Becoming More Loving With Gelong Thubten

Mindvalley has a quest called Becoming More Loving. It’s by Gelong Thubten and it focuses on developing compassion and forgiveness. It’s a short quest at 7 days. I’m not sure when it popped into the Mindvalley Membership area, but I noticed it when I needed it most – like most things in life.

Compassion and forgiveness are two character traits that I want in my life. They feel good. It feels crappy to be judgemental and hold onto grudges. Those negative things add to your stress level if you are already stressed – believe me, I know! Lacking compassion and being unable to forgive keeps me from focusing on what I want to focus on and being productive in my personal and professional life.

The Situation I Used For This Quest

A few weeks ago, I had an experience where someone I love made me feel really bad. He’s a family member and he’s normally very supportive and encouraging, but his reaction to something I told him about my health (alopecia) was out of character for him and made me feel horrible. He looked horrified and worried, which in turn made me feel horrified and worried. And after he went home, I let the experience dig into my brain. I couldn’t let it go.

I wish I could have let it go as easy as my hair was letting go of my head, but I couldn’t.

Unfortunately, I let the stress of his reaction combined with the stress of my alopecia and other concerns get way too high and it caused some painful digestive issues that, of course, made me more stressed… which produced more pain. It was a horrible thing to get myself into and I NEVER want to do it again.

The Becoming More Loving Quest Helped Me Get My Anger Unstuck

First off, I really like Gelong Thubten. I like his voice, energy, and simple way of explaining what he is trying to teach. You can find a ton of long videos by him on YouTube, including this shorter one titled The Power of Forgiveness.

So you can totally just watch him through YouTube and soak in what he teaches.

The difference is that in the quest, Gelong Thubten’s videos are about 15 minutes on average. You get taught about one aspect of compassion or forgiveness and then work on what he teaches you throughout the day. So, you don’t need to dedicate a long time to sit down and watch a video.

In the quest, Gelong Thubten teaches:

  • The limitations of compassion.
  • How to do a compassion meditation.
  • How to expand compassion.
  • What forgiveness really is.
  • How you can use your thoughts to practice forgiveness.
  • How you can experience forgiveness.
  • How to experience the feeling of letting go.

During the quest, you write a letter to someone that you need to forgive and then pour your heart out about how you feel. Then at the end of the quest, you look at the letter and see how much pain is still there.

I can say that I started this quest with a pain level of 10 on a scale of 1-10 and ended with a 1. There’s was still a little twinge of upset, but I had compassion towards him, and I forgave him for being insensitive.

I’ve seen him since I finished this quest, and I was totally fine with him. Better yet, he was the complete opposite of what he was last time and seemed to be on a more compassionate level himself. Perhaps it was my energy that helped?

Gelong Thubten Teaches Mindfulness And Meditation

This quest with Gelong Thubten is really about practicing more mindfulness and meditation in your daily life.

What I learned is that whether you are in a challenging situation or just standing in line at the supermarket waiting for your turn, you can practice mindfulness and meditation to help you be more forgiving and compassionate. And all this leads to more happiness and less painful digestive issues that leave you in physical pain for weeks on end.

I don’t have a link to the Becoming More Loving quest With Gelong Thubten. I don’t think there is a direct link. It’s just part of the many quests you get in the Mindvalley Membership.

I do suggest checking out Gelong Thubten on his website or on YouTube if you are interested in mindfulness, meditation, and happiness.

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