Can You Get Mindvalley Courses For Free? What Is Free?

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Someone asked me the other day if I knew where they could get Mindvalley courses for free. I got to say, I understand wanting to get free stuff, but when something is created with time, effort, and money, you should want to pay something for it, just as you would want someone to pay YOU for something that you created with time, effort, and money.

That said, Mindvalley does give away some stuff for free, but when it comes to their courses, there’s only one way I’ve seen people get them for free.

What Does Mindvalley Give Away For Free?

1. Mindvalley Masterclasses

Mindvalley’s free masterclasses are all introductions to the teachers and courses on a particular subject. In other words, most quests on Mindvalley have a free masterclass that you can take to learn more about the teacher and the subject in the quest.

These masterclasses are free and they are good. They usually run about an hour long and contain a few bits of insight that can benefit you.

Many of the classes demonstrate a technique or two that teachers use in their courses.

While these masterclasses are great and often include some tips and advice, they are not free courses. They are free classes that are introductions to paid courses.

I’m assuming the way Mindvalley words it is what makes people think they are signing up for a free course. I know my mom thought she was signing up for a free Mindvalley course when she found a masterclass, and that’s just not true.

The masterclasses are pretty much meant to give you some insight into the topic and the teacher and then decide if you want to buy the Mindvalley course that complements it.

Current Mindvalley Courses That Have Free Masterclasses

The following courses have free masterclasses that you can watch.

Most of the following links lead to my personal review of the course that is promoted after the free masterclass. At the end of each review, there is a link to the masterclass if you feel like you want to take it.

1. Zero To $100 Million– If you want to build a brand or product, this class will interest you.

2. Wildfit : Eric Edmeades considers himself an expert in nutrition and has developed a program called Wildfit where you are walked through a 90 day program of changing the way you eat and how you view food.

3. Unlocking Transcendence: Jeffrey Allen is a neat character who works with energy. This class talks about 12 different areas of spiritual fitness and why it matters. In short, if you want to boost your spirituality, this is the free masterclass for you.

4. Unlimited Abundance: I really do like Christie Marie Sheldon. She teaches how to unblock abundance blocks in Unlimited Abundance and her masterclass, she talks about the subject.

5. Uncompromised Life: Marisa Peer talks about transformation hypnotherapy and how you can change your habits, beliefs, and thoughts to be more confident.

6. The Quest For Personal Mastery: Srikumar Rao can help you find inner peace and resilience in a way that many other people can’t. He has a way of makign complicated stuff seem easy. In short, if you want someone to help you work out the complicated stuff, he is your man.

7. The Power Of Boldness: If you want to come up with a big idea that can change the world, this free masterclass is for you. It will get you motivated and on track to bring your idea to fruition.

8. The Mastery Of Sleep: This free masterclass is given by The Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus. If you want to master your sleep, then you will like what this guy teaches.

9. The M Word: This masterclass is about meditation and all the benefits that come with it. Emily Fletcher is passionate about meditation as you will see in the masterclass.

10. The Longevity Blueprint: Ben Greenfield is super passionate about health. He’s done the research. He tries everything himself. He has a lot to teach about health and longevity.

11. The Integral Life: This class by Ken Wilber is for deep thinkers and people who want to expand their awareness in life. Ken has a framework that people who want to ‘wake up’ will enjoy.

12. The Immunity Blueprint: This is another free masterclass by Eric Edmeades (the guy who also does WildFit on Mindvalley). He talks about boosting your immune system, which has been so important since the pandemic.

13. The Habit Of Ferocity: My husband loved The Habit of Ferocity the most out of all the courses on Mindvalley. He teaches how to be a peak performer in life. In the free masterclass, he touches on this topic. Worth a listen if you want to just be better at life.

14. The Art Of Astral Projection: Just like it sounds like, you will learn about astral projection in this masterclass. This is one of my favorite topics.

15. Tapping Into Emotional Mastery: If you are interested in tapping and how it can help you worth through emotional issues, this free masterclass is for you.

16. Superbrain Masterclass: This class is all about boosting your memory. Some of the stuff in this free masterclass is also in the quest itself, so make sure to take it if you want a better memory.

17. Super Reading: This is another class by Jim Kwik and it’s focused on reading faster and comprehending more – something we can all benefit from.

18. Speak And Inspire: If you want to be a better speaker, this masterclass by Lisa Nichols will interest you. She is a powerful speaker, and I often see her techniques in some of the top speakers who gather the most interest in the world. In short, she knows how to be a powerful, captivating speaker.

19. Silva Ultramind: This free masterclass is focused on the Silva Method and how you can access parts of your brain to do amazing things for you.

20. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy For Abundance: This free masterclass by Marisa Peer talks about how you can bring abundance into your life quickly by reprogramming your mind.

21. Money EQ: If you want to improve your relationship with money, you will like Ken Honda and what he talks about in this free masterclass.

22. Modern Qi Gong: Interested in practicing Qi Gong? This free masterclass features Lee Holden who is an expert in Qi Gone and energy medicine.

23. Mastering Authentic Networking: Just like it sounds, Keith Ferrazzi is going to help you understand how important networking is and how to do it – authentically.

24. Lifebook: Jon And Missy Butcher have a system, called Lifebook, for creating the life you want. In this free masterclass, that’s what they talk about.

25. Life Visioning Mastery: You’ve probably seen Michael Beckwith before. He’s a kind man who teaches how to live your soul’s purpose in life. This masterclass is for anyone who wants to live a life worth living.

26. Feng Shui For Life Free Masterclass: You need to be interested in Feng Shui and how it can impact your life to enjoy this masterclass. Marie Diamond is an expert in Feng Shui and she makes the subject very interesting. It’s amazing how our environment affects us.

27. Experience Lucid Dreaming: This is my favorite subject of all. Lucid dreaming is so impactful on my life! Charlie Morley talks about lucid dreaming in this free masterclass and how you can use it to benefit your life.

28. Everyday Bliss: If you have stress and anxiety, this masterclass will interest you. Paul McKenna teaches how to use various techniques to help reduce and eliminate stress and anxiety.

29. Energy Medicine: Donna Eden is a master in energy medicine. She teaches some techniques in this masterclass to help you use energy medicine in your own life.

30. Energies Of Love: Donna Eden and her husband David Feinstein teach how to have a better relationship with your partner, and yes, energy work is involved.

31. Duality: This is another free masterclass by Jeffrey Allen. He teaches how to use energy techniques to connect to both your spiritual side while staying grounded in your physical body.

32. Conscious Uncoupling Free Masterclass: If you can’t get over a breakup, are going through a breakup, or are thinking about going through a breakup, this masterclass is for you. It can help you move forward from negative and hurtful feelings.

33. Conscious Parenting Mastery: This masterclass is for parents who want to reflect on their style of parenting and how they can improve it.

34. Chakra Healing: If you are interested in your Chakras, then you will like this masterclass with Anodea Judith. She discusses chakra healing and how it can impact your life.

35. Business Freedom Free Masterclass: Another masterclass by Erik Edmeades (Wildfit and Immunity Blueprint). This one focuses on creating a better business. So if you are thinking about starting a business, you might like this free masterclass.

36. Beyond Fasting Free Masterclass: If you are looking for a way to improve your longevity and lose weight, you likely have heard of intermittent fasting. But probably not in the way that Roana Oliveira talks about it.

37. Become Focused And Indstractable: If you are often distracted and find you are not using your time wisely, this masterclass is for you. Nir Eyal talks about becoming indistractble.

38. Be Extraordinary: This is another masterclass by Vishen Lakhiani, and it talks about bending your reality to create the life you want.

39. Awaken The Species: Want to be more evolved? Neal Donald Walsch, the guy who wrote Conversations With God, talks about the path to self-awakening.

40. A Yogi’s Guide To Joy: This masterclass is done by Sadhguru. He talks about suffering and how we can free ourselves from it.

41. 10X Fitness Free Masterclass: The quest 10x on Mindvalley is intense. If you are interested in getting into an exercise program that can help you be stronger and more fit, then you will want to check out the free masterclass for 10x. It’s with Ronan Oliveira again. There’s also a Holobody coaching program that you might be interested in.

2. Mindvalley’s Live Events (Occasionally)

Sometimes there are some live events on Mindvalley that you can attend for free, but for the most part, the daily events are for people who have the Mindvalley Membership. They are all included free with your Mindvalley Membership, so I guess in a sense that’s free.

Here’s what the difference looks like. I took a screenshot of the Mindvalley Live page as not a member and as a member.

Not a member:

As a member:

3. The Mindvalley App Includes Some Free Content

The Mindvalley app includes all the courses and content that you can find in Mindvalley if you have the membership.

In the free version of the Mindvalley app, you get walked through the process of figuring out what you want the most, and then you do have to create a Mindvalley account.

While you can’t access the Mindvalley courses or live events for free, you can access some meditations and sounds for free, including some binaural beats and Solfeggio Frequencies.

How To Get Mindvalley Courses For Free

I’ve only seen this happen a few times. Sometimes Mindvalley will give a Mindvalley Membership or even some money away to someone as part of a contest.

I’ve seen this when Vishen Lakhiani is looking for taglines or some sort of help with something.

Even though Mindvalley said they were leaving Facebook, they are still on Facebook. And the contests I have seen have been on there. Although, I’m sure they posted it on their Instagram account too. I just don’t go on Instagram much.

Don’t Fall For The Free Mindvalley Course Crap

I have seen some people offering free courses from Mindvalley. They usually don’t offer it for free, even though that’s how they get you. They usually sell it for an attractive price, such as under $50.

I think what these people do is download the course material and give it away in a PDF or something. I’m not totally sure how they do it and what they give you once you agree to whatever they are offering because I’ve never attempted to try it.

The problem with this is that you might get some of the Mindvalley Course content for free, but you don’t get all the extra material that complements it and helps it makes sense in your life.

For example, you might get the text that goes along with the course, but the bonus meditations, techniques, community, and other stuff will not be included.

Plus, it’s just wrong to do that. The membership is so cheap in comparison to what you get, that you shouldn’t be downloading their content illegally. Take a masterclass instead.

I know that Mindvalley was actively taking down offers like this, so I doubt you can find any more free Mindvalley course offers online anyway.

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