What I’m Doing For Emotional Month

Last Updated on May 4, 2021 by Kari

In the Lifebook membership, March is the month we focus on the Emotional aspect of our life. This is my favorite aspect to work on. I feel like my emotions impact the rest of my life more than anything else does. They affect my physical health in a HUGE way. They affect my relationships, social life, career, character, creativity, spirituality, and everything else.  So it’s very important for me to be doing well emotionally.

As I write this article, I’m on a solo road trip where I’m trying to reconnect with myself. I used to go to a hotel for a night or two to be alone and plan out my life, but since Covid, I don’t do that anymore. But I really needed a solo trip out of the house for a night, so we bought an air mattress for our van and I headed out to the mountains for a night.

Right now, I’m sitting a Freson Bros parking lot, but I’ll write about that tomorrow.  This article is about what I’m doing for the emotional month, not how happy I am to have a semi-safe place to stay in my van!

On my way here, I was listening to a podcast with Jon Butcher and his son, and Jon was talking about creating recipes for your emotions. He was talking about doing things that help you achieve the emotion you want to achieve.

I realized that coming out to the mountains on a solo trip was a recipe for feeling happy and optimistic. I’ve been feeling so good about myself and life today.

Then I remembered something Neale Donald Walsch talked about in the Mindvalley course I took with him. He talked about choosing your emotions for the day, and I realized that’s exactly what I want to do for March’s Emotional month!

Basically choosing how you feel demonstrates how emotions are a choice. You know how people always say that happiness is a choice, well so is excitement, wonder, curiosity, etc.

Yesterday was March 1st and I was worried about some pain I was having. But, for the rest of the month, I’m choosing to focus on one emotion per day.

I put all my desired emotions in an excel sheet and I’m going to write a short note about my experience with them each day. Here’s what that looks like.

So each morning I intend to wake up and focus on my chosen emotion for the day and apply it to whatever happens in my day. For instance, tomorrow as I drive home and then have a date night with my husband, I’m going to focus on feeling loved. No matter what happens to me, feeling loved tomorrow is going to be my focus.

My goal is to also learn at least one thing about applying the chosen emotion to my life. In other words, read one article or listen to one video or go over one study in relation to the chosen emotion.

Today is adventurous. And as I sit in the parking lot that I was told I could stay in for the night, and watch the police car that just pulled up that isn’t moving, I am focusing on my feeling of being adventurous rather than worried or fearful. Ok… as I write this, another police car pulled up, and they’ve been sitting there for 10 minutes, and I’m still trying to focus on being adventurous whereas by now I would normally be really worried as I wondered why they were sitting there and what’s going on around me and whether or not they are coming for me and whether or not they are actually police. Lol.

But choosing to focus on being adventurous, I know that this is something I will remember as an experience going forward.  And I’m hopeful that they are just on a coffee break or chatting it up about all the tickets they’ve given out today and then they will move on and leave me alone.

I feel like this is the best challenge I’ve put out for myself for Emotional month and I’m really excited to see how I feel at the end of March after focusing on choose to feel good, positive emotions each day.

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