I’m Using The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Deck By Colette Baron-Reid

It feels like I’ve been writing about Colette Baron-Reid a lot lately… because I have been! I’ve taken her journaling course and got an oracle deck from her on Christmas. And yet, another oracle deck I received on Christmas is from Colette Baron-Reid. It’s The Dream Weaver’s Oracle. I haven’t used this deck as much as my 7 Energies deck, but I have used it a bit and I do like it. It has a different feel to it, almost like a child’s deck, but the messages inside the oracle deck aren’t childish.

How The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Was Created By Colette Baron-Reid

Dream Weavers Oracle Deck Complete

This is quite a story.

Here’s how I understood it. Colette Baron-Reid birthed The Dream Weaver’s Oracle through a series of profound, recurring dreams. These dreams served as a gateway, revealing to her mystical entities residing in concealed dimensions even before the birth of our universe. These entities, she learned, have been called upon to serve as confidants and assistants to humankind.

If I heard that story from anyone else, I would roll my eyes and move on. But, as I read it, knowing Colette Baron-Reid was writing it, the story just made sense and seemed believable to me.

Maybe I’ve gone crazy.

Maybe I’ve gained my childish imagination back.

Or maybe I just want to believe it.

Whatever it is, I like the idea of mystical entities older than time being around to guide us.

What Can The Dream Weaver’s Oracle Help You Do?

In short, these cards are meant to remind you that you are a powerful person who can create the life you want. They remind you that you can manifest your desires because you are a powerful co-creator in this world.

Each card in the deck expresses a metaphor that reflects your personal experience and shows that you are seen by these star beings she’s channeled from.

In essence, The Dream Weavers Oracle serves as a beacon of empowerment. It underscores your innate ability to realize your dreams because you are an influential co-creator in this cosmos.

Every card in the deck encapsulates a symbolic narrative that mirrors your personal journey, reinforcing the idea that you are recognized and acknowledged by these celestial beings that Colette Baron-Reid has channeled.

So just like any other deck of cards, you can ask a question and pick a card to receive guidance and insight. But with The Dream Weaver’s Oracle, you are also tapping into the power of these mystical entities who have been summoned to assist you on your path.

Why The Dream Weavers Oracle Is Unique

Dream Weavers oracle deck

It’s obvious, right?

The unique aspect of this oracle deck is that it combines the use of ancient symbols and modern metaphors to convey its messages. The hieroglyphs seen in Colette’s dreams and meditations are incorporated into the beautiful illustrations by Joel Nakamura.

The deck also features a guidebook written by Colette herself, providing further insight and interpretation of each card’s meaning. The combination of visual symbolism and written guidance allows for a deeper understanding and connection to the messages from the Dream Weavers.

Moreover, the Dream Weavers themselves are an intriguing and mysterious aspect of this oracle deck. I find myself literally thinking about them as I read the cards. If these celestial beings have been summoned from the hidden realms to guide and assist us in manifesting our dreams, then their presence adds a touch of magic and otherworldliness to the deck, making it truly unique.

How To Use The Dream Weaver’s Oracle

Dream WeavDream Weavers ODream Weavers Oracle Deck Guidebookracle Deck Guidebookers Oracle Deck Guidebook

The Dream Weaver’s Oracle can be used like any other oracle deck – for daily guidance, specific questions, or as a tool for meditation and reflection. The guidebook provides suggested layouts and spreads for different purposes, but ultimately it is up to you to find their own way of using the cards.

What I like to do is pull a card in the morning as I set my intentions for the day or as I journal. I then keep the message with me throughout the day, allowing myself to connect with its message and symbolism whenever I need guidance or inspiration.

Other times, usually at the start of the month or a moon cycle, I will sit down and do a full spread, using the messages from each card to guide my thoughts and actions.

Why You Should Try The Dream Weaver’s Oracle

If you are a fan of oracle decks and looking for something new and unique, I highly recommend giving the Dream Weaver’s Oracle a try. You can find it on Amazon here. Not only is it visually unique, but the messages from the Dream Weavers offer an important perspective and insight into achieving our dreams and desires.

Whether you believe in these mystical beings or not, the deck can serve as a powerful tool for manifestation and self-discovery.

And, you are adding a touch of magic to your oracle deck collection with the Dream Weavers Oracle because they are so different than any other deck.

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