Everything You Need To Know About The New Raikov Effect: Review

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I bought the new Raikov Effect program back in April of last year and totally forgot to do a Raikov Effect review! I was having a tough time last April with a sick dog, so it slipped my mind. But, considering it’s been just over a year since I’ve had it, I thought now would be a good time to review it. I’ll talk about what it is, who will benefit from it, and how to use it.

Note: This is the new program that I’m talking about. 

The premise of the new Raikov Effect is that if you want to be incredibly good at something, you need to get inside the head of someone who already has the skills and talents you want to take on and then actually take on their abilities for yourself. This idea stems from the old Raikov Effect, which was created by Vladimir Raikov and included seven elements to help his subjects gain incredible capabilities. Here’s an infographic of those 7 elements.

7 Elements Of Raikov's Technique

Raikov Helped People To Become Amazing Versions Of Themselves

Basically, the Raikov Effect means that people take on the mindset, skills, and talents of people they are trying to model themselves after.

There are some great stories about Raikov’s students and what they were able to do after practicing the original Raikov Effect technique.

For example, one woman became an amazing artist after using Raikov’s technique. She became entangled with the identity of a great artist and she became completely passionate about art in the process.

Raikov successfully did this over and over again with subjects using his technique. Whatever it was they wanted to achieve, they would become better at it and their confidence grew, which resulted in acquiring the skill and talent they wanted to have.

The New Raikov Effect

Inspire3 has created a new version of the Raikov Effect. It’s an updated version of the original Raikov Effect technique. There are fewer steps and there is no need to be hypnotized.

With the new Raikov Effect, you could take on the persona of your teacher, friend, favorite celebrity, favorite artist, or anyone else.

They use a combination of the old Raikov Effect, Borrowed Genius, and NLP techniques.

There are 5 steps in total which range from visioning the genius who you want to be like to creating a physical anchor that helps you create a mental trigger that brings back the memory of the session instantly.

If you want to understand the new Raikov Effect in detail, Inspire3 talks about the techniques and the science behind them in their eBook for the new Raikov Effect in detail.

I find that Inspire3 does that with all of their products that I’ve tried, likely because so many people are skeptical of things like hypnosis or subliminal affirmations or instantly becoming better at something… and they need to make sure that people who buy their programs understand that it’s not just woo-woo stuff they are using but actual tools based on science that will benefit their lives.

In the new Raikov Effect program, you will learn about NLP, the As If technique, the Swapping Heads With A Genius technique, The Placebo Effect, and the power of the human brain.

Note: If you are interested in unlocking your inner genius, Inspire3 has a free workbook, MP3, and video you can get a hold of here.

In the program, you will also learn about the new Raikov Effect and what it is, what it can be used for, the science behind it, and when to use it.

All the information can be found in a 114-page eBook that you get with the new Raikov Effect program.

screenshot of Raikov Effect PDF

At the end of the eBook, you get a mega list of examples of how you can use the new Raikov Effect. These examples include what you can do and who to visualize using the technique.

For instance:

  • Boosting Confidence – Paul McKenna or Tony Robbins
  • Being Grateful – Buddha or the Dalai Lama

If you are picking someone you don’t know well to model yourself after, they recommend studying up on the person first a little so you can get a sense of who they are. It will help you understand them better and get into their head easier.

For instance, if you see someone doing a TED talk that you want to model yourself after, do some research on that person first. Get to know them a bit so that you will really feel like you are connecting with them during the Raikov Effect technique.

Read The EBook Before You Listen To The Raikov Effect MP3s

If you buy this program, make sure you read the eBook before you start with their mp3s. It will help you understand what’s going on when you listen to the audios, but it will also give you an extra boost of belief around whether or not the audios and techniques are going to work for you.

I think that a powerful belief based on science and facts can help you implement the new Raikov Effect much faster. It allows you to stop asking ‘why’ and just do what the audio tells you to do without a lot of questions and resistance that can keep you from benefiting from the experience.

Plus it’s just really interesting stuff. Along with the science behind the techniques, there are some interesting stories that will make you want to try out playing with the power of your mind through their new technique.

Raikov Effect Review: If you want a quality, act as if you already had it. William James quote

What Can The New Raikov Effect Help You Do?

The short answer is anything.

You can improve pretty much any area of your life. The new Raikov Effect can help you:

  • Be a better lover.
  • Learn faster.
  • Sleep better.
  • Write better.
  • Improve your confidence at any time – on a date, speaking in public, meeting someone you admire.
  • Boost your ability to learn a new language.
  • Improve your focus.
  • Be more productive.
  • Feel happier.
  • Eat better.

The list goes on and on. If you can think of it, the new Raikov Effect can help you with it.

For me, I’ve used it for many things, especially to become more productive in my writing and around my house.

There’s one woman in particular named Jen, whose persona I incorporated into my life. She’s a YouTuber who makes videos about her home and taking care of it – among other things. And she has a sense of routine and discipline that I admire. Last year, when I needed to get a lot done both in work and around the home, she was the person I wanted to be most like and she was the person I visualized while doing this technique.

I also like to visualize the person as being my best self. In other words, I’m visualizing the version of me who already has the skill or habit or belief that the current me doesn’t have. I find this is usually the best option for me as I’m not someone who has ever wanted to be like other people. I’ve always been a bit unique and strive to be the best version of my unique self.

But, occasionally, when I see someone who has a skill or talent that I desire, I will use them as I do the new Raikov Effect technique.

Do You Believe In The Placebo Effect?

Do You Believe In The Placebo Effect?

One of the things discussed in the new Raikov Effect is the Placebo Effect. I think it’s important to understand because it helps you adopt the technique better.

For me, the Placebo Effect is a real thing without a doubt. I’ve already talked about Joe Dispenza and his Becoming Supernatural book. Years ago I read another one of his books, You Are The Placebo, and if I hadn’t already believed in the Placebo Effect, I would have then. It goes into great detail about what the Placebo Effect is and why it works.

I already believed in it because I had seen my dad heal himself when a doctor told him he was healed and then get sick again when another doctor told him that the other doctor was crazy and had the nerve to say, “Of course you are still sick!”

Moreover, I had used the Placebo Effect in my own life to lose weight and feel more confident, and instantly heal the medical issues I was having. I’ve known since I was young that if I believe something enough, it’s likely to come true.

I remember working at a hospital and telling anyone who I talked to about the subject that I easily lost weight and kept it off without dieting, and magically I did lose the weight and keep it off… without dieting. In fact, I was a real poor eater back then. Nachos, chips, and french fries were my go-to foods. But, I believed that I easily lost weight and kept it off so hardcore that the belief acted as a Placebo Effect.

The point is you can use the Placebo Effect in all areas of your life. Just get creative.

The new Raikov Effect program will help you understand more about the science behind the Placebo Effect and to use it to your advantage.

Note: Inspire3 also offers free information on the Placebo effect in PDF, MP3, and video format if you are interested in how it can boost your energy, productivity, and more. You can get that information here.

Visualization Is Involved In The New Raikov Effect

I had someone comment the other day on a review that they were not good at visualizing and were wondering if they would be able to do the program in question, which required a lot of visualization.

If you are like them and think that you are not good at visualizing, I think you will still benefit from the new Raikov Effect. I remember one of the teachers saying in one of the courses I took that everyone can visualize. It’s a part of human nature. If you can think of something that happened or worry about something that will happen, then you CAN visualize.

Visualizing is a big part of the technique. But, it’s purposeful visualization where there is a goal in mind before you start. You are directed to visualize in a certain way, which makes it much easier.

The new Raikov Effect eBook explains that your mind can’t tell between imagination and reality. It talks about how the things you imagine become real. It’s basically the placebo effect at work. But, you will have a better understanding of it after you read the new Raikov Effect eBook and try the technique out for yourself.

In short, everyone has an imagination and the potential to create using their imagination. You just need to learn how to use it to your advantage. The new Raikov Effect can help with that.

How To Use The New Raikov Effect

After you read the book and have an understanding of the techniques they use and why they use them, you just need to follow their five-step technique.

You can create your own Raikov Effect mp3 audio using the new Raikov Effect script included at the end of the eBook. All you have to do is add in things you want to include, such as the name of the genius you want to become and/or the skills and traits you want to develop.

I think that recording your own version of the technique is better than the recorded Raikov Effect mp3s because they don’t include specific names or skills/talents in the done-for-you mp3s. When you record it yourself and include a name and skill or talent, you make it more specific, which can help you visualize it better and get better results from it.

You could even change the script a bit to be more specific. They already do this in the done-for-you audios. They add in a sentence that pertains to the skill or talent you desire to take on.

But if you record it yourself, you can add in your own sentences or even change the script to match what you want most.

For instance, part of the script says, ‘Boost that picture of you with this skill, talent, or trait…’ but you could say ”Boost that picture of you with an amazing, strong body!’ This would really make it more specific if you are looking to become someone who takes care of their body or works out daily.

Following is a screenshot of the files I got included with The New Raikov Effect. You can see that there are audios for boosting confidence, weight loss, greater wealth and abundance, heightened brainpower, and becoming a law of attraction magnet.

Raikov Effect files

There is no hypnosis in the new Raikov Effect audios. You simply listen to an explanation of what you are going to do and then get walked through the process.

I forward through the intro, which is usually about 2 minutes long. I think you really only need to listen to it once or twice and you will get the idea, but there’s no harm against listening to the intro every time if you want.

Lastly, I don’t understand why the Listen Along Audio says American Voice. You can see that in the screenshot above. It’s the same voice as the other audios. Or maybe my ears are not hearing right. But, to me, it sounds like exactly the same voice.

Anyway, as you can see in the screenshot above you also get a quick start guide, which is a shortened version of the main eBook, and a cheat sheet that includes a small introduction to a few of the techniques talked about in the main eBook as well as a quick version of the sew Raikov Effect steps with no script.

Use The New Raikov Effect Whenever You Want To Boost Your Skills, Talent, Confidence, Or Anything Else

You can use this technique whenever you want.

If you feel bad about yourself or wish you could be better or do better, then listen to the Raikov Effect script and feel better, be better, or do better. It will give you instant confidence, motivation, or desire and help you become better at whatever it is you want to become better at.

You can learn more about the new Raikov Effect from Inspire3 through their free video.

If you have any questions about the new Raikov Effect from Inspire3, please ask in the comments below.

Note: If you are interested in the Raikov Effect, then you will be interested in other products that Inspire3 offers., guaranteed. Read about 8 products that I’ve tried from them here.


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