The Three Vegan Things I’m Loving This December

The number of vegan products that have come out since we went vegan is insane. We had so few options available to us when we first went vegan, and now it feels like the options are endless.

It’s much easier to eat your favorite foods in a vegan version now and we can have things for Christmas, like cheese and crackers, chocolates, and peppermint mocha coffee. This wasn’t so easy years ago.

No need to go into detail about how hard it used to be, but let’s all just be grateful that we have so much available to us now as vegans (and hopefully much more to come).

Here are three things I’m loving this December.

1. Violife’s Cheese Pack

Violife Pack

I was so happy when I found this.

Violife, I want to thank you personally for making it. Before going vegan, cheese and crackers were one of my favorite things to eat, and this makes me very happy.

The mature cheddar and smoke-flavored cheddar taste exactly like Violife’s cheese. It’s a strong tangy cheese. We like it because we’ve been eating it for years. My parents have had it and they liked it. It’s good and you can eat it with crackers or in a sandwich and feel like you are eating some version of cheddar cheese.

The gouda in this package is amazing. It reminds me of Caciocavacllo cheese for some reason. We used to eat a lot of that cheese before we went vegan. It’s got a small tang to it, not big like other Violife cheeses. And to me, it just tastes buttery. I really like it.

The Camembert reminds me of cream cheese more than Camembert, but delicious cream cheese. It’s better than the actual Violife cream cheese, which my husband loves but I don’t.

I’ll be taking this and my vegan cheeseball to Christmas.

2. Silk’s Peppermint Mocha

Silk Peppermint Mocha

If it wasn’t for Silk, I wouldn’t be a coffee drinker anymore, and that would suck.

For the past few years, Silk has been coming out with seasonal creamers, and I can say that the Peppermint Mocha is my favorite by far. My husband likes the Maple one that comes out in spring, but I could drink this Peppermint Mocha all year round.

It’s so good. It’s the right amount of mocha and peppermint and it makes you feel like you are drinking a decadent coffee from Starbucks.

I can guarantee that before the end of the season, I will have hoarded enough of this to last me into March, or whatever the expiry date is on the packages. 😉

3. Cadbury’s Vegan Chocolate Bar

cadbury Plant Bar

Over the years, more and more companies are coming out with vegan chocolate.

The only other traditional company that has chocolate bars in our stores is Lindt. And I do like the vegan Lindt chocolate bars. They taste like Lindt chocolate, for sure, and they were my go-to chocolate bar for a long time.

But this Cadbury vegan chocolate bar is so good! I haven’t had anything from Cadbury in years and years. I used to love Caramilk so much. I can literally taste it just thinking about it.

The Cadbury vegan chocolate bar tastes like milk chocolate to me, and the salted caramel has the perfect hint of caramel. It melts in your mouth and leaves you feeling satisfied if you are craving chocolate.

Now, Cadbury, can you please make all your other awesome chocolates vegan too? Like Caramilk or your easter eggs? Thanks!

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