Is The Whole ‘Not Milk’ Good? We Have Mixed Feelings

We are getting so many new vegan products. It’s hard to believe that they can come up with even more vegan milk, but I was shopping in the store the other day (I usually do my shopping online now) and saw something called ‘Not Milk’. They only had the whole milk version, so that’s what I got.

I Like NotCo’s Impact Statement

Not Milk is made by NotCo. They talk a lot about reducing environmental impact, which I like.

On their impact page, they talk about how they will never stop working to make their products better with better packaging and ingredients. This is why I will probably buy their milk going forward to use in various baking products, but, as far as using it as a milk replacement where the taste stands out, I’m not so sure.

Not Milk

What Did ‘Not Milk’ Taste Like?

I knew the ingredients, so straight off the bat it tasted and smelled like milk, but with pineapple.

Now, I’m not sure if this was because I was looking for the pineapple or if I actually could pick it out.

My husband tried it without knowing the ingredients, and he said there was definitely cashew and coconut in there (which there isn’t). I thought that was surprising and wrote it out on the container to remember for this review. I’m assuming he thought the cashew was in there because the milk is a little creamy, which is usually achieved with cashews in our house.

My mom, who is not vegan and doesn’t drink plant-based milk, tried it too. She instantly said there was coconut in it. She didn’t catch the pineapple, cabbage, or anything cashew-like.

She did not think it tasted exactly like milk, but she didn’t mind the taste.

I wonder if the white packaging influenced her to taste coconut? She didn’t see the ingredients nor what I wrote for my husband’s guesses.

Not Milk’s Nutritional Information And Ingredients

I like the ingredients and nutritional value. My mom, who bases every food and drink on Weight Watcher’s standards said it was pretty good for her too.

But, everyone has their own opinions on what good ingredients and nutritional information are these days. So, I’ll let you take a look at the milk’s ingredients for yourself

Pineapple juice and cabbage juice are in there! I had read months ago that they thought this produced the most authentic taste, but as I said, I could taste the pineapple from the start, and as things went on,  there was a huge problem for me…

The Pineapple Taste Got Stronger In The ‘Not Milk’

I used the milk to make some buns and they came out great and tasted great. This is why I would consider using this plant-based milk going forward.

However, after sitting in the fridge for a few days (and well before the expiration date) I took the milk out to use it in a corn chowder soup, and it was TANGY!

It smelled like bad milk to me.

It tasted like bad milk.

I didn’t like it at all.

My husband didn’t think it tasted like spoiled milk, but he thought the pineapple taste had gotten stronger.

Either way, we weren’t fans of this aged plant-based milk.

If you’ve ever had soy milk or oat milk, you know that it can go bad and get chunky and smell off, but this smell was far beyond the smells I’ve smelled with other plant-based milk. It was exactly what I remember spoiled milk smelling and even tasting like, so I guess that’s a win for NotCo… they made their milk smell like milk in that way!

All in all, I would get ‘Not Milk’ again if I had some immediate baking to do. I was going to try it in fruit smoothies too, but I never got a chance. I’m willing to bet the tanginess would go good in a fruit smoothie.

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