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My husband and I took The Mastery of Sleep Quest by Dr. Michael Breus with the first batch of students. I don’t have any problems with my sleep, but because the quest was part of the Mindvalley Membership, I took it. I’m taking every new quest that comes up on Mindvalley because I want to squeeze the most out of the money I paid for that pass. Despite not having problems with my sleep, I did learn a ton about sleep, and my husband and I incorporated a few of the things he talks about in the quest into our lives. If you have issues with your sleep, I think you will find the quest interesting and helpful.

Mastery of Sleep Quest - You Can Sleep With A Pet

Michael Breus Says You Can Sleep With A Pet!

The Mastery Of Sleep Quest Is About Getting The Best Sleep Possible

This quest is all about mastering sleep. I think it should have been named that rather than The Mastery Of Sleep.

Dr. Michael Breus is an expert on sleep. He’s called the Sleep Doctor by Dr. Oz and has appeared on his show many times. I don’t watch Dr. Oz, so I had to search out a clip. The way he talks in the following clip is exactly how he talks in The Mastery of Sleep quest. You can see that he’s passionate about sleep and getting a good night’s rest. Everything he talks about in the video is talked about in the quest too.

This video is a good preview of how the whole quest goes. He talks about one subject per video and goes into detail on each subject. He’s obviously very passionate about sleep and knows everything thrown at him on the subject.

In the quest, you learn about your chronotype and good sleep habits that go along with it in order to get the most out of your sleep, as well as other aspects of your life, such as energy and sex.

The quest was interesting from the beginning, and my husband and I quickly understood why we sleep so well. It’s because we are already doing mostly what we were supposed to be doing for our chronotypes.

In the Q&As, he was awesome. He was the first teacher on Mindvalley that actively scrolled through the live questions while he was talking and answered before the webinar host had a chance to ask them. He knows what he’s talking about and was able to answer everything easily and in detail.

The first week you learn about the benefits and science of sleep, what you should do before bed, and how drugs can affect your sleep.

My parents have a lot of problems with sleep. They are always complaining about not sleeping well. This section gave me some insight into their issues how I can help them get better sleep if they are willing to look at the prescription drugs they are taking and talk with their doctor.

Of course, I started talking to them about it and they told me that they ‘sleep just fine’. So, that was a bust. But at least I have the information if they care to learn about it in the future!

That’s the thing about this quest. You are going to learn a lot about getting a good night’s sleep, and you will have the ability to help others get a better night’s sleep too. But not everyone is going to want to hear your potentially life-changing information because some people are not ready to hear it or just don’t want to hear it.

The second week you learn about your chronotype. A lot of people thought this lesson should have been at the beginning of the quest as it gives you a lot of insight into what habits you should be developing for optimal sleep and energy. You also learn about your morning routine, how to create a perfect bedroom for sleep, and how to make up for sleep that you miss.

The third week is focused on coffee, food, exercise, and weight loss in relation to sleep. You also learn how to chill out before bed and relax so that you can fall asleep.

The last week is focused on napping, sharing your bed, sleep supplements, and sleep while traveling.

Everything was very interesting. We all sleep, but I guarantee that you have probably never given as much thought into your sleep as you will in The Mastery Of Sleep.

What I Changed Because Of The Mastery Of Sleep Quest

As I said, I sleep really well. But there were a few things that I added in my life because of the quest.

One thing I’ve stopped doing was drinking coffee first thing in the morning, as well as stop drinking coffee by a certain time in the afternoon. He talks about this in the video above and in the quest.

In fact, in the quest, he also teaches you how to play with caffeine to work for you in combination with naps. I’ve incorporated this into my life occasionally and, wow, my energy level after my nap is insane when I do this.

I also ordered Blue Light Blocking Glasses in the first week of the quest after Dr. Michael Breus talked about them. I got my husband black ones and myself the purple rimmed ones. We’ve been wearing these glasses every night before bed to block the blue light.

As you can see in the following pic, they have a yellowish tinge to them. They totally block the blue light from coming in. When I lift them up, the whole screen looks blueish. With them on, the screen looks very white. This is true for the computer screen and for the TV. It’s something I never thought about before this quest.

blue light glasses from sleep quest

My Purple Rimmed Blue Light Glasses

You can order the ones we got through here or here. They are pretty cheap, have good reviews, and the company has a wide variety of colors to choose from. That’s why we ordered from there in the first place.

They do smudge easy, though, and it seems to be really hard to clean those smudges off. Well, my glasses smudge. My husband’s glasses don’t. Same brand, different smudge level. I think it might have something to do with our faces and fingers, but I don’t really touch mine lens, so I can’t say for sure.

We also bought some guava tea thanks to his first webinar where he talks about it. Not just a little either. We bought enough tea for each of us to drink a cup once a day for two months!

Guava tea from amazon thanks to the sleep quest

You Need To Keep Track Of Your Sleep Through The Quest

You do need to keep track of your sleep through the quest. He goes through your sleep tracker (provided with the quest) each week and talks about how to fill it in, read it, and then adjust things that may be causing issues. You don’t need any devices in order to track your sleep with the sleep tracker form he provides.

The sleep tracker frustrated some people in the tribe because their sleep was getting worse, not better, and it was obvious according to their sleep tracker. Some of these people were going through stressful situations in their lives at the same time as the quest, and that was likely the reason for the issue. Others were stressing out about whether or not they were doing the quest right – going to bed at the right time or waking up at the right time – and that was affecting their sleep. But most people were noticing an improvement in their sleep.

Even though he said to use the tracker that comes with the quest, I used my Fitbit because I have used that thing for years to track my sleep. I noticed that I was sleeping better throughout the night and not waking up as much. I think it’s the blue light glasses that caused this. However, I did adopt a version of his bedtime routine and I think that may be a part of it too. Honestly, I used to watch stimulating YouTube videos before bed, and now my bedtime routine is much different, so I’m sure that helped.

There Are Things You Will Want To Buy After Listening To Him Talk

We bought glasses and tea, but, if we didn’t have our room set up in a way that helps us sleep, I think there would have been a lot more that we wanted to buy. He talks about how to create the right room atmosphere for sleep, including picking the right mattress for you.

We like our mattress now, but we will be taking his recommendations into our next purchase.  Except for laying on the mattress for 15 minutes in the store.  Yes, that’s something he recommends and I’m not about to bring my pillow and take a semi-nap on a store mattress – it’s just not in my nature.

Some people in the quest played with sound and smells in their bedroom, according to his recommendations. Some played with light. Some bought new pillows. We didn’t need any of that to help us get a good night’s sleep. We’ve already played around with those things and have it all set up just that way we want it.

Just be warned that you will likely find yourself wanting at least a few new things that Dr. Michael Breus recommends.

The Mastery Of Sleep Is Very Informational

Most people found that their sleep was improving throughout the quest. I didn’t see anyone saying that the quest was working for them or helping them in some capacity.

Everyone gained a new perspective on how important sleep is and how to do it better. Dr. Michael Breus packs a lot of information in The Mastery Of Sleep about how to get the best sleep possible.

He gives you the information to help you create the perfect bedroom atmosphere for you.

He also helps you create a before bedroom routine and a morning routine.

He also helps you get your body ready for sleep each night.

And, he explains how to sleep with a partner if they are bothering you. We are lucky. We don’t hear each other at all during the night. My husband can get up and it doesn’t bother me. I can get up and it doesn’t bother him. We both seem to go into our own worlds at night.

I believe this is, in part, because years ago, a friend of mine was talking about what a great investment her king-sized bed was, so we bought a king-sized bed and quickly learned that she was right. It’s like we each have our own bed. I highly recommend spending the extra money on a king-sized bed.

If you are a parent or have an animal who shares the bed, he talks about that too.

In the Q&A calls, he gives you all the information you ever wanted to know about sleep. I’m not sure if all of his books cover the stuff in the quest because I haven’t read them, but I can say that he was awesome in his Q&A calls and likely covered things that are not in his books because they were direct answers to questions from students.

In fact, looking at his book titles, the quest probably combines information from all of his books and puts it into one place – and then adds a little more.  The quest makes everything, like when to go to bed and how to get the best sleep possible, easy to understand because it is a day by day, topic by topic approach.

Things like fasting, homeopathic sleep remedies, physical illness and sleep, how to work with your chronotype when you don’t fit the mold, and so much more was talked about. Plus, he gives a ton of references in these calls to keep you busy studying about sleep from reputable articles.

Can The Mastery Of Sleep Help You?

If you are interested in improving your sleep, the quest will be interesting to you. Everything to do with sleep gets discussed in this quest, and over the 28 days of the quest, you spend time implementing some new habits in your day to help improve your sleep.

You may not put all the better-sleep practices he talks about in the quest into place in those 28 days, but you will come out understanding if what you’ve tried has worked for you, how you can tweak it, and what practices you still want to implement into your life.

In the end, I didn’t see one person say that the quest wasn’t beneficial to them in some way. We all realized how we were sabotaging our sleep, discovered some sleep myths that we were holding onto, and learned how we can improve our sleep.

If you are having sleep issues, then the quest gives you a day by day course on everything to do with sleep. It gives you habits to build into your life. It gives you things to think about in regards to your current daily habits. It helps you build a bedroom that is perfect for getting a good night’s rest. And, it helps you understand how important sleep is to your life and, quite honestly, take it more seriously.

If you haven’t taken the masterclass yet, then you should take that here. And, if you want to learn more about the quest, including the next start date, you can learn all of that here.

If you have any questions about The Mastery Of Sleep, please ask me in the comments below.


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