The Laughing Cow Plant-Based Garlic And Herb Cheese

Before I went vegan, I didn’t eat a lot of round or triangle cheese. But after going vegan, you are more open to trying various shapes of food. At least, I am. The Laughing Cow Plant-Based Garlic And Herb cheese is just like its dairy sister, individually packaged in triangle portions.

The Laughing Cow Cheese Is A Better Deal Than Babybel Plant Based Cheese

For us, the price was cheaper than the Babybel plant-based cheese. You get 8 pieces and it cost us $5.99 CAD. So about 75 cents per piece as opposed to $1.40 per piece with the Babybel. And you get about 28 more grams in The Laughing Cow package. It’s a better deal.

It would be nice if there wasn’t so much packaging. But they need to be individually wrapped and branded to live up to The Laughing Cow brand. I do like the little almond pictures on the packaging. If you were having a party, this would ensure people would know which ones are plant-based and which are not.

Although, I’ve heard many people say they were tricked into eating plant-based despite obvious packaging information. So, I’m assuming there would be a few people who grab them thinking they are dairy wedges because the branding is so similar.

I got to admit that I was expecting a very processed taste and a weird aftertaste. I don’t know why, but I just was. So on my first bite, my mind played some tricks with me as I felt like the texture and taste were off, but once I stopped judging it and just tasted it, I liked it.

It tastes like garlic and herb cream cheese to me. The texture is creamy. The taste is garlicy and herby. It’s actually really good by itself and even better on crackers.

Laughing Cow Plant Based Garlic And Herb

I would even spread The Laughing Cow Garlic And Herb cheese on a bagel if I was out of my favorite vegan cheese, Spread’em. I guarantee it would taste good.

I’m not sure how the plain plant-based cheese from The Laughing Cow would taste. The garlic and herb has a lot of flavor which may mask any weird flavor that the plain would have. But, I’ll update this review when and if I try it.

In short, this plant-based garlic and herb cheese is good for a little snack with crackers. I like it and will be buying this often along with some other vegan cheese staples that I have. 

Here’s the nutritional information.

And here are the ingredients.

laughing cow plant based ingredients

If you check out The Laughing Cow website, you will see that they have a jalapeno flavored cheese with dairy. I’m hoping that they create a plant-based version of that one because jalapeno is my favorite flavor in spreadable cheese.

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