My First Review Of The Card Deck Club: Hay House (Spring Box)

Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Kari

The Card Deck Club only became available in Canada recently. It is a quarterly membership that gives you access to card decks from Hay House. They make a few promises with the subscription (which they fell short of for me on this box). But essentially they say that you will get early access to decks before anyone else gets them and you will get three products with one bonus gift in every box. First, let’s talk about what made me unhappy with the Card Deck Club subscription box.

The Box Took Forever To Ship

It felt like forever.

It was a little ridiculous, to be honest.

I made the order on March 19th.

It didn’t start in transit until April 1st, almost exactly two weeks later.

And it arrived on April 5th.

I had written into Hay House support a few times along the way, and they gave me a few different responses. This was the one that made me give up on trying as they kind of admitted they had no idea what was going on.

I got a tracking number in an email afterwards and then just waited for it to arrive.

The Box Didn’t Include A Bonus Gift

On the morning I realized that the Card Deck Club subscription box was in my mailbox, I was excited. I love the card decks from Hay House. I already have 6 of them and, honestly, I don’t think there’s a number that could be enough. I really like the who principle of oracle cards and the messages they convey.

One of the things I was looking forward to was the promise of a ‘bonus gift that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear’. That’s what they say on their sales page for the deck subscription, anyway. It made me feel like the box was going to be extra worth it. I paid $51.62 CAD. So 3 decks and a bonus gift sounded incredible and generous, just as Hay House should be.

But, there was no bonus and I was frustrated. I wrote in. I’m still waiting to hear back.

Update:  So I received a response that doesn’t make any sense to me.

The response says that the 2024 Spring box had two decks and the bonus gift was The Golden Future Oracle cards.

This doesn’t make any sense.

On the sales page with the header ‘Three Beautiful Surprises’ it says we get three handpicked products AND a bonus gift. That’s how I read it anyway.

Now, they are saying there are two decks and a bonus gift.

So the sales page should read “You will get two decks and a bonus gift” to be more clear.

When they say that there are three handpicked products in a card subscription box, it sounds like three card decks.

And then saying that there is a bonus gift implies there is a bonus gift on top of that.

I’m waiting for another response.

Update: They Responded And It Makes Sense, But They Need To Change How They Word It

Here the final response I got. It doesn’t kind of clear it up, but I still think they should be  more direct on their sales page so people like me who take a quick look to see what’s in it and don’t need to scroll down to see anymore actually get the right information.

Here’s the response:

The Card Deck Club link in whole explains the card deck box, from the paragraph you listed it states three hand picked products and on another line each shipment comes with bonus gift. I understand in this paragraph pointing out how it could be confusing. If you continue with the page it shows a example of what you are receiving a break down of whats in the box noting the bonus item highlighted below.  I will share your feedback to our Card Deck Club PR department on this. Hope you enjoy spring box.

And I think she’s pointing to this image breaking down what’s in the box noting that one of them is a bonus gift.

In short, instead of saying this on their sales page…

They should say that each box has two handpicked products and a bonus gift. That would be WAY more accurate.

There Were No Early Releases In The Box

Maybe I got the subscription box later than other people? I don’t get it. But there were no early releases in the box. You can go to Amazon and order any one of these card decks right now.

On the sales page, it says people in the Card Deck Club get first dibs on card decks that haven’t been released yet.

This is the kind of stuff that ticks me off. I’m used to seeing marketing tactics and understanding that they are complete crap, but I expect more from Hay House.

I have the empower you unlimited audio membership and the healyourlife plus membership. I feel like they are both worth the money I pay, but I remember not knowing that they didn’t include the bigger courses on the Heal Your Life+membership and felt like I was lied to then too.

The Rest Of The Subscription Box Was Good

So that was the annoying and frustrating stuff. But I’m still happy I got the box because I really do like the way it was shipped and the decks.

The box came well packaged, which I really appreciate. The box and the cards were both well protected.

Not sure why we need to know who packaged it. Maybe so he gets in trouble if it’s not packaged right? I don’t understand.

Then I opened up the box and see the three decks neatly packaged with some blue ribbons on top to fill the space between the one deck and top of the box.

hayhouse club card deck spring

But I’m disappointed when I don’t see a bonus gift on top of the three card decks.

Any rough looking parts of the box are from me. I had a heck of a time opening it up and eventually just ripped it apart like a kid opening a present on Christmas morning.

The card decks are awesome, though. Let’s talk about them.

The Animal Guides Deck By Radleigh Valentine

animal guides card deck

It looks like with this deck, Radleigh Valentine has 11 decks available to buy. My first oracle deck was The Angel Tarot Cards by him and Dorren Virtue. Her name has since been taken off the cards as she has turned into an outspoken Christian.

This deck is huge at 78 cards, just like The Angel Tarot Cards.

The premise of The Animal Guides Deck is that animals are messengers and are linked to source. This I know very well. Almost every time there’s been a death, I’ve received signs from animals.

The most awesome sign was from a deer that helped us find a graves we were looking for. You can read that story here. But the short story is this: It led us to the graves we were looking for, went around a corner, and disappeared.

I like how Radleigh Valentine says that these cards work through the law of attraction and magnetic resonance, meaning you naturally attract the card needed or meant to answer your question. I’ve never thought about it that way.

My husband has wanted an animal card deck since our dog, Angelo, passed away last October. We didn’t get one for some reason, so this deck was really appealing to him when I showed him.

He asked the question, “How are you doing?” to our deceased dog and this was the card that I pulled.

Card From Animal guide Deck

Intuitively, we took it to mean a few things, including he was feeling strong again. Angelo spent the last year of his life blind and lacking the power he had displayed all his life. I believe he was also saying that forgiveness is important – as my husband and I have both struggled with what we maybe could have done different for him leading up to his last year and during it. The truth is my husband is the epitome of kindness and compassion, especially with our dogs, and especially with Angelo, who he formed the most intense bond with. Also, our little Miniature Pinscher died a few years ago, and we see this picture as Angelo and Goliath together again feeling good and strong and healthy. Even the flowers in the lion’s hair represented Angelo as he would often go through bushes and come out with all kinds of things on him and in his beard.

So, as far as the Animal Guides Deck goes, it’s already given us a gift and I’m loving it.

But, for me, it wasn’t an early release as it claims on the sheet. Looks like on Amazon, it was released on March 5th, so everyone else got this deck before I did. And it currently cost $32.04. Why the 4 cents? I don’t know.

The Golden Future Oracle Card Deck

Let’s just start off saying that these were released March 19th, according to Amazon. So, again, I wasn’t the first to receive them as promised on the Card Deck Club sales page. As of now, they are $31.02, bring the total value of these two decks up to $63.06. So technically I’ve saved $11.44.

Look at the illustration on the cover of this deck! And the words ‘Golden Future’. It’s makes me happy and hopeful and gives me warm fuzzy feelings. And not much does that lately.

the golden future

I’ve never heard of Diana Cooper before. I did a quick check on her and it says she specializes in things like unicorns and Atlantis. That sounds a little weird to me. How can you specialize in unicorns?

Her message with The Golden Future Oracle deck is that we are moving towards a golden age of peace and happiness, and theses cards can help us prepare for this golden age.

In the guidebook, she actually lays out the timeline to the golden age, starting from 2012 and ending at 2050. Currently, she says, we are in a 9 year period where things are drastically changing (in a positive way) and because of that there is a lot of upset and unrest going on.

She says that by 2050, we will be living in a world of very high vibrations. Our heightened consciousness will allow us to attract everything we want to ourselves.

Ironically, the night before getting these cards, I was going through a common ‘going to sleep’ fantasy I have. I’m in a room filled with doors from the ceiling to the floor. And I can pick a door and go through it to experience another way of life. That night, I wanted to experience a world where we could just automatically attract what we want because we are in such a high state. So it was a little shocking to read that her theory on what’s coming was the alternative universe I chose to explore.

She says The Golden Future Oracle deck can help you connect with spiritual beings that are overseeing this new era.

She also says that the deck naturally raises your vibration. Which, I admit, it had already done for me just by looking at it.

A few things I noted:

The deck shuffles great. It’s not stiff at all.

The heart on the front of each card makes me happy.

The Golden Future Cards

The cards are beautiful and colorful.

the golden future oracle cards

The messages for each card are long and in small print, making it hard for us with crappy eyes to read easily.

But all in all, I really like this deck. The question I asked with it was, “What can I do to move myself to the level of the golden future she talks about?” I pulled number 35 that talks about keeping your space pure and clear.

She does talk about how in the future residues of waste will be taken by unicorns to the sun. Not much to say about that. I guess I will believe it when I see it. But all in all the message with nice.

Secrets Of The Ancestors Oracle Guidebook

This was released March 12 on Amazon. And you can buy it for $25.86 right now. So now I’ve saved $37.30. Or 41%, if I did my math right. So that’s not bad.

This deck is by Abiola Abrams, who I’ve also never heard of before.

Secrets of the ancestors oracle

This is a complicated deck. The guidebook is full of instructions on how to use the cards in ways I’ve never seen before. Spreads I’ve never seen. Rituals that need to be done to use the deck that I’ve never seen.

For instance, here’s a crazy 15 card spread that I can’t comprehend yet.

The premise of the deck is connecting with your ancestors and, even, the ancient wisdom in you that stems from your ancestors.

You are supposed to be able to crack familial coding and heal inherited traumas and unresolved family issues.

You are supposed to get guidance from your ancestors.

Even if you are adopted, these cards can help you connect to both your genetic ancestors and your adopted ancestors, according to Abiola Abrams.

There’s a lot in the guidebook about what these cards represent and how to use them. A lot. It’s not like other oracle decks where you pick them up and use them. You’ve got to study with these cards!

I did the one card pull where you are supposed to say SANKOTA and then pull a card. It means ‘go back and get it’, which means you are getting a message that your ancestor wants you to know.

I got the ‘Mother Of Earth’ card.

Secrets of the ancestors oracle

I took it as a message to take care of myself and be present, especially in my home – which I love by the way. And also that there are a lot of possibilities around me.

To be honest, reading the guidebook overcomplicated things for me and instead of just listening intuitively, I was trying to remember everything I read about the cards in the guidebook.

In short, I think it’s going to take a while to get the hang of this oracle deck.

Update: The Card Deck club members received a webinar with Abiola where she did some readings with her cards for about an hour. I liked her instantly. She’s a beautiful soul. And, things were not as complicated as I was making it in my head. She did a ritual of clearing the deck through noise between readings. She had a rattle-like thing that she used, but she said you could use any kind of noise to clear the deck, such as a tap. She pulled one card and then a second card to clarify the first card. In the end, watching her use her deck, I realized it’s all about what resonates with you.

I’ll Be Getting The Card Deck Club Subscription Box Again

I’m hoping next time things go more smoothly.

In the end, I loved the decks and the savings is pretty decent.

I’m really hoping I do get actual early releases in the next box. It would be fun to get them before anyone else. That’s really the draw of the box.

You can buy the cards on sale at a later date that would pretty much equal the savings you get in the box.

For instance, right now they are having a 40% off sale. I saved 41% through the subscription box.

So is the Club Card Deck subscription worth it from HayHouse when sales are going to happen? Yes, if you get the early releases, or if you care about the 1%.

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