Review: Spark Your Inner Wisdom By Colette Baron-Reid

If you want to delve deep into the realm of self-discovery and spiritual growth through journaling and oracle cards, look no further than Colette Baron-Reid’s Spark Your Wisdom course. That’s exactly what this course is for. It helps you see the power in journaling and in oracle cards and then connect the two for a personal growth practice to go forward with.

The entire course is just over four hours long, so you can get through it in a day or do it little by little. However, there is a lot of journaling in the course, which takes up part of the total time of the course, so you may want to spread it to about five days. Here’s why…

The Course Is Broken Down Into Five Sections

As you step into this journey, you’re going to explore five lessons. You’ll get to dive into some powerful oracle journaling methods, find out how to bust through resistances, and develop your ability to communicate with the divine.

The course has an intuitive arrangement, like a well-plotted map leading you forward.

At the end of each lesson, you do a journaling exercise, which is why I say that you may want to spread out this course over 5 days. You will be doing 5 journaling sessions.

Each journaling session helps you get familiar with journaling after you pull an oracle card or before you pull an oracle card – two techniques that Colette Baron-Reid teaches in Spark Your Inner Wisdom.

The heart and soul of this course? It’s all about connecting with your spirit on a deep, personal level and experience growth.

This course is like a lighthouse on your personal journey, guiding you toward discoveries that you can’t see without it.

Colette Baron-Reid is Likable

Colette’s warm, chatty style and her infectious positivity make this course feel like a heart-to-heart with a close friend.

Even my husband, who’s usually skeptical about teachers on such things, couldn’t help but like Colette’s vibe. She’s very genuine.

You Don’t Just Focus On The Positive

One particularly intriguing aspect of Colette’s teaching methodology is her encouragement to wholeheartedly embrace all feelings – the good, the bad, and everything in between.

You learn it’s about acknowledging that the entire spectrum of human emotion has a role to play in our self-discovery and personal growth. She has a few personal stories that will help you understand this on a soul level.

By inviting us to channel all our feelings into our writing, she helps us create a more authentic, candid reflection of our experiences and emotions.

Moreover, Colette goes a step further and introduces the concept of ‘Shadow Work‘, which is all about turning the spotlight on the aspects of ourselves that we often keep hidden – our fears, our insecurities, our perceived failures.

This course isn’t about wallowing in negativity, though. Rather, it’s a process of self-acceptance, a way to face these ‘shadows’, understand them, and ultimately use this understanding to fuel personal growth.

Colette guides you through this complex process with her characteristic warmth and wisdom, making it feel less daunting and more manageable.

The Big Problem With Spark Your Wisdom

If you are like me, you are going to have a big problem while taking this course – and after. You are going to want to run out and buy every single oracle deck out there to work with.

Oracle Cards Are Not Evil

When you work with oracle cards, there will be some people who question whether or not the cards are sending messages from an evil source. They are not. All the messages are meant to propel you forward, not hold you back.

In the course, you learn that oracle means to hear and speak with wisdom from a divine source, and divination means having a dialogue between you and the divine. So that’s what you are doing when you work with oracle cards while journaling.

I’ve found that working with oracle cards can do many positive things in your life.

  • Shift your perception around a certain situation or problem.
  • Help you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Bring clarity and guidance to challenging situations.
  • Enhance self-discovery and personal growth.
  • Move from observer to co-creator. (I love this so much!)

Is It Worth The Money?

I loved the course, but it’s $139 for the course by itself. I wasn’t able to bring myself to pay that price for Spark Your Wisdom before. It seemed like a lot to me.

But I do feel it is worth it with the HayHouse Heal Your Life+ membership. It’s just one of the 57 courses you get access to for the membership price, which makes it more worth the money to me.

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