly realized that my desire and current state were not in alignment and I needed to start working my way up the emotional scale to get into a state where I felt positive expectation or higher. I used some of the techniques to move upward, and when I started to feel that sense of expectation, I was able to do what I needed to do in a way that I believe helped me get that much closer to my goal.

It’s one day at a time, though. Sometimes I will read a depressing article or think a depressing thought that sends me back down the ladder of emotional vibration and I need to work my way back up again.

I’ve been finding it easier and easier to quickly move my emotional state up to my desires through a few of the techniques talked about in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent. And I’ve found myself feeling excited about what’s to come more often, which brings me to the next lesson that I took from The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent…

Enjoying The Process

The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent is a good reminder to enjoy the process of getting to your desires.

It’s fun to think that you are, right now, creating what you want through desire, focused thought, and positive emotions.

It’s fun to know that everything I’m doing right now will influence my future in one way or the other, and it helps me focus on the here and now. Even just typing these words can have an impact on my desires in life, so I’m focused on it and enjoying it.

Some Things I Questioned In The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent

I know some people will question the entire book, but I’ve had enough experiences in my life to believe that deliberate creation, the Law of Attraction, and manifestation are real and that our energetic vibrations play a huge part in what we can bring into our lives. But there were still some things I questioned about what Abraham Hicks said in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

Everything You Want Is Given Without Expectation

Abraham Hicks says that ‘when you ask, it’s always given without exception’.

While I believe in the Law of Attraction, I guess I think that things fall into the category of realistic and not realistic.

In other words, if I ask for a pink elephant to ride me around town, is that really going to happen? Even if a pink elephant showed up, I don’t think it’s legal to own one – nor do I think I should own one. And I don’t think the city would allow me to ride a pink elephant.

While I believe you can attract things that you want into your life, I think it’s important to stay in the realm of reality. So, I don’t buy into the notion that everything you want is given to you without exception if you just get into the right thoughts, right vibration, and right desires. Some things are just unrealistic and are not going to happen.

Bringing Disease Into Your Life And Curing It

This is a struggle for me because I do believe that people can cure disease with their thoughts.

For instance, I’ve seen my father suddenly be healthy, after years of being sick with Lupus, when he believed that his Lupus was gone. I’m not just talking about acting healthy. I’m talking about his skin clearing up, his pain going away, his blood tests coming out differently. I’m talking about everything changing in him in a very short time. A new doctor told him that she didn’t think he had Lupus, and he believed her, and so did the tests that followed his belief. It seemed like his health aligned with his new vibration of health. Then when he saw his regular jerk-off doctor months later, he told him that there was no way he could have been cured of Lupus and instantly everything reverted back to how it had been. I’ve talked about this before and how much it pisses me off, but the fact is that that I believe if he hadn’t seen his dumbass regular doctor, he would still be walking tall and feeling good.

I started experiencing questions when Abraham Hicks said that we attract everything into our life, including disease, and that with the right vibration we can cure ourselves. I couldn’t help but think, then why did Jerry Hicks die of cancer? That’s where my thoughts kept going. I mean Jerry Hicks knew all of Abraham’s lessons inside and out, so why didn’t he just apply those lessons to his life?

It’s possible that he wasn’t in alignment with health. Maybe he just couldn’t get there despite knowing everything he knew about deliberate creation. Or maybe he wanted to die? I don’t know. I guess the more I think about it, he’s human and shouldn’t be expected to have it all together even though he worked with a message that says you can have it all together if you want…

My Energy Flowing Through Someone Else

At the end of The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Abraham Hicks talks about how our non-physical energy can be flowing through another person.

I have a hell of a time believing that my energy is being divided here on Earth between me and another body. I don’t even like considering that thought. It makes me feel weird and it’s really hard to conceptualize.

I don’t like it. I wish I wouldn’t have read it, to be honest.

The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent Was A Good Book For Increasing Positive Emotions, Desires, And Expectancy

I definitely came out of The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent better for reading it.

Most of the book is focused on how we are source energy in a physical body, and we can tap into our energy to deliberately create the life we want.

In fact, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent showcases that that’s what we came here to do – to create, experience, and enjoy life. It talks about how we are supposed to be feeling joy. And it talks about how we are playing a part in an expanding universe that will always be expanding.

You learn techniques in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent to help you look at life’s common problems differently, and you learn how to raise your energetic vibration. And, you feel more present and focused on the moment as you work through your current thoughts and emotions in relation to your desires in life.

There is a part where Abraham Hicks talks about how our pets are also Source Energy in a physical body. Not that it applies to deliberate creation, but I liked thinking that our pets are Source Energy too and that they are going to be a part of the journey after they die.

And, at the end of The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, there is a transcript of a live seminar that Abraham Hicks did where people ask questions that are relatable, and Abraham Hicks answers.

You need to believe in the Law of Attraction, the art of allowing, or being able to create your own reality a bit in order to resonate with The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

You also need to have the awareness to recognize your feelings and your thoughts when they happen so that you can use the techniques taught in The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent.

But, the beginning of the book helps you pick up that awareness as Abraham Hicks talks about a new way of looking at life, how death is another new beginning, and how you are a vibrational extension of the non-physical.

I read The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent on Kindle. But, you can find the book in all formats on Amazon.

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