Conqueror Challenge Review: Experience With The Challenges & App

The Conqueror Challenges are virtual walking challenges that take place all over the world. They range in distance from distances you could finish in a couple of days to distances that take months. Of course, it depends on how much you walk.

This virtual walking challenge came into my life at the perfect time. Not too long ago, in the Immunity Blueprint Review, I talked about how Eric Edmeades gave me a reason to use my Fitbit again.

He talked about how walking is good for immunity. And I, without a doubt, want to keep my immunity up.

That’s why I created a challenge for myself to walk from my house to the mountains. While I would love to walk to the mountains in real life, I don’t have time to do that, so a virtual challenge is the next best thing.

I got on the Canva app and made myself a little map starting from where I live. I estimated how many steps I would take in 1 KM and then equated that to how many KM away each town was. Here’s part of my map.

My Mom Told Me About The Conqueror Challenges

My mom walks pretty often. She’s gone through a couple of different tracking devices and stays pretty motivated just because she wants to get her exercise in.

She found out about the Conquer Challenges through a weight loss program she has been a part of for a thousand years and she went ahead and bought a few different challenges on a special, which is very unlike her. She does not like buying things through an app. She’s 72 and still has her healthy distrust of the internet when it comes to making purchases.

She was so excited about it. She was talking about it and showing my husband and me the app, and her excitement rubbed off on me.

The Conqueror Challenge

There were a few things I was drawn to. 

1. Google Street View Integration

I like the fact that they’ve integrated Google Street View into some challenges. You can see where you are, which is fun! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not buying a challenge with Google Street View included and now I want to finish this challenge before I do another one.

2. The Device Connections To Make Posting Easy

Fitbit (along with others you can see in the screenshots below) connects to the Conqueror App and automatically posts your steps. With my homemade challenge, I was having to write down my steps every night and add them up. Not that it’s a huge chore, but automatic posting is better.

3. The Ability To Manually Post A Distance

You can also manually post a distance. For instance, you can automatically post your steps from your device, but if you do another activity, such as bicycling, you can check out their Activity Conversion Chart and manually post a distance.

The Conqueror Challenge Coversion

Just make sure you time yourself doing the other activity because that’s the easiest way to use their converter. They use 10 minutes as a standard time frame, and you can just multiply things to find out what number you need to plug into the manual posting.

4. Being Able To Set How Many Days It Will Take You To Finish The Challenge

I used my conversion from my map to figure this out. I went low and averaged 6000 steps a day, which isn’t very much for a lot of people, I know, but it’s where I want to start. So, I have it set to take 105 days to finish the challenge, and I’m hoping I can do it much earlier and feel REALLY good about myself.

The problem is sometimes I forget to wear my Fitbit. For instance, when I do dishes, I take it off. And after dishes, I often start cleaning the house, which would count as a lot of steps, but I forget to put my Fitbit back on! It will take forever to reach the end at this rate.

What My Mom Was Drawn To With The Conqueror Challenges

My mom really liked the street view too and has her Fitbit posting automatically as well. There were a few other things that she talked about with a lot of excitement.

1. The Medals

Part of what you are paying for is a medal at the end of the race. It apparently gets sent to you when you are done.

My mom loved this. She was gushing over how cute the medals were.

She is driven by reward, and so that makes sense that she would really like the medals.

I’m looking forward to getting one too.

I saw a Reddit post where some people were bashing the medals. They were basically saying, “What’s the point? It’s a virtual challenge?”

The point is that some people can’t go to these places and do the challenge physically, but virtually they can visualize themselves walking (or whatever exercise) and accomplishing the challenge just the same. And the medal is a symbol of that accomplishment. It’s part of the motivation.

2. The Postcards

The Conqueror Challenge Postcard

This is a smart addition to the Conqueror Challenge. You get a postcard every so often along the way… from you. It tells you some information about the places you encounter, which further helps you visualize where you are.

My mom was tickled by this. She has always liked learning information about various places, so this is right up her alley.

What I’ve Found Motivating Since Buying A Conqueror Challenge

I like that you can see where other people are on the map. You can see yourself passing them at the end of the day or you can see them passing you.

The Conqueror Challenge

If you have a competitive nature, like me, it’s motivating. You will desperately want to keep up and even surpass, and that gets you out walking or doing whatever exercise you like.

Unfortunately, I’ve been driving a lot for the past few days, so I haven’t got a lot of walking in and most people who started with me have passed me, but that’s going to change very quickly! As long as I remember to wear my Fitbit.

You can Save On Your First Challenge

The challenges are not the cheapest thing. My mom justifies it because you get a medal, and they supposedly plant real trees as you move through the challenge. (I really hope that’s true!)

You can also buy apparel, which increases the price a bit. Neither my mom nor I were interested in that.The Conqueror Challenge Pricing

My mom had mentioned that you can save 10% on your first challenge, but she didn’t know how to find it. I’m pretty good at looking up that kind of stuff, but I couldn’t find any kind of savings, so I just bought mine at full price.

When I got into the app, I realized that we all have a referral code. Here’s my referral code. This code helps the other person save 10%. And, if you can refer three people, you get 50% off your next challenge. I should have known this! I’ve been in affiliate marketing for years! But it didn’t register in my brain, so I had to pay full price.

Unfortunately, the day after I paid for my challenge, I got an email from The Conqueror Challenge letting me know I could save 10% off my challenge if I bought it within the next 24 hours. I wrote back and stated that it was useless to me now and would have been more helpful if I had received it right away. They wrote back saying that there are random emails sent out through the month with savings… which I’m not sure is true. And they didn’t offer me anything. 🙁

In any case, I paid for it, and I like it, but I would like it more with the 10% off!

The Conqueror Challenge Is A Great Motivator

I think The Conqueror Challenge is a great idea and I’m sure I’ll have many challenges under my belt within the year.

It beats drawing out your own map!

I love the Google Street View integration and I was going to buy a challenge with it, but I had opened one screen on my desktop and one on my phone, both with different challenge choices, and I ended up impulsively buying through my phone. I thought I was choosing the challenge with the street view, but I was actually buying the Romantic Road challenge with has no street view.

Meant to be, I guess.

If you have any questions or comments about The Conqueror Challenge, please use the comment section below.

Update November 2021:

I am still working on my first challenge! I am almost done, but it’s been a few months of walking.

Conqueror App Distance

I can say that the app is motivating. I definitely walk more than I did before.

I can also say that the street view is something I want. I like postcards, but I would rather see where I am when I start walking. I think that’s way more fun and motivating.

My next Conqueror challenge will DEFINITELY have a street view. No doubt about it.

Other than that, the only thing I’ve noticed is that if my Fitbit gets disconnected from the phone’s Bluetooth, then the Conqueror app seems to post my distance twice a day. I’m not sure where it gets the numbers from, because they are different, but it’s not accurate to how much I’ve walked. Therefore, if I accidentally turn off my Bluetooth on my phone and, therefore, disconnect my Fitbit from it, I go into my Conqueror app’s connections section, disconnect my Fitbit connection, and then I reconnect it. That seems to solve the issue and the Conqueror app continues to post my steps accurately once per day.

Update August 2022

It’s been a year since I’ve started and I still love the Conqueror Challenges. I can say that the virtual walking challenge is the only challenge I’ve kept up with over the past year.

I keep picking long distances for my walking challenges, so I’ve only finished 4 Conqueror Challenges (about to finish my fifth in 1 day).

I have three of my four Conqueror Challenge medals in honeycomb hangers.

conqueror challenge

I’m currently finishing up St. Francis way:

st francis way virtual challenge

And then I’m going to start the Nakasendo Trail! It’s the next longest Conqueror Challenge after the St. Francis Way challenge.

Update November 2023: My Conqueror Challenge Medals Are All Up

Here are my current medals.

all my conqueror challenge medals

I just wrote a post about how I had to restart a challenge this year because I ended up not finishing a challenge that I had taken. That challenge started in May, so I had gotten all these medals before then.

If you are on the fence, just do one Conqueror Challenge to see what it’s like. I think you’re to love it. Check out the challenges here.


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