Thoughts On Humanity Stream+: It Feels Important To Me

Humanity’s Team has a streaming service called Humanity Stream+. I’m not sure what the plus means yet, but I first found this online resource when I watched a video of Wayne Dyer’s children talking about how he’s been sending them messages from the spirit world. There was a class being done teaching these messages on Humanity Stream+ and I instantly wanted in.

As I checked out the streaming service, I realized my soul had been directed there. I’m at a stage where I’ve done a lot of personal growth in places like Mindvalley, but I want to focus on my spiritual beliefs and evolution. I need more faith and guidance and connection – so the concept of Humanity Stream+ fit my needs perfectly.

Humanity Stream+ Is Part Of Humanity’s Team

I love Humanity’s Team mission. It’s to essentially make conscious living a normal thing for most people by 2040. If you think about it, 2040 isn’t that far away. I know the last 17 years have flown by for me.

The site was co-founded by Neale Donald Walsch and Steve Farrell. I wasn’t aware of this before I started with Humanity Stream+ and start doing some research, but Neale Donald Walsch, the author of Conversations with God, is married to a woman who is 28 years younger than him. He’s 79 as of this writing. I’m assuming that will keep him young and around for a long time to come.

But I’m getting off-topic…

This is a company that is continuously launching new things that can create an awakening in many people and benefit the world as people start to be more united through their oneness than divided through their ego.

You can read all about their inspiring story and mission here.

What Is Humanity Stream+?

It’s a lot like Mindvalley where you get access to content focused on spirituality, healing, conscious living, business, relationships, and more.

Here’s the current ‘what you get’ information as a Humanity Stream+ member from their main page.

Humanity Stream+ community

Apparently, there are hundreds of programs on Humanity Stream+. There are live events happening all the time and programs for health and wellness, healing, actualization, meditation, happiness, managing stress, evolution, and more.

There’s a search feature where you can type in a keyword or teacher’s name and find content related to what you search for.

I’ve only just started on the Humanity Stream+ platform, so I haven’t done a lot of searching through it because I went straight to the Life After Death program with Karen Noe, Saje Dyer, and Serena Dyer Pisoni and I haven’t moved from there yet.

So far, I’m finding that the filming is not as professional as Mindvalley’s classes, but it’s more authentic in a way.

There’s something about this Humanity Stream+ space that makes you feel something positive.

It feels good.

It feels authentic.

It feels important.

There Are Some Well-Known Teachers

There are teachers on Humanity Stream+ that you can find in other places like Mindvalley and HayHouse.

For instance, Michael Beckwith is on Humanity Stream+ and Mindvalley. His course on Humanity Stream+ is called Discover Your Soul’s Purpose. On Mindvalley his course is called Life Envisioning. I’m assuming the content is similar, but I will have to take the class to find out.

Neale Donald Walsch, also on Mindvalley, is the co-founder and has his own presence on Humanity Stream+.

There are A Lot Of Teachers I Haven’t Heard From

This doesn’t mean that they are not well-known, but there are a lot of teachers that I don’t know. That’s exciting. I want to learn from people I’ve never learned from before.

You Get Access To All The Past Summits

As a Humanity Stream+ member, you get access to past summits. It looks like there is 9 years’ worth of summits being streamed, which is a ton of content. I’m interested to watch the very first one and see what’s changed or what’s the same since topics were discussed at that summit.

This Year Is About Spirituality And Finding Meaning For Me

I’m so happy I found Humanity Stream+. This year is going to be focused on boosting my faith and spirituality in general, and finding more meaning in life. It’s something I need at this time in my life and I feel like Humanity Stream+ is going to help me do it.

This is a basic review of Humanity Stream+. I’ll update this review as I go along with the streaming service and experience what they have to offer.

I’ll also write reviews of the masterclasses I take, starting with the Life After Death program.

If you are interested in checking out Humanity Stream+, you can learn more about it here.

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments below. I’m sure I have a lot to discover about this platform and your questions will help.

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