Mindvalley Is Moving Tribes From Facebook To Their Own Platform

If you’ve read any of my Mindvalley quest reviews, you know that every quest comes with a tribe and that group is located on Facebook. But it seems like Mindvalley is going to switch all groups over to a new platform hosted inside their site. For people who would rather not be on Facebook, this is really good news!

The New Mindvalley Community

I knew there was a new community for The Silva Ultramind system because Vishen had announced it on the Facebook page. But I didn’t realize this community was going to be for all of the quests on Mindvalley.

I first realized that when I saw Vishen announce this the other day in the community section of the new quest, The Silva Ultramind System.

That’s when I really checked it out and realized that all communities are being set up from one platform.

Right now, I’m only in a few groups. You can see all the things – including members, questions, posts, and what the group is about, plus a table of contents.

If you scroll down, you can see the members, posts, and highlighted topics that you can look into – which is essentially a list of the days of the quest.

I’m Liking The New Mindvalley Community So Far

So far, I’m really liking the new community platform on Mindvalley. They had tried doing this before with a quest and it didn’t really take off.  I’m assuming the platform wasn’t the same as it is now because I remember it not being very user friendly. I actually preferred to use Facebook at that point.

This new community platform is very user friendly.

When you go to your profile, you can check out all of your posts, questions, answers, blogs, discussions, and replies through the top menu. I love this separation of topics.

And on the left menu, you can see what groups you are a part of, who is following you, and you are following.

(I’m not sure what the User’s Expertise is for yet.)

When you do write a post, you can include a photo or video and a file. You can include tags with your post.

You can also start a discussion.

And, what’s really cool is that you can start a discussion post right from the quest itself while listening to the class. There are two tabs in the lesson – one for the lesson and one for the discussion. If you click over to the discussions tab while you are playing the lesson, you can still hear the lesson, which is totally cool. You can scroll through the posts that other people have made while you are listening to Vishen talk about the lesson. And, the discussion is a thread correlating with the lesson you are taking, so there is no looking ahead or behind. You are simply focused on the lesson at hand.

You can edit your profile to include a title and a little bit about you. You can upload an image and a banner.

And you can update your social media if you want, but I’m not a huge fan of social media and this new Mindvalley community is going to help me be on it even less.

There Are No Distractions In The Mindvalley Community

The best part is you don’t get distracted by looking up friends or going down a rabbit hole of profiles and posts like you do on Facebook.

You don’t see ads.

You just see the quest that you are involved in with Mindvalley.

That’s huge! That can save you time and energy by keeping you focused on what you are learning.

I know it’s going to save me hours upon hours because I always get distracted with other things when I’m on Facebook trying to focus on Mindvalley posts. This is especially true because I’m part of so many Mindvalley groups and I tend to go to my home feed on Facebook so I can see the most recent posts from each group in one shot, but that feed gets combined with updates from friends and other groups, which is always a distraction.

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