What’s Vegan At Freshii In Canada? Is The Avocado Crema Vegan?

I like Freshii a lot. When I first went vegan years ago, the Freshii menu was the only place I could order from confidently because it was clearly labeled and the staff there were well trained in what was vegan and what wasn’t. It’s still the one place that I go when I’m traveling and want a really good vegan option.

Yesterday, I got a notice that they were offering tacos now, and I noticed that there was one taco that seemed almost vegan if you took out the cheese. I just wasn’t sure about the sauce. So I wrote in to find out about the Avocado Crema and here’s the intuitive response I got back.

Freshii Contact Message Vegan

She doesn’t say what the Avocado Crema is made of, but she says that it is vegan and she was intuitive enough to know that I was likely asking about their new Tofriito tacos, which are a part of their new taco line.

And she was knowledgeable enough to let me know that cheddar was not vegan. Surprisingly, that’s still not a common thing in restaurants. I saw a woman share a menu the other day where the chef had circled all the vegan options, and nachos with dairy cheese was an option that he circled.

In any case, I’m happy to know that I can now get vegan tacos at Freshii if I ask for them without cheese (and bring my own shreds of course).

Normally at Freshii, I order the Baja burrito.

Freshii screenshot

Screenshot of The Baja Burrito From https://www.freshii.com/ca

It sounds so simple with things like quinoa and corn and salsa Fresca, but it’s so good with that cilantro-lime vinaigrette. In fact, I normally order extra vinaigrette on the side and dump it in as I eat. The burrito becomes very hard to eat as I add more and more sauce to it and it gets more and more sloppy. But it’s really good.

What Is Vegan At Freshii?

I’m going to list out what they list as vegan in their Nutrition and Allergen Guide for Canada. The guide is pretty easy to read, but seeing everything in a list may help you build up your next order easily from Freshii. And some things are missing in the guide. Keep in mind that they do update their menu occasionally with new items, so they may have more vegan options than I’m listing here in the future. Hopefully!

The avocado crema is not in their guide yet, but it is vegan according to Hannah, so that’s good to know!

Freshii Salads 

Their Unami salad is vegan. I’ve tried this and liked it but wouldn’t order it for myself again. My husband loves it. He would rather it be without the kale, but he loves the brown rice and vegetables with the ginger miso dressing.

Freshii Wraps

Their Unamii wrap is vegan. It’s everything in the salad thrown into a wrap.

Freshii Bowls

They offer 4 vegan options:

  1. Teriyaki Twist – This is another one my husband likes. Brown rice, broccoli, edamame, crispy wontons, sesame seeds, cucumber, green onions, and teriyaki sauce make up this bowl.
  2. Buddha’s Satay – Instead of brown rice, you get rice noodles with vegetables, crispy wontons, and spicy peanut sauce.
  3. Baja – This is included in their nutrition guide but not in their menu anymore. However, it was the same as the wrap I like, and the staff should know what you mean when you order it.
  4. Khao San – This includes brown rice, vegetables, almonds, and lemongrass sauce and spicy peanut sauce.

Freshii Burritos

Again, they offer the same 4 vegan options as the Freshii Bowls in their nutrition guide, but I noticed that the Teriyaki twist and Buddah’s satay is no longer there on their menu. Either ask the Freshii worker or come in with a list of what you want in the burrito if you want one of them.

  1. Teriyaki Twist
  2. Buddha’s Satay
  3. Baja – This is my favorite.
  4. Khao San

Freshii Soups

They have two vegan options.

  1. Spicy Lemongrass – You have to make sure you ask them for the vegetarian option as they offer it in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian broth as far as I’ve been told. In fact, I would ask for vegan instead of vegetarian just to be clear. This comes with rice noodles and vegetables.
  2. Superfood – This includes vegetable broth with vegetables and quinoa.

Other Vegan Options At Freshii

You get asked if you want to add a protein to your meal, and they offer two vegan proteins:

  1. Tofu
  2. Falafel

They offer a few different vegan dressings and sauces at Freshii too, including:

  1. Balsamic Vinegar (not to be confused with the vinaigrette which isn’t vegan.
  2. Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette – I can drink this stuff.
  3. Fiery BBQ sauce
  4. Ginger Miso
  5. Lemon Juice
  6. Olive Oil
  7. Red Pepper
  8. Salsa Fresca – This is really good.
  9. Spicy Lemongrass – Ask for vegan.
  10. Spicy Peanut – This wasn’t vegan before at Freshii so I’m still hesitant to get it. But, on their nutrition guide, they have it listed as vegan.
  11. Siracha
  12. Teriyaki
  13. Keto Vinaigrette

Their bases are all vegan, including:

  1. Kale
  2. Spinach
  3. Romaine
  4. Field Greens
  5. Quinoa
  6. Brown Rice
  7. Rice noodles
  8. Whole wheat tortilla

They have quite a few vegan toppings to choose from which can help you build up a bowl or burrito at Freshii.

  1. Almonds
  2. Avocado
  3. Black beans
  4. Broccoli
  5. Cabbage
  6. Carrots
  7. Cherry tomatoes
  8. Cilantro
  9. Corn
  10. Crispy chickpeas
  11. Crispy Wonton
  12. Cucumber
  13. Dried cranberries
  14. Edamame
  15. Green onion
  16. Hemp seeds
  17. Kalamata olives
  18. Mango
  19. Mushrooms
  20. Red onion
  21. Roasted red peppers
  22. Sesame seeds
  23. Strawberries
  24. Tomatoes
  25. Tortilla chips

Freshii Juices

All of their juices are vegan at Freshii. They have a standard green juice, carrot juice, and coconut water. And they have a juice to help you reset, recharge, boost immunity, and boost antioxidants.

Freshii Dessert

They do have these Peanut Butter Energii Bites. I haven’t tried them yet, but they look good.

Freshii Peanut Butter Bites Sscreenshot from https://www.freshii.com/ca

It’s Really Easy To Figure Out What You Want At Freshii

You can create your own bowls, salads, and burritos at Freshii. To make it easy, just order through their app so that you can add exactly what you want without having to clarify.

In-person, I always clarify that I want it to be vegan, just to be sure. They know what is vegan and what isn’t, and if you have a question, you can ask the person at Freshii making your food. I have never met one Freshii employee who wasn’t aware of what is vegan or not.

You can also email Freshii at guest@freshii.com with any questions that you have about their menu. I’ve noticed they respond within a few hours, so if you know you will be going to Freshii later that day or the next day, make sure to get your email in quickly if you have a question.

Freshii Could Add More Vegan Options

Even though it’s pretty easy to make your own salad, bowl, or burrito at Freshii, they could add some more vegan options. Honestly, I would always like more vegan options at any place I go!

Freshii can step up their game a bit with their smoothies and desserts and breakfast. I mean, there is the folded Just Egg now which would be super easy for them to throw in a burrito.

And they can also add vegan yogurts and other sauces.

I guess the biggest thing Freshii could add would be vegan cheese. Even a vegan cheese sauce would be good. Hopefully, Freshii will add vegan cheese going forward.

But, for now, they are doing pretty good with their vegan options. I’m sure they will make more vegan-friendly changes going forward. I’m looking forward to them.


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