Jasper AI: I Wish I Had Found This Writing Tool Years Ago

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Besides this website, I have tried to maintain a few other niche websites over the years, and it hasn’t gone very well. I lost my passion for writing these last few years. It seemed like the more writing I did, the less success I had, and who wants to do something that’s bringing them no success? Plus, I just didn’t know what to write about anymore.  I’d lost the drive to write on my websites, which meant that I pretty much had zero chance of success.

Then just over a month ago, I found Jasper AI. To say that I love Jasper.ai is an understatement. This writing tool allows me to create content quickly and effectively, and it’s going to be the most essential tool in my website creation toolbox going forward.

What Is Jasper AI?

Jasper.ai is an automatic writing tool that can help you get your thoughts down. Jasper.ai uses artificial intelligence to understand what you’re trying to say and then writes content out for you in a way that sounds natural and human.

Jasper.ai has read a significant amount of the web, but not all of it. I think I heard that it has read about 10% of the web, which is quite a bit. But it’s not up-to-date with current information. For instance, it can’t write an article about the Johnny Deep and Amber Heard trial…

Umm, OK, after writing that, I went to check out if it could write about the trial and it gave me this:

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s trial is set to begin in early 2022, more than two years after the couple originally filed for divorce. The trial is expected to be one of the most high-profile celebrity divorces in recent history, with both sides accusing the other of domestic violence.

Depp has denied all allegations of abuse’ made against him by Heard, and has instead accused her of making false claims in an attempt to damage his reputation. Heard has standing by her claims, and has said that she is “afraid” of her ex-husband.

The trial is likely to be a lengthy and complex one, with both sides expected to present extensive evidence in support of their respective claims. It remains to be seen how the trial will ultimately play out, but it is sure to be a closely watched case in the coming months.

Not bad. Not totally on point and there are grammar errors, but it’s pretty good considering.

But, it can’t write details about the witnesses and what’s happened in the trial. When I tried to get it to write about witnesses in the trial, it did it’s best to guess what would happen. Here’s what it wrote:

There are likely to be a number of high-profile witnesses called to testify in the trial, including friends, family members, and other celebrities. Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard is expected to be a key witness for the prosecution, as she was the one who originally accused him of domestic violence.

Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose is also expected to testify, as she has previously spoken out in support of her father. Heard’s sister Whitney will also likely be called to testify, as she was present during some of the alleged incidents of abuse.

Other celebrities who may be called to testify include Depp’s former girlfriend Winona Ryder and actress Ellen Barkin, both of whom have spoken out publicly in support of the actor.

Jasper AI guess at johnny depp and amber heard trial

So, Jasper.ai is a pretty good guesser based off past information! Of course, he totally missed the Ellen Barkin thing, but you have to give it credit for trying!

I don’t know technically how it works, but Jasper.ai was designed to read and understand written content, and so it read websites and articles to gain an understanding of the language and grammar used and then it spews that back out. In short, it knows what it’s read.

When I first signed up for it, I tested Jasper.ai by giving it a prompt to write about, and I was impressed with the results. Jasper.ai was able to understand my prompt and write a piece of text that made sense.

I saw the potential instantly.

It was exciting!

In fact, it was the first time I’ve felt inspired to write in a long, long time.

How Do You Use Jasper AI?

Jasper.ai uses artificial intelligence to understand what you’re trying to say and then translates it into written form. Basically, you give Jasper.ai a prompt, and it will write out a piece of text that addresses all the points you wanted it to.

There are many different prompts that you can use, including:

Write title ideas for the subject of artificial writing. Here’s what Jasper gave me. (It’s obvious it favors Jasper.ai!)

1. Jasper.ai: The ultimate writing tool for busy professionals

2. Jasper.ai: The perfect solution for writer’s block

3. Jasper.ai: How this automatic writing tool can help you get your ideas down on paper

4. Jasper.ai: The revolutionary way to write faster and better

5. Jasper.ai: The writing tool of the future

Jasper.ai title ideas

Write a list of things that artificial intelligence writing is beneficial for. Here’s what Jasper gave me for that command.

1. Jasper.ai is the perfect tool for busy professionals who need to get their ideas down on paper quickly and efficiently.

2. Jasper.ai is the perfect solution for writer’s block, as it can help you generate new ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

3. Jasper.ai can help you write faster and better by taking care of the tedious and time-consuming task of writing for you.

4. Jasper.ai is the revolutionary way to write, as it can help you save time and improve your writing quality at the same time.

5. Jasper.ai is the writing tool of the future, as it represents the cutting edge of artificial intelligence technology.

Jasper.ai benefits

I’ve tried many prompts with varied results. You have to practice to get a formula that works for you and your content and style of writing.

Jasper AI Has Recipes That You Can Use To Create Content

Jasper.ai recipes

I haven’t used this too much. It didn’t work well for me, but a lot of people seem to enjoy these recipes and use them for writing their own content.

Basically, recipes just include prompts to help you create a piece of content more efficiently and quicker. For instance, here’s a screenshot of what the ‘Blog Post’ recipe includes.


Jasper.ai blog post recipe

Each recipe on Jasper.ai has a tutorial on how to use it.

If you end up buying Jasper.ai, I highly recommend going through all the tutorials they offer. They will help you get going much faster as you will understand how Jasper.ai and the commands work, and, more importantly, how to make it work for you.

Jasper AI Can’t Replace A Human

There’s no need to worry about Jasper.ai taking over human writers. It won’t happen…. I hope.

Jasper.ai can predict what you are going to write and can help create KILLER content around certain subjects, but there are some downfalls.

For instance, my husband has a website focused on heavy metal and guitars, and Jasper.ai got a lot of facts wrong when creating an article about a few of his guitar heroes. In fact, it missed that one of the guys has been dead for 15 years and talked about him as if he was still alive. My husband knows his facts when it comes to heavy metal, guitar, and all things related, so this wasn’t an issue. He caught it quickly and corrected it. But, if someone were to rely on those ‘facts’ that Jasper.ai gave, they would look like an idiot.

Therefore,  you have to fact check when it comes to more technical information.

Moreover, linking out to studies and research isn’t something Jasper can do. It can write that ‘research shows’ or ‘studies have shown’ but it can’t link to those studies.

The bottom line is that Jasper won’t create everything for you without you having to lift a finger. You have to be willing to write, give commands, edit, and add information. It’s not a touch and go type of software that gives you everything without any effort. But it’s a lot less effort than writing it alone. A TON less effort.

So, if you are looking for someone to write all your content for you without having to contribute at all, you will still want to hire a real writer. Jasper is only going to benefit you if you want to write yourself but want some help coming up with ideas and information.

That said, I did see one guy who hires his writers, trains them on Jasper, and then gets them to use Jasper to write content for him. So, besides training them, it’s pretty hands off for him. Jasper.ai allows you to invite team members to collaborate with you in your workspace, so they have access to the writing tools and can create content for you.

What Can Jasper AI Do?

Jasper.ai templates

Pretty much anything that involves creating content, including:

  • Brainstorming ideas for titles and headings
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Writing emails
  • Creating lists
  • Creating blog posts
  • Improving content
  • Writing creative stories
  • Creating giveaways for your lists
  • Creating ad headlines and content
  • Creating unique content that passes Copyscape

Honestly, when it comes to writing, you can use Jasper to help you with pretty much anything.

What Can’t Jasper AI Do?

It can’t create all your content for you without your help.

  • Sometimes it gets facts wrong.
  • Sometimes the grammar is off point.

Also, there is no way I would use Jasper.ai for this site, Best Friend Reviews. This site includes personal viewpoints and experiences, and while Jasper can write in a friendly way, it can understand what I’ve experienced and how I view those experiences, so it’s not good for honest, personal writing and reviews.

The Cost Of Jasper AI Is Decent

Jasper.ai prompt on how much does jasper cost

I am on the Boss Mode plan for 100,000 words per month. This is my second month paying 99 USD. I’ve paid far more for far less useful stuff.

I could do 50,000 words for $59, but I like having more words. In fact, I would probably like the 300,000 word per month plan which would be $279 per month, but I haven’t jumped into that yet.

Jasper.ai boss mode plan

If you pay annually, you save a few months, so that’s something I’m probably going to do next month. I know that Jasper is essential for me, so it just makes sense.

If You Want A Writing Assistant That Listens To You, Jasper AI Is Perfect

The bottom line is that Jasper.ai is not going to do all the writing for you in many cases. It won’t know how you structure your articles, all the content you want to include, all the facts about the content, or even specific studies and research related to the content. But it is an excellent complement to your writing and can help you write great content that will benefit your readers and engage them.

If I had found this artificial intelligence for writing years ago, I KNOW I would be in a completely different place. I spent years struggling with my writing, which resulted in me not doing much writing throughout 2020 and 2021. This would have helped me produce a ton more content by now.

Here’s my referral link for Jasper.ai. It gives you 10k free words to write with immediately and me 10k free words to write with if you use Jasper.ai for 7 days, and if you sign up you can pass your link on to other people who want to sign up to do the same thing.

If you try it out, please come back and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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