Why I Love Essential Oils and My New Favorite – Esslux

As someone who has always been drawn to natural remedies and holistic wellness, essential oils have been a part of my life for years. I like it when my house smells good, but I also believe that I receive benefits for my mind, body, and spirit.

How Essential Oils Are Used

esslux essential oils

Essential oils have been a staple in alternative medicine for centuries, and for good reason. These concentrated plant extracts are packed with powerful compounds, such as terpenes and phenols, which can enhance physical and emotional well-being.

Some essential oils, like lavender and chamomile, have calming properties that can relieve stress and anxiety.

Others, like peppermint and eucalyptus, have invigorating effects that can boost energy levels and improve focus.

Essential oils can also be used for a variety of purposes, from reducing inflammation and pain to promoting restful sleep and clear skin.

To be fair, I have also heard of essential oils, such as tea tree oil being used for hair growth, which was appealing to me when I started losing my hair due to Alopecia. However, they’ve had no impact on my hair whatsoever!

I Use Essential Oils Mostly For Productivity, A Mood Booster, And A Memory Enhancer

I do use essential oils to create a pleasant smell in my house, especially when I have company coming over. I like to use lemon, orange, or cinnamon mostly. I personally like to experience good smells in other people’s homes, so that’s probably why I do it.

But, other than making the house smell good, there are three main ways I use essential oils.

For Focus

I use essential a lot for focus. My go-to blend is peppermint and lemon, which helps me stay alert and energized throughout the day. But, I’ve been loving my new floral scents from Esslux.

From what I’ve read, some floral scents can reduce beta brain waves and help you get into an alpha state, which is likely why I find them so good for focusing. They get me into a state of mind where anxiety and worry don’t live, and I can just focus on what I’m doing!

I also love using lavender to relax and unwind after a long day. However, after receiving my floral scents, I’m more inclined to use them. I’ve used lavender so much and for so long that I’m kind of tired of it.

The beauty of essential oils is that you can customize your blends based on your personal preferences, and sometimes I mix smells to see what will happen. I haven’t had a bad experience yet.

In My Homemade Cream

I also use them in my homemade creams. I whip up coconut oil, vitamin E, and an essential oil together. All I do is put about a cup of coconut oil in a bowl, add about 1 teaspoon of vitamin E, and then as many drops as I want of essential oil. This not only keeps my skin moisturized, but also gives me the added benefits of the essential oils and, of course, helps to boost my mood.

For instance, adding peppermint to your homemade cream ensures you smell peppermint wherever you go. It’s just like when we buy a certain smell in the store because we like it. But, I can change out my smells each time I make a small batch of homemade cream.

As A Good Memory

esslux fall essential oils

One of the Esslux fall essential oils is maple. However, to me it smells like baked beans. Likely because I use molasses in my baked beans and this smells like molasses to me. This smell may not be something you would like, but baked beans is something I used to make a lot for my parents when they came over for Sunday suppers because my dad liked them. My dad recently passed away, so this smell is a reminder of good times with him.

In the floral box, the rose essential oil reminds me of my Nana. She used to wear some weird deodorizing powder (it was a big thing back then) and it smelled like roses. So, it reminds me of being at my Nana’s house and running into the bathroom, where I could barely see over the counter, just to smell that powder because I was always fascinated with it and the container it was in.

floral esslux

I’m Loving Esslux Essential Oils!

I have a lot of essential oils, and I like them all on some level. But out of all the essential oil brands I have tried, Esslux has quickly become my new favorite. There’s not one smell that I haven’t liked, which isn’t usually the case. Usually, I can find one or more smells that I’d rather not use in an essential oil kit.

According to Esslux, their pure and natural essential oils are carefully sourced and bottled with responsibility and under strict standards. I like that.

But what really sets Esslux apart for me is their essential oil kits. That’s why I found them – their fall kit popped up when I was looking for fall scents.  They offer a variety of kits to choose from, including floral essential oils, men scents, and seasonal smells such as fall and summer. The floral set includes neroli, geranium, rose, freesia, dark tea, and plum blossom – all of which smell absolutely amazing! Most kits seem to come with 6 oils for about $25 CAD.

But, in the first box I bought (the fall collection) there was a note to contact Esslux and you could receive a second box for free. I thought this was an awesome offer and I can see why they do it. Once you get that second box, you can’t stop yourself. Your want to buy more and more because they are so good.

Note: I don’t know if Esslux does this in every box. I didn’t get the same offer in my floral box. I’m assuming they don’t because you would just go on getting boxes for free forever if the offer was in every box. Maybe they just put it in seasonal boxes? Or maybe it’s random? Or maybe every customer gets it in the first box? I’m not sure.

The next one I want from Esslux is the ‘Clean’ box. If it matches the other two boxes in terms of quality, then it will likely be my go-to smells for when company comes over because everyone likes fresh linen smell or clean air! That’s what we aim for when we clean our homes for company! Or at least I do.

You can check them out on Amazon here.

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