2024 Summer Card Deck Club Subscription Box Review

Another season, another Card Deck Club subscription box from Hay House. This is only my second subscription box, but I feel like this subscription box was meant for hme. I love oracle cards. I love channeling my intuition through them. And this subscription box is one I will continue for a long time to come. That said, one of the card decks didn’t resonate with my energy very well, but the other two were a hit!

I Didn’t Resonate With The Ancient Stones Oracle

Here are the 3 decks for Summer.

Summer Subscription Box Card

The Ancient Stones is the deck I didn’t resonate with.

The other two felt energetically good in my hands, but The Ancient Stones Oracle deck didn’t. It was almost repelling if anything.

The box opens in a cool way, but other than that, I’m not getting it.

Ancient Stones Oracle

I don’t like the color.

I don’t like the way the cards read.

I don’t know what the little symbol at the top of each card is. It’s like a pyramid.

I don’t even want to read about them.

I just don’t like them.

Since I’m part of the Hay House video membership and Audio membership, I’m going to try finding the author and maybe taking a course or listening to something from her. Maybe that will help me resonate with the oracle deck better, but right now I have so many other things to do that I just don’t care to do that.

The Guides Of The Hidden Realms

I love this deck. But I love Colette Baron-Reid.

This deck’s artwork was completely done by her, which I find interesting. She channeled the faces in this artwork and the messages, and did all the work in this oracle deck.

It’s colorful and fun and I love the messages that I’ve pulled so far.

Colette says the central theme is compassionate guidance with these cards.

As with most of her decks, there are messages for both upright and reversed pulls. As you can see above, I got a reversed card in one of my readings.

As the name of the deck implies, these are supposed to be messages from Guides in hidden realms. 44 spirit entities to be exact. I don’t know how much I believe that story, but I do love the cards, so I’m willing to believe that the cards I pull are messages from either guides or my higher self that I need to pull.

The 22 Archangels Oracle

I also love this deck. I had good energy from it right from the beginning.

I like Kyle Gray. I’ve read some of his stuff like the Angel numbers book. I’ve never had one of his oracle decks before, though.

This was the ‘bonus’ item in the subscription box.

In this oracle card’s guidebook, he says that ‘There are hundreds of not thousands of archangels working through the Universe…” and then says that the 22 in this deck are working closely with Earth.

Again, I don’t know how much I believe that. That’s a pretty wide gap between hundreds and thousands, and how does he know that information?

But I like the cards and the messages.

Each card has a keyword or keywords that give the overall message of the card.

In the guidebook, Kyle Gray talks about forming a mega deck. It’s where you add a deck to another and create something bigger than the two parts alone.

I don’t like this idea. He talks about combining The 22 Archangels Oracle Deck with one of his other decks. I don’t see the appeal to it. I like to choose my deck of the day for journaling and I don’t want anything touching, much like my food on my plate. I like to enjoy it individually for what it is.

The Bonus Webinars

This month, Kyle Gray is going to have a webinar on June 20th. It’s where he goes through The 22 Archangels Oracle and he will likely give readings, if this webinar is the same as other webinars.

And then in July, Colette Baron-Reid is going to give a webinar that is supposed to help you enhance your journey with her Guides of the Hidden Realms Oracles. I always love webinars with her, so I’m looking forward to that.

The Total Cost Of Subscription Box Versus Decks On Amazon

The Guides Of The Hidden Realms – Coming out on June 18th and the cost is $18.35 CAD.

The Ancient Stone Oracle – Coming out on June 25th, and the cost is $23.31 CAD.

The 22 Archangels Oracle – Came out on June 4th, and the cost is $18.29 CAD.

The total cost for all three would be $59.95 CAD.

I paid $51.91 CAD for the subscription box.

Not a huge difference in price.

But it’s fun to get a subscription box in the mail.

They do tell you what’s going to be in the box before it comes, but I like to ignore all those emails and messages and be surprised. It’s part of the fun of being a part of the Card Deck Club as far as I’m concerned.

Any questions about the decks, please ask in the comments below.

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