5 Reasons I Like The Oracle Card Journal By Colette Baron-Reid

I like oracle cards and I like journaling, so it’s no wonder I like doing these two things together. I had taken Colete Baron-Reid’s journaling course a while ago and said I didn’t need to buy her journal as I could just use my own. But I caved when I saw it on sale and bought it, and I’m really liking it.

5 Reasons I Like Using Colette Baron-Reids Oracle Journal

1. It’s Like A Course On Journaling With Oracle Cards And A Journal In One

Firstly, she explains in the beginning of the book why journaling is important and how using oracle cards can help.

For those of us who have taken her courses and already use oracle cards with journaling, it’s a refresher and motivator. But, for people who are just starting out, it’s like getting a journal and course in one. She walks you through the process and even gets you to do an example pull from a deck and journal about it.

She talks about how to pick your oracle deck and how journaling with your deck can be a form of self care.

She even explains how to activate your deck for journaling.

Whatever you need to know about using oracle cards with your journal is in the beginning of this journal.

2. The Layout Of The Journal Pages

When you flip a page, that’s a new place to put your entry.

First, on the left side, you write about the card, including any impressions you have of it. Then you write about what the card means to you.

Then on the right side you write about what is being revealed for your highest good.

I like this muti-layered way of working through the card you pick.

I do have a little HP sprocket that would print pictures that would fit in the ‘card info’ aspect of the journal. I haven’t used it yet though. In that space, I just write the name of the deck and the card I pulled.

oracle card journal

3. There’s Enough Room To Write Something Good Down

I try to fill in the whole space in the journal, and I’ve found the amount of room given just perfect. Usually I’m done writing down my thoughts about 3/4 of the way down, and then I force myself to keep writing so that I fill in the whole page.

When you force yourself to write more, you usually find those aha moments that give you a glimpse into a limiting belief, a concern, or an idea that you didn’t know was there before.

4. It’s A Pretty Journal

The color theme is purple and white. This appeals to me in a way that makes me want to journal.

I’ve found in all my years journaling, it’s best to have a journal that appeals to you because a plain journal that doesn’t call your name, will not call you to write either.

It’s a simple thing, but if you like the color purple, then this journal will boost your motivation to journal.

5. It’s Just For Your Oracle Journaling

There is no room for any other type of journaling, so you don’t feel forced to write anything else but what card you pull and how it relates to your question, day, or life.

In my old morning routine for oracle cards, I would include all my journaling in one journal, and it got a bit crowded in there. I couldn’t find specific things that I wanted to find easily.

With this oracle journal, I pick one card and write about it, and I can easily see themes with cards and issues I may be having with a flip quick through the past entries.

Personally, I’m not using just one oracle deck. I pick the deck that is energetically calling to me for the day to use and then I pick one card (sometimes a clarifying card) to write about.

That said, I did buy another journal just for my Oracle Of The 7 Energies deck, and I use it just for that deck.

All in all, I like this Oracle Card Journal. Colette Baron-Reid did a good job creating it, and I feel like it’s an important part of my self-care routine.

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