How I Made Over $53,000 From One Client On IWriter

I don’t recommend writing for iWriter. I want to start off by saying that. I had a lot of struggles there. As a company, they were good. They also paid on time, which is an important thing. And my time there gave me a lot of experience writing different kinds of articles. But, as a writer, I usually wasn’t earning what I felt I was worth, and it just felt like a very demeaning writing gig.

I’ve talked about how one of my biggest regrets since being online is writing for other people when I could have been writing for myself. Well, that all happened through iWriter. But there was one good thing that came out of it… a client who helped me realize that making decent money through my writing was possible.

I Had Been On IWriter For A While Earning Next To Nothing

I had been working on iWriter for years. It seemed like the best place to earn money quickly.

But it wasn’t worth the payout. Even though I was an elite plus writer (the top tier they had for writers at that time), I spent hours on articles that only paid me $15-$25.

It was something, but it wasn’t enough to feel like I was actually doing something worthwhile with my time. When I first started working online, I had dreams of increasing my monthly income each month and making well beyond what I did at my previous jobs. That just wasn’t happening.

I Still Took Pride In My Work, Even On IWriter

Even though I wasn’t making a ton of money on iWriter, I still took pride in my work. I couldn’t submit a subpar article to someone… even if I was only earning $15 from it. That’s just not the type of person I am.

The problem with that is that when you earn small amounts of money per article, you want to produce as much as possible so that you can make as much as possible.

In other words, at $15 per article, two articles per day can earn you $30 whereas ten articles per day can earn you $150. It’s a big difference, but I couldn’t produce good content that quickly.

Fortunately, that pride in my work paid off.

I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Had One Of The Best Clients On IWriter

In September of 2015, a new client came on to iWriter. At that time, I had a few clients that regularly requested from me, but I still wasn’t making that much money. So, I was glad to see that someone was requesting articles in the personal development niche on iWriter, which is something I have a lot of experience in! I was and am a huge personal development fan. (Can you tell by this site?)

The client wasn’t paying anything more than other clients, but I could write his articles pretty fast and I didn’t need to do fake reviews or anything like that. It was just solely focused on personal development topics, such as ‘How To Be Happier’.

I can say that in 2016, I had my best year ever online because of this client. I was regularly earning over $1000 per week in USD just from this client alone. I’m Canadian, so USD always converted in my favor.

I went back to PayPal to see how much I was earning per week. You can see that I was earning about $60 at the start of September and then when I got this new client, the payments started increasing drastically.

At the bottom of the sheet, in May of 2016, I went on vacation for two weeks and still managed to earn money from him.

iWriter payment

Eventually, I started making less and less as he likely ran out of money to pay for a content writer. I knew it would happen. Especially on iWriter. I was surprised at how much he was willing to pay me to begin with.

But, in total, I made over $53,000 from this client on iWriter. And that was in USD, so it converted to a lot more for me in CAD.

iWriter payment

My Attention To Detail On IWriter Paid Off

I know that there were many people on iWriter writing for this client in the beginning. He would put his articles into the pool for any writer to take. He wasn’t paying anything spectacular for his articles. He was paying what iWriter deemed elite plus writers should earn per article. But he did tip better than other clients.

Within a few months, he was requesting articles from me and I noticed that I was the only one writing for him. Clients can do that on iWriter. They can request from one or more people solely, so it’s kind of what you want to happen.

The thing about this client is that he tipped the same amount as the article price. If the article cost him $150, he would tip $150. On iWriter, that is beyond unusual. Most clients don’t tip and if they do, it’s a buck or two.

I have no idea why he paid me that much, but I do know that my attention to detail is likely what helped me stand out among all the writers on iWriter that were writing for him. Who knows, maybe he was even requesting articles from somewhere else and just trying to find the right person.

I didn’t do half-ass jobs. I stopped taking requests from other clients so that I could do my research and take my time and submit an article I was proud of.

When I think about it, in the beginning, my attention to detail caused me to earn less. But in the end, my attention to detail earned me a client who paid better than 99.9% of the people requesting articles on iWriter.

The Lessons I Took From My IWriter Experience

There were some big lessons I took from my time writing for this client.

1. Don’t Take Shortcuts

There were some writers on iWriter who could pump out 20 articles in a day. There had to be some sort of shadiness going on there.

Maybe they were just excellent writers who could pump out great content quickly, but in my experience, it’s impossible to do that without some sort of shortcut.

I ended up writing one or two articles a day and likely made more than someone pumping out 20 articles per day.

2. It’s Possible

Never in a million years did I think I would earn decent money on iWriter. I don’t know what I expected from earning $15 per article, but I never imagined that I would scale up to $150-$300 per article there.

The lesson that I took away is that it’s possible to succeed in all kinds of areas of life. Even if no one else has done it, there is still a possibility that you can.

You don’t know what’s coming. You just need to do the work, do it well, and see what happens.

3. Put Your Eggs In More Than One Basket

This is for anyone who is trying to make money online. When my client on iWriter disappeared, it was painful. I had been earning good money for months, and then all of a sudden, I was earning a fraction of what I had been earning from some passive income.

If I would have put work into other areas of my business, then it wouldn’t have been such a jarring experience.

It took me a long time to recover from that. I had to start building from the ground up in my own business after focusing so much on someone else’s.

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