It Took Almost Three Years, But We Finally Caught Covid

Before the pandemic, I was a germaphobe. I’m still a germaphobe, which is likely why we didn’t catch Covid in 2020, 2021, and most of 2022. Unfortunately, one thing shifted for me and because of that, we were both unable to escape the dreaded Covid.

I’m pissed off that we caught it after so much attention and care to keep it away.

I know a lot of people wonder how some people haven’t had Covid yet. Are they immune to Covid? Here’s why we were able to avoid Covid for almost three years and what undid us in two weeks.

immune to covid

I Work From Home And My Husband Works In An Office

I work from home. That’s without a doubt the most important part of not catching Covid. Don’t go out to a place where you are in close contact with co-workers, and you have a less likely chance of catching Covid.

My husband works in an office, but he’s been able to stay a good distance away from everyone.

His office was just him, his boss, and two other co-workers for all of 2020 and most of 2021, so that definitely helped. The rest of the office was working from home.

When they did come back, it was chaos, but despite every single person in that office having Covid at some point, he managed to avoid it by wearing a mask and social distancing.

We Shop Online (And I Always Clean Our Groceries)

We barely did any in-store shopping throughout the past three years. If we did, it was a quick in and out with a mask and avoiding everyone.

Most of our shopping was done online, where we ordered our groceries and then went to pick them up.

I admit it. I’m someone who cleans my groceries. I know that they have passed through many hands before they get to me, so just in case, I always clean my groceries before bringing them in.

We Wore Masks For Most Of The Pandemic

Before wearing masks was mandatory, we were wearing them.

After masks were no longer mandatory, we were wearing them.

My husband and I met at a hospital, so we both know the importance of masks. If you went into a room where someone was infectious, depending on the infection, you wore a mask, gown, and gloves to protect yourself. The patient didn’t have to wear one in their room, but we did. So we got the importance of the mask.

We Started Feeling Immune To Covid

After a while, we started going out a bit without masks into stores. We just kept our distance from other people and made sure to avoid touching our faces with our hands until they were washed.

To be honest, we kind of felt like we might be immune to Covid. We may have started letting our guard down a bit the more we went out and did things.

OK, we DID let our guard down.

We were still careful to not touch our faces, social distance ourselves, and wash our hands often, but we stopped worrying too much about catching it because we were triple boosted and hadn’t caught it yet.

Then We Caught Covid

The problem started when I took a job outside of the house.

The job requires me to work with co-workers closely for part of my shift, and I stupidly went in without a mask.

One day, one of my co-workers was coughing up a storm, and I did my best to avoid her, but the nature of the job requires a lot of moving and passing each other.

I made sure to wash my clothes daily and keep all my other hygiene rules up, but I now believe that Covid was on my clothes.

My husband was doing the laundry that week.

Three days after that, my husband was sick. He was so sick that he couldn’t get up off the floor and I had to call an ambulance because I couldn’t help him off the floor. He went into emergency for the night, and all his tests came back good except for one – his Covid test.

We were shocked that he had Covid. 

I’ve never seen him so sick. He has MS, but he’s not usually tired. He was so tired and couldn’t do anything.

He alternated between chills and insane sweating. Thankfully he never had a problem walking again, but he was definitely out for the count.

I took over all the household duties, including taking care of our blind, diabetic dog, and still went to work. I lasted five days, and then it hit me. I was at work and my bones started to ache and I became insanely tired.

The next day, I tested positive for Covid too. I was so disappointed.

I was fatigued, coughing, having chills, and sweating for two days straight. Then, I just had some coughing and sneezing, mixed with a small amount of fatigue for the next 5 days.

We both had covid.

Our house was a mess.

Our Schnauzer wasn’t getting the attention he deserved.

And, things were feeling very bad.

Long story short, if you have never caught Covid and think you are immune to it, don’t take any chances. I wish I had never brought Covid into our house. I’ve now lost my sense of taste and smell, which is over the moon depressing to me because food is the one thing that was making me feel good.

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