Making The Best Vegan Cashew Butter And My Own Oat Milk

Not being able to go out and buy food all the time has caused us to try some creative recipes in the house. I always knew I could make our own milk and butter, but I never really tried it because we could buy those things easily from the store. Now, though, I don’t want to go to the store, and trying out our own milk and butter seemed like the logical thing to do. So, I decided to give it a try. And now I will never buy vegan milk or butter from the store unless we are in a pinch and don’t have time or resources to make our own because I have found the best vegan butter recipe and making milk is easy.

Vegan Cultured Butter Is The Best Vegan Butter And Cost-Effective

I am not the best picture taker, but believe me when I say that this butter is the best vegan butter.

It’s a cultured cashew-based butter that uses coconut oil, lecithin, and neutral oil. Once you have those ingredients, you can make a lot of butter over and over again at a very cost-effective price.

I used soy lecithin, but the recipe calls for sunflower. It worked fine so I’m going to stick with it. This ingredient basically keeps everything from separating so that it stays in butter format.

The guy I got the recipe from used carrot juice for color. I omitted that because I don’t really care about color.

And, you need to make cashew milk and ferment it. He recommended letting the cashew milk ferment for 24 hours. But I regularly make vegan sour cream, so I know that fermenting it too long results in a very sour taste for me. Also, I find my sour cream continues to ferment in the fridge, so I didn’t want to chance my butter being too sour. That’s why I only fermented the cashew milk for about 10 hours. I may try to do it a little longer next time because I could definitely deal with a little more tang.

Lastly, he says to use a neutral oil. Make sure to listen to do that if you don’t like the taste of oil! I used olive oil. I taste it a bit, but I don’t mind it. Next time, though, I’m going to try it with grapeseed oil.

I’m very happy with the result of this and even my husband, who is not a big fan of butter anyway, likes this on his toast with peanut butter, so it’s a win!

You can find the recipe for this cultured butter on Full of Plants here.

Homemade Oat Milk Works In Coffee And Scalloped Potatoes

We always have oats on hand, but we’ve never tried making oat milk before this pandemic. Now, we will be making oat milk forever.

We made it originally because my husband wanted to make an iced coffee and we had no milk. Turns out, oat milk gives a nice froth on top of the coffee that he hasn’t been able to recreate with coconut or cashew milk. It’s creamy in the coffee and works really well.

I told my mom about it and she made some of her own and then tried it in scalloped potatoes. So, of course, I had to do the same, and it worked really well!

Again, I’m not a good food photographer, so it’s hard for me to make them look as good as they tasted. But believe me when I say that the oat milk worked really well in scalloped potatoes for both my mom and me. I’m going to be trying it in a few other recipes as the weeks go on here.

Here’s the recipe on Detoxinsta. We use 1/2 cup less water than she calls for as we want it to be a little bit thicker. And we leave out the dates.

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