Message From Deceased Loved Ones: My Nana And Grandpa Reached Out

I’m constantly trying to connect with the spirit world. I always ask for signs or look for signs or hope for signs… it’s just part of my nature to want reassurance from deceased loved ones that they are OK and that there is more to life than this physical world. In the past few weeks, I’ve had beautiful signs for both my Nana and my Grandpa. Here’s what happened.

My Nana Reached Out During Reiki

deceased loved ones Signs

The more I get Reiki done, the more I love it. Every single session has been good and given me either an aha moment or helped me feel more grounded and peaceful. I highly recommend it if you are willing to give it a try.

This last time, though, was completely different than any of my other Reiki sessions. My Nana reached out with a message through my Reiki practitioner.

How My Nana Reached Out During My Reiki Session

When I was done with my Reiki session, my practitioner started telling me where my stuck energy was and other things she felt during the session. That’s a normal practice of hers.

Then, all of a sudden, she asked me if I had any connection to elephants. She told me that when she was doing my left forearm and hand, she suddenly got a vision of elephants. All kinds of elephants. Some were standing up, some had their trunks up and some had them down, and they were all different.

I knew right away it was my nana trying to reach out. I had been asking my nana for a message for a while, and this was as obvious as it could get.

My nana used to collect elephant figurines. There were over 20 of them on her shelves. They were all different colors and they all stood in different positions. Some were standing up, some were sitting down, and some were doing cute things.

I don’t have any of these elephants though. I never thought to ask for one after my nana died.

But my Reiki practitioner told me that my Nana wants me to have one of them and hold it in my left hand while I think of her to feel the connection. So, I’m in the process of seeing if my uncle still has them stored somewhere.

I’m also inclined to believe that the left hand has something to do with my Nana’s message. She was extremely superstitious and believed that the left hand receives and the right hand gives, so it may be a sign from her that I’m going to receive something. I guess time will tell on that one.

My Grandpa Reached Out With A Moose

I associate my grandpa with two animals – an eagle and a moose. I don’t know why. Probably because he loved the outdoors and was one of those people who would survive alone when everyone else parishes in the woods. And those two animals represent the outdoors in my mind.

I have seen eagles plenty of times. In fact, on my first solo road trip, an eagle sat on a tree above me until I left.

But I have only seen a moose once, running through a field. I’ve never been able to stop and observe a moose, until our last road trip out to Jasper.

On our way home, I saw what I thought was a cut out of a moose, but then I realized it was an actual moose! I turned around and we drove to the spot where I thought it was, but we couldn’t see it. Then I realized it was well covered behind a tall bush. We moved to the left, it moved further into the bush.

So, we got out of the car, and I asked it if it was there as a spiritual sign from my Grandpa to come out from behind the bush. To my surprise, it stepped out in full view. I knew right then I was having another encounter with a deceased loved one.

It stared at us for 15 minutes and we stared at it. I had binoculars so it felt like I was up close to the moose, and I was in heaven. It was the BEST moment ever. It felt so spiritual and good.

Then, another car turned the corner to where we were parked, and the moose looked at it and ran away. (You can see that in the video below.) It was just another sign that it was meant for us.

The video starts with two pics.

I used Canva just to put together a quick video of her. I don’t have a video of her standing there and watching us. My eyes were glued to the binoculars.

Getting Signs From Deceased Loved Ones Is A Total Gift I’m Grateful For

I’m so blessed to get big signs like that from deceased loved ones. My Nana has done that once before in a big way using a deer. I know that some people in my family would love to get that kind of message, but they never do.

I’m extremely open to it and I’m always looking for signs – even in my dreams – which is probably why I get more signs.

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