Subliminal Guru Review: An Easy Way To Get Your Daily Positive Affirmations In

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I am a huge believer in using positive affirmations. The way you talk to yourself determines how you feel, act, and behave, so it’s important to affirm positive things to yourself.

I’m also a huge believer in subliminal messages. That’s why I end up with random songs stuck in my head so much. It’s also why I know things from programs that I had on in the background, but didn’t really listen to. My subconscious mind picked up on some things that my conscious mind couldn’t be bothered with, and later I was able to answer questions or talk about something that I didn’t even know I had answers or information about.

This power can be used for good! Subliminal Guru has subliminal positive affirmations embedded into MP3s that allow you to consciously do something else while your subconscious soaks in the positive affirmations and helps you think differently and change your life.

Listen To Subliminal Positive Affirmations from Subliminal Guru Anywhere!

How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

We all know that we hear stuff we didn’t even know we’ve heard. This video provides a short but good explanation of how that works.

So you can listen to your subliminal affirmations in the background, consciously focus on other things, and still pick up the messages that you want to pick up.

Subliminal Positive Affirmations Combined With Consciously Saying Positive Affirmations Works Well For Me

I believe that it is important to say some positive affirmations out loud during your day. Especially when you are faced with issues or choices.

For instance, if you are in a stressful situation, and you are working on staying cool during stressful situations, you may pull out a positive affirmation like ‘I stay calm and rational in all situations’, which will help you refocus on who you want to be and how you want to act in that moment.

But, subliminal affirmations are important too. They help reaffirm the things you want to believe about yourself and your life directly to your subliminal mind. And, because your subliminal mind ultimately makes choices based on the information it holds, you want it to hold information that serves you well.

How Positive Affirmations Work

You affirm stuff to yourself every moment. So, positive affirmations work just like negative ones. After you tell yourself something over and over again, you can start to believe it. And when you believe it, you start to let it dictate how you act and what you are willing to do.

For instance, if you affirm that you are fat over and over again, it’s going to affect the way you see yourself, how you eat, how willing you are to go out and meet new people, and so much more in your life. But, if you affirm that you are perfect the way you are, then that belief will affect what you are willing to do in life.

You Can Change Your Life With Positive Affirmations

Anytime I’ve ever changed something in my life, it’s because I talked to myself differently.

When I got tired of dating losers, for example, I stopped telling myself that anyone was good enough. I affirmed to myself that I was worthy of dating a good guy who would treat me right, and I actually affirmed exactly what I wanted in a guy. Also, I affirmed that I wanted to wait for that guy and not date any losers anymore. I said the affirmations I wanted to believe repeatedly until I DID believe them, and not long after that I found the best man in the world.

That’s how it’s worked for anything in my life.

When I affirmed to myself that I hated smoking and was no longer a smoker, I quit smoking easily.

When I affirmed to myself that dairy was bad for me, the cows, and the environment, I easily went vegan.

And, when I affirmed to myself that I was smart and capable of doing something more than the meaningless job I was working at, I got up and took action on a new career for myself.

Affirming what you want to believe works. The more you say it, the more you experience it and believe it – and when you believe something enough, you are capable of making changes to align with that belief.

You Look For Facts To Back Up What You Want To Believe

I’ve found that using positive affirmations over and over again helps me to look for facts and information to back up those affirmations. That’s what ultimately turn them into beliefs.

For instance, when I started to affirm to myself that dairy was bad for me, I started to look up information to confirm that affirmation, and as I collected more and more information about it, the belief grew stronger and stronger in my mind.

If I wasn’t willing to affirm that dairy was bad for me, then it would have been much harder for me to look around for the information to back up that affirmation and make it a belief.

Subliminal Guru Helps You Implant The Affirmations Without Having To Say Them Repeatedly

Subliminal Guru has a ton of affirmations on their site focused on almost any topic you can think of.

The affirmations you get from Subliminal Guru help impact your mind with positive affirmations that encourage you to look around and back up what you are saying.

The more you listen to these subliminal affirmations, the more you look around and become aware of how true they are, and when you collect enough evidence to prove your affirmations right, you will start to change your beliefs and your life.

Here’s What Each Subliminal Recording From Subliminal Guru Is Made Up Of

Subliminal Guru Anatomy

Main Audio Track

With each subliminal you buy, you get one spoken subliminal MP3 and 6 noise mixes. The spoken subliminal MP3 includes a male voice that repeats the affirmations over and over again. There is not much of a break in between each affirmation. The recording is 10 minutes long, just like all the other recordings. The voice is a male voice (at least for the MP3s I’ve gotten) that is not too distracting and easy to push into the background as you listen.

You also get 6 noise mixes, including:

1. Acoustic – A guitar plays while the affirmations play behind it. I find it really hard to hear the affirmations on this one if you are listening for them. But that doesn’t mean your subliminal mind can’t hear them.

2. Brown noise – Kind of sounds like a constant wave coming towards you. I use Noisli – a free app that creates background noises to help you concentrate, relax, or whatever. I love using brown noise when I’m at a place that is loud, like the library – go figure. It helps drown out the background noise so you can pay attention to what you are doing. It’s a little bit easier to hear the words being said behind this brown noise.

3. Rainfall – Imagine rain falling everywhere but on your head. That’s what you hear in this MP3. You can hear the affirmations behind the rain, but it sounds like your neighbors are out talking and quickly becomes something that you don’t pay attention to.

4. Relaxation – Some nice elevator music to make you go to sleep or just zone out. This MP3 is best used for when you are chilling out, the passenger in a car, or are getting ready to go to bed. It’s hard to hear the affirmations being said in the background on this one.

5. Stream – This MP3 sounds like you are sitting beside a babbling brook. You can hear some birds, and you can hear the affirmations faintly in this MP3.

6. Workout – This MP3 has a dance song on it. It has a fast and catchy beat on it. You could walk to this one, exercise, or clean your house! It’s really hard to hear what the affirmations are behind the song until the music dies down or the beat is the only thing you can hear.

Optional Brainwave Entertainment Layer

All of the above options are available with a brainwave entrainment layer as well. They are simply called ‘Subliminals with Brainwaves’ in the download file you get.

Brainwave entrainment uses noises to help encourage your brainwaves to align with the frequency given off from the noises.

In your day, you are always in a certain brainwave, and you naturally shift from one to another as you go through your day, but brainwave entrainment helps you get into another brain wave state through frequency matching.

You can also shift your brain wave state on your own. For instance, when I took the Silva Life System, a lot of it was about getting yourself into an alpha state of mind. Alpha brain waves occur when your brain is calm and mindful.

An alpha state is an awesome state of mind to be in, by the way. I find you can create better in this state and think clearer.

But unlike with Zen12, which also has brainwave entrainment, I really don’t hear the binaural beats on these tracks.  Maybe it’s just me?

Stop Feeling Guilty Subliminal Guru

This is what the file looks like when you buy a subliminal MP3 from Subliminal Guru. It includes all the versions with and without brainwaves.

Subliminal Affirmations

Lastly, the positive affirmations are embedded into the MP3 in different ways. As you can see from the picture above, it changes throughout the MP3.

  • Whisper subliminals – This is great because it doesn’t interfere with anything you are doing as you can’t really hear it enough to focus on it. But the subconscious mind is still aware of them, which is exactly why they are called subliminals.
  • Stereo confusion subliminals – This sends a different message to each ear. You can clearly hear different sentences being said, so it’s easy to tune it out because nobody wants to consciously listen to that much talking!
  • Lightening subliminals – I’m assuming these are supposed to be faster, but I don’t notice much of a difference.
  • Reverse speed subliminals – I’m assuming these are supposed to be slower, but I don’t notice much of a difference on these either.
  • Back to back whisper subliminals – And, this just sounds like the stereo confusion to me.

My Experience With Subliminal Guru

Before you buy an MP3, you can see what the affirmations are. For instance, the ‘Attract an Abundant Lifestyle’ MP3 has ‘My life is overflowing with abundance’ – among other affirmations.

I find that because you know what the MP3 is about and what the affirmations will be, it’s not just a subliminal thing. When you set the intent to listen to the subliminal affirmations, your awareness can’t help but think about the affirmations inside. You say them to yourself, and other affirmations like them, and shift your mood in a way that helps you be more in line with the affirmations being said.

I’m not an expert on subliminal affirmations, but I feel that combined with conscious affirmations, they have a much better chance of sticking and changing the beliefs your subconscious mind currently operates from.

In other words, the affirmation on my bathroom mirror, combined with the affirmations I say to myself, combined with the subliminal affirmations I listen to are all working together to help me think differently and change my life.

Subliminal Guru has over 350 MP3s, which means 350 different topics are covered. Almost anything I’ve wanted to change or develop has had an affirmation MP3 to go along with it.

I love that they offer a daily MP3 deal for $2. They aren’t the least sought after topics either. A lot of them have to do with dating, love, and relationships in general.

And, lastly, because I work online in noisy places a lot, I’m a huge fan of the tracks they have above the subliminal messages. Rainfall helps me tune out all the noises around me and focus on what I’m doing. Even if my subconscious is picking up the affirmations and noises around me, my conscious mind is relaxed and focused on what needs to be done.

I haven’t had any problems with the subliminal affirmations or the staff at Subliminal Guru. I found that after you buy, you do get emails once in a while with offers and from the head guy of Subliminal Guru, but you can opt-out of those if you want.

I’ve bought this company’s Zen12 program, Hypnosis Live MP3s, and Subliminal Guru’s MP3s, so I’ve had to contact them a few times over the years with questions. They have always responded to my questions quickly and politely. Don’t hesitate to send them a message if you have any questions about their MP3s or your order.

They do offer two free subliminal MP3s to try out. They are perfect to try out and give you an idea if you would want to buy anything. But, if you don’t want the free subliminal MP3s, you can check out the homepage here – where they have all their MP3s listed, to see if there is anything that interests you.

If you have any questions about Subliminal Guru please feel free to ask me in the comments below!


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