Heal Your Life+ Review: HayHouse Finally Has A Membership Program

We have subscribed to HayHouse Audio Unlimited for a while, and we enjoy it. It’s basically their audiobooks offered in a membership platform, and you can listen to any book you want at anytime for one yearly price. But, I’ve always said that HayHouse needs to get a video membership program like the Mindvalley Membership or Humanity Stream+ Membership – and now it has. It’s called Heal Your Life+ and I’ve been trying it out. Here are my thoughts.

The Big Drawback For Me: All Courses Are Not Included In The Membership

I was most excited about being able to take all of the courses. But when I got into the Heal Your Life+ membership, I realised that not all of the courses were there.

I wrote in to ask why and they told me that the certificate programs were not included. So they have 74 online courses in total, but only 57 courses in the Heal Your Life+ membership. Which (I think) means they have 17 certificate programs not included.

So, for instance, they included Connecting With The Angels Made Easy by Kyle Gray (worth $64.99) in the membership, but the Certified Angel Guide course by Kyle Gray (worth $175) is not included with the membership. The certified angel course apparently teaches you how to lead Angel Guide sessions with friends and clients, so, I assume, they think that after the more in-depth course you can say you are ‘certified’ in helping others have experiences with their angels.

Another example would be the Moonology Certification course ($139), where it says you can do things like give readings and hold workshops. That kind of promise is not included in the Heal Your Life+ membership course, The Magic Of Moonology ($75), where the description basically makes it sound like a way to plan your life and live based on the moon.

I don’t know. I think they should have included all of the courses in the membership. I get it though, they are separating out the premium courses from the rest. It was just a bummer to find out that all of the courses were not included.

What Happens When You Sign up To Heal Your Life+

After you buy into the membership, you can help them understand a little bit about you. I clicked on everything. It all applies to me.

Heal Your Life+ Membership

Then you are in! And you have access to all the content in Heal Your Life+.

The membership dashboard looks like this.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Dashboard

You can browse the Heal Your Life+ membership through topics, courses, curated collection, movies and documentaries, and events.

But essentially you can find everything available to you in topics. So if you are working on a certain area of your life, such as ‘stress and anxiety’ you can click on that topic and get access to all the material included in the Heal Your Life+ membership associated with ‘stress and anxiety’.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Topics

And it looks like there are 81 pieces of content inside the Stress And Anxiety section as of this review.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Stress And Anxiety

The courses are what I signed up for. As I said, as of this review, there are 57 total courses available in the Heal Your Life+ membership.

I first took the Spark your Inner Wisdom course with Colette Baron-Reid. This course alone would cost $139. Obviously I loved it. I love using oracle cards in my day-to-day life and I had taken her short preliminary course using the Wisdom of The Oracle cards so I knew what to expect. I used her Wisdom Of The Oracle cards with the course and loved it. I’m still journaling daily using those cards only.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Courses

Curated collections is next. You get selected videos from various events. I’m not sure how they picked out which videos we would get access to in these events and which we wouldn’t. I tried to go back to see how many lectures or videos were in heal your life 2021, to compare how many you get in this Heal Your Life+ membership, but I couldn’t find precisely how big it was. So I don’t know how many videos they took out. There are only 13 videos in the membership, and I assume there were more than 13 videos at that event. But no matter how hard I look, I can’t find the summit and what happened there, so I can’t say for sure.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Curated Collections

Movies and Documentaries are next. There are exactly 12 movies in this section. So what you see in the screenshot below is what you get.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Movies And Documentaries

And then, lasty, you have access to 36 events (as of this review). There are plenty of prerecorded events, but each month you get access to two live virtual events, which is another major selling point of the Heal Your Life+ membership as these live events are only supposed to be for members.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Events

November’s live event that I caught was with Kyle Gray. I’ve read some of Kyle Gray’s books, including the Angel Number’s book, and I like him. He’s confident and friendly and easy going.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Kyle Gray

He only did readings for this event. He did do an intro to talk about who he is and what he does, as well as what he thinks the angels do. And then he had two oracle card decks and used them for readings. If someone didn’t have a specific question, he used one oracle deck for strength and the other one for what they need to work on.

There were about 143 participants, and I think this was the first event for Heal Your Life+ members, so considering not everyone can show up live on a Wednesday during the day, there are likely many members in this membership.

Heal Your Life+ Membership Kyle Gray Participants

It was OK. The real benefit obviously was getting picked to get a reading. Otherwise you are just staring at a bunch of other people awkwardly asking their questions and getting a (well-delivered) reading from Kyle Gray. Almost everyone had their hand up. Only a few people got picked. I felt bad for all the people who didn’t get picked.

I didn’t even try. I’m too emotional to get a reading as I just lost my dad and my dog within a few months of each other, and I would be a crying mess over anything said to me, so I didn’t want to do that live.

I think next month’s event, where Rebecca Campbell talks about closing the year out in a sacred way, is going to be good. Readings are nice, but I prefer them in private. In a live webinar, I like something educational or something that can give me an aha moment.

The Heal Your Life+ Membership Is OK

I can’t get over that I feel let down that all the courses are not there. I think that’s what’s holding me back from giving a glowing review. It would have been nice if they found a way to include everything. Maybe another tier to the membership where you can access those courses.

For some reason it makes me feel like they are holding a lot back from the membership. And there are so many great things on HayHouse to learn from, it would be nice to have access to it all.

In short, I want it all. 🤪

They say you have access to over 2,500 videos, but scrolling through the membership, it doesn’t feel like there are 2,500 videos. That’s my guess. I don’t have the time to scroll through every category and add it all up.

There’s also the fact that I have the Empower You app already, where I get access to a lot of audiobooks by HayHouse authors. And these books can contain a lot of the information you can find from the respective teachers on HayHouse, so I just want to make sure I’m getting as much bang for my buck (with as little crossover as possible) if I’m buying two separate memberships with HayHouse.

I’m in a free trial right now on my husband’s account and I’m not sure if I’m going to continue. I feel like if I do, I should cancel the Empower You app, and my husband really likes that one and – as do I.

That said, if they added all the courses, I would probably be sold.

But, also, I don’t like the curated component of it. In the sale pages, it says that you get immediate access to their complete library of videos. HayHouse has a lot of information. I might be wrong, but I don’t feel like we are getting access to the complete library, especially if stuff literally says ‘curated’. Give us what you got, not select videos that you want us to see.

There’s also no search button. So I can’t just search through the Heal Your Life+ membership to see if I have access to something that HayHouse offers, and that’s beyond frustrating to me, especially as I try to review the membership and decide if I want it.

Lastly, I will say that on the sales page they talk about how they are going to add new videos each week. So that’s something positive.

In short, I don’t know if I’m going to continue with it. If you are a part of the Heal Your Life+ membership and want to add something positive or negative, please leave a comment below.

If you want to check out the Heal Your Life+ membership, you can find it here.

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