How To Do Superbrain Yoga Plus Reviews From People Who’ve Done It

Jim Kwik covers an exercise called Superbrain Yoga in the Superbrain Quest. This is a physical movement you can do to boost your brainpower. It didn’t originate through Jim Kwik – it seems to have originated from Master Chao Kok Sui – but it is one of the many things Jim Kwik promotes as beneficial for brain health and brainpower. You may want to give Superbrain Yoga a try as researchers say that Super Brain Yoga can help anyone at any age increase their intelligence; although, the movement is a little silly looking and I would recommend that you do it in the privacy of your home or where you can’t be seen rather than in the middle of public space.

The Superbrain Yoga Technique Explained

Jim Kwik Super Brain Yoga Quest Screenshot

Superbrain Yoga gives you a brain break, according to Jim Kwik. In other words, if you’ve been working for a few hours of sitting and looking at your computer, Superbrain Yoga can give your brain the break it needs to recharge. It’s super easy to do.

The Superbrain Yoga Technique

  1. Take your left hand and massage your right ear.
  2. Take your right hand and massage your left ear.
  3. Then you squat down and inhale while massaging your ear lobes.
  4. Then you stand up and exhale while massaging your ear lobes.
  5. Repeat as many times as you want.
  6. Then shake out your body.

Jim Kwik says that it will help build your brain power because as your body moves your brain grooves. In other words, movement is good for the brain.

Of course, this is just one of the things that he recommends for improving your brainpower and the more you do the more you improve your brain health and strength, but super brain yoga seems to be a really popular topic online where some people think it’s pure crap and a super hoax and some people swear that it works.

A Teacher, Doctor, Neurobiologist, And Occupational Therapist All Recommend Super Brain Yoga

Here’s a short video that goes more in-depth about this brain yoga technique Jim Kwik teaches. They don’t call it Superbrain yoga, they separate the words and call it Super Brain Yoga, but whatever you call it, it’s still the same thing.

The video is a little fuzzy, but you will still get the meaning behind it.

The Science Behind Super Brain Yoga

In this video, they say that after doing Super Brain Yoga, EEG scans show that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are synchronized. This article says that when you can synchronize the left and right side of your brain, you have more flexibility in thinking, more clarity, better memory, and an increased allowance for super learning, which is exactly what Jim Kwik covers in his quest. No wonder he teaches Superbrain Yoga.

The Super Brain Yoga Book

Master Chao Kok Sui wrote a book called Superbrain Yoga (the way Jim Kwik spells it), but it’s kind of expensive for a paperback book – at least on Amazon.

I was reading a review from Goodreads on the book and someone said the book is basically all about the super brain yoga exercise so you can just learn it, do it, and don’t need to read the book. Someone else said that the book covers studies that were not too convincing to him, however, he did enjoy learning about the different chakras.

On Amazon, a few people seemed to like the book and recommend it, while others say there was nothing in it and it was a waste of money.  Perhaps those people wanted more exercises or techniques and not so much explanation. It seems like there is information about the research and background information behind the technique, so if you want more of that, then the book might be worth it.

What Some Of The Superbrain Quest Tribe Think About Superbrain Yoga

Every quest on Mindvalley comes with access to a private group on Facebook for the quest. Here are some of the things that people in the Superbrain quest tribe have said about Superbrain Yoga.

This person can see the benefits of doing it, even if it is a little awkward. 🙂

Apparently, this person’s teacher knew that Superbrain Yoga was good for concentration!

This person already knew that massaging the ears was good for chi.

superbrain yoga tai chi

This person says that Superbrain Yoga is supposed to make the base chakra more powerful. I love this as I’m currently taking the Chakra quest on Mindvalley and have learned that the base chakra provides the link between our physical world and our energetic system and gives us the motivation to do all the things we do in our day.

Superbrain Yoga Seems Silly But Seems To Work

I saw one person talking about Superbrain Yoga and how it’s all crap. He doesn’t believe in chi, chakras, or meridians and thinks this is all a bunch of hooey. I guess he doesn’t have a lot of experience with Eastern medicine, but after all the energy work I’ve done through courses like Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine quest, I would never be able to dismiss the power that it has over our lives.

No matter what you believe, I think combining Superbrain Yoga (also spelled Super Brain Yoga) with other things that improve brain health isn’t going to hurt anything and it’s worth a try.

As you saw in the video, people are having real-life results from it and it could help improve your brain health and power, so you need to try it out for yourself before you write it off completely.

For me, it feels good and it does help me reset and recharge myself after I’ve been sitting for a while at my computer. My husband, alternatively, does it before he needs to sit down and concentrate for a while. He feels as though it helps him concentrate better.

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