The Art Of Manifesting By Regan Hillyer Review: Inspiring

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I have been part of Mindvalley for years, and I’ve seen Regan Hillyer many times on the platform doing what I thought was guided meditations. I even did one with her one time and remember that she was making a lot of weird noises, and I wasn’t that into it. That’s why, despite her having some videos on Mindvalley, I haven’t watched anything with her since.

Then I saw that a new quest was up called ‘The Art Of Manifesting’ by Regan Hillyer. I’m always drawn to manifestation books and courses, so I started it and was hooked after the first session. About half way through, I was looking her up and following her everywhere she is online. She did such a great job with this quest.

Everything In The Art Of Manifesting With Regan Hillyer Was Inspiring

I can say I felt inspired to manifest right from day one, and I haven’t felt like that in a while. I think life has hit me pretty hard lately and the idea of manifesting what I want has felt tough because there have been so many bumps and turns in the road.

After taking this quest through the Mindvalley Membership, it’s extremely clear how much I’ve developed resistance in my energy field and mindset that are counter productive to getting what I want!

Thanks to Regan Hillyer, I’ve realized that my biggest issues are being stuck on the ‘how’, getting into a vibrational match, and my limiting belief that good things always come crashing down, which is causing a lot of fear.

This all stems from past experiences. For instance:

  • Things that have succeeded have always crashed in the past, so ‘how’ can I make it successful this time? The ‘how’ has been too overwhelming for me.
  • Life has been beating me down lately, so it’s hard to get into a higher vibration where ‘expectation’ and ‘knowing’ vibrate.
  • I’ve held a belief that if something becomes successful, it WILL come crashing down. And this belief has kept me from trying to make anything a success.

After taking this course, I can see that a shitload of limiting beliefs and resistance have stemmed from these things. Enough to keep me from doing what I need to do and attracting what I want to attract into my life.

With Regan Hillyer’s quest, I’ve gone from wondering if it’s all possible to remembering that I can manifest what I want into my life.

My Biggest Aha Moment With Regan Hillyer

There were a lot of aha moments in this quest, but my biggest was on the difference between manufactured manifestation and surrendered manifestation.

I realized that I’ve been trying to manifest everything in a certain way. I’ve had lists of how I wanted things to happen and exactly what I wanted to happen, and that’s how I picture it going or else it doesn’t happen at all in my visualizations.

But I forgot this this process is not just about me. It’s a co-creation with other energetic forces out there and things can show up to help me reach my manifestations if I just allow it.

So instead of overthinking about how things should happen, I need to set the stage and then allow my goals to manifest in the way they need to. I need to feel like a partner in this process.

This idea has shifted the way I feel about my desires in a way that’s hard to explain. I feel less heavy, and I feel an extra presence around me aiding me as I move along, and that feels really good.

The Art Of Manifesting Touches On All The Blocks That Can Keep You From Manifesting What You Want

The Art Of Manifesting is a great course on how to get into the energetic state and mindset of manifesting. It covers all the areas that Regan Hillyer knows can be holding you back from manifesting what you want, and it gives you the insight to change that.

It touches on everything from your unconscious beliefs to your current timelines.

There are blocks discussed in The Art Of Manifesting that you have probably never thought about. And Regan Hillyer walks you through everything in detail and with clarity. You won’t be left misunderstanding or wondering about anything.

Every day there is ‘soul work’ from Regan Hillyer that you do to uncover your beliefs or personal struggles and deal with them.

And many days have a session with Regan Hillyer that she calls activations. These are guided meditations where she claims your energetic blueprint is being rewired and activated in a way that’s beneficial to you. And I could feel this happening when I was really engaged in the meditation.

For instance, there was one meditation where we were supposed to pay attention to a part of our body that was holding something negative, and my big toe came to mind. I was shocked that my toe out of all body parts came to mind, but it did. I had been having cramping in my big toe for the past few months and it had constantly been sore, but it wasn’t a body part I thought would hold any kind of negative energy in. We released the negative energy from the body part in the meditation and I swear that my toe has not hurt in any way since that meditation. There’s been no pain and no cramping. I guess my toe was holding onto some pretty heavy stuff!

Regan Hillyer does make some swooshing noises and such in her meditations, which was a little distracting to me, but for the most part, I was really into her meditations (activations).

She even has a full night meditation, which contains a lot of affirmations to help rewire your beliefs. Even though I don’t like too much noise when I sleep – I listened to that for about three hours out of the eight and found myself repeating the affirmations afterwards.

One Block That Doesn’t Resonate With Me

There’s talk about your inner child and how it needs to be on board with your manifestations or it can hold you back from manifesting what you want.

I cannot find any childhood memory that seems to be affecting me now.

I did the meditation in the quest where Regan Hillyer gets you to think of the first age that comes to mind when you had a traumatic experience, and then you focus on the event, but I drew a blank. I couldn’t even pretend to think of an age or experience.

And this has happened before for me when finding the wounded inner child has come up. Even though they say I’m supposed to have it, I don’t think I have a wounded inner child!

So, if I do have an inner child block in me, it’s somewhere so deep that I can’t find it. I’m not going to spend any more time actively looking for it though.

I’ve Created A Manifestation Practice

At the end of the quest, Regan Hillyer talks about creating a daily manifestation practice. For this, I went back through the entire quest on a Saturday and took notes to see what I wanted to incorporate into my daily routine.

I came out with a daily routine, a weekly routine, a bi-weekly routine, and a monthly routine. There are some tools that I need to work on daily and some other ones that I just want to be consistent with.

I’ve not just included practices taught my Regan Hillyer into my daily manifestation routine, but also one of her activations for fear.

I think fear is the number one thing I’ve been dealing with lately, and it manifests in mental, energetic, and physical sensations. It usually happens in the morning when I wake up or at night as I go to sleep. It’s as if I’m facing a deadly decision and there’s a 50/50 chance I’m going to die. I feel it deep in my bones and mind and I get pretty upset about it. And that’s just ridiculous because there’s nothing to be that fearful about!

In any case, Regan Hillyer’s activation helps you get to the root cause of fear and pull it out, which is what I need to focus on until I stop waking up with that fearful feeling that everything is going to come crashing down.

I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and see what comes out of it. It’s quite exciting! I have someone big I want to manifest by the end of December this year.

This has been my favorite Mindvalley quest since the Sixth Sense Superpower quest with Sonia Choquette on intuition.

If you are interested in this quest by Regan Hillyer you can check out the program here.

It’s now a part of the Mindvalley Membership.

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