My Oracle Card Morning Routine: It’s Bringing Me Joy

I love oracle cards. I have three decks that I use often, but lately, I’ve started using all three of them together as part of my morning routine. It’s bringing me a lot of joy and comfort and enhancing my creativity. If I get another oracle deck, it will likely be included in my oracle card morning routine too. Here’s how I do it.

My Morning Oracle Reading Routine

Oracle Card

It’s super simple and super rewarding. I find myself looking forward to it every day and I never miss it.

1. Start With The Moonology Deck

The first deck I shuffle and pull a card from is the Moonology Oracle deck I got last month. I’m still loving this deck! I appreciate that the booklet has not only the meaning of the card but a manifestation process and affirmations you can use too.

I read about my card and reflect on it a bit.

2. Next Is The Angel Tarot Cards

Next, I shuffle and pull a card from the Angel Tarot deck. I feel very connected to this set of cards as the deck has traveled with me, and I’ve used it often.

Again, I read my card and reflect on it.

3. Lastly, I Use The Money Law Of Attraction Cards

These money cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks reflect how I want to think and feel about money and wealth.  I seem to pull the same cards a lot of the time from this deck. I guess those cards have lessons I need to implement, but I always get excited when I pull something that I haven’t pulled before.

4. I Journal My Thoughts

I put my thoughts from the oracle cards down in my journal. I focus on the positive and how the cards reflect current situations or possible situations that might come up in my day.

I always feel better after I journal. I see things more clearly, feel more grounded, and feel more optimistic.

It’s A Great Way To Journal And Level Up My Optimism For The Day

I don’t look for the negative in these cards. I look for the positive and try to apply that to my outlook for the day. This helps me move into a higher vibration quite quickly and then stay in it.

You know how sometimes you start a new morning habit and don’t look forward to it very much, so it takes you weeks or months to make it a permanent part of your morning routine? That’s not the case with my morning oracle reading. I adopted the habit within a day because I enjoy it so much. I naturally go to my craft desk when I go upstairs (that’s where my oracle cards are) and start shuffling and asking my question. I enjoy it so much and highly recommend it if you enjoy oracle cards and how they can impact your day.

Here’s Me Doing A Morning Oracle Reading With My Cards

This oracle reading was done a few days after the most miserable birthday I’ve ever had. I was in such a bad mood and was having a hard time seeing the positive, and I credit my morning oracle reading for helping me stay optimistic and grounded as I worked my way through the situation.

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