Is Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter’s Mono-And-Diglycerides Vegan?

Last Updated on June 3, 2021 by Kari

We normally buy all-natural peanut butter, but thanks to online ordering, we got the wrong peanut butter and it ended up being Kraft Smooth peanut butter. It has mono-and-diglycerides which we know can be sourced from animals or plants, so I decided to look online to see which one it was.

Kraft Smooth Mono and diglycerides vegan

I couldn’t find any information, even on the Kraft site, so I had to write in. Turns out we vegans can eat this is if want to!

Here was my question and their reply to whether or not the Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter’s mono-and-diglycerides were vegan.

My Question:

HI, I was wondering if the mono and diglycerides in your smooth peanut butter is animal sourced or vegan.

Their Reply:

I appreciate you contacting us regarding KRAFT Smooth Peanut Butter. I am glad I have a chance to help you.


Monoglycerides (mono-gliss-er-ides) and diglycerides (di-gliss-er-ides) in our products are made from vegetable oils. These vegetable oils could be derived from any of the following: soy, canola, or palm oils. They act as emulsifiers to aid in ingredient blending and provide uniform food texture.

I hope this information is helpful. 

I remember reading somewhere that if they don’t label it as vegetable mono-and-diglycerides, then it’s animal-sourced. Obviously, that isn’t the case here.

Maybe Kraft has this information on their site somewhere that I couldn’t find (evidence by the ‘here’s how you pronounce this’), but if they don’t, they should.

It’s so common nowadays for people to want to know where ingredients are being sourced from. I’m sure many people don’t even give mono-and-diglycerides a second thought, but it’s something we’ve constantly had to look up since going vegan.

In other words, I appreciate it when a product says vegetable mono-and-diglycerides.

I’m not sure why Kraft hasn’t labeled it as such if their products include vegetable mono-and-diglycerides. It doesn’t make much sense. It would save them some time spent on emails and it might even increase their sales.

People don’t always want to write into customer service to find out information and will choose a product that they know is vegan (or suitable to them) instead of spending the time to do the research. Companies should be making it easier for people to just look at ingredients and buy the product if they want.

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