My Review: Tapping Into Emotional Mastery With Jennifer Partridge

One of the latest new quests on Mindvalley is Tapping Into emotional Mastery with Jennifer Partridge. It took me a little longer to get through this quest for reasons I talk about below. But, I came out of the quest with a new tool that I’ve been using daily – and foresee myself using for a long time – because it seems to work when it comes to shifting my negative state to a more positive one. Following is my experience with Tapping Into Emotional Mastery.

Soul Map Tapping Into Emotional Mastery Review

My Finished Soul Map From Tapping Into Emotional Mastery

Jennifer Partridge’s Basic Recipe For Dealing with Emotion While Tapping

Every session tackles a topic, and Jennifer Partridge goes through the same recipe for dealing with each topic.

  1. Acknowledge – This feels bad. It’s digging deeper into your state of negativity. But it allows you to really sit with the feelings and reflect on them.
  2. Love and acceptance – This feels good. It helped me move past the acknowledge state (where it’s easy to believe that everything is real and not just thoughts) and accept that those thoughts are not doing me any good.
  3. Create a new vision – This feels really good. It’s where you flip the script, use positive affirmations, and create hope and even excitement.

The tapping sequence is a little different than I’ve learned before, although, if you look up EFT tapping points, the points she focuses on the most popular points, minus one.

For me, I always end the tapping session by tapping everything on my body that I can reach. I don’t know if it makes a difference physically, but it feels good to me. Especially tapping on the side of my legs. I don’t know why that feels so good to me. It must do something in my body.

What Is The Tapping Element Of Her Method Supposed To Do?

Working through emotions is obviously beneficial. It allows you to focus on your emotions and progress through your thoughts from negative thoughts to more positive thoughts. Its a great process that I think can work without tapping. It incorporates talk therapy and neuroplasticity, which can help you find a better thought path, raise your vibration to feel more grateful and hopeful, and then shift your entire emotional and physical being because of it.

But what does the tapping part do?

The tapping itself works with the meridian system in the body. Jennifer Partridge says that these meridians can get blocked due to physical, mental, or emotional trauma. If that energy is left stagnant long enough, it will cause disease in the body. When you tap on these points, it clears out the stagnation.

If you have taken something like Donna Eden’s energy medicine, or have had acupuncture done, then you know about the meridian systems.

My First Time Doing The Session On My Own

For a few weeks, I only did the sessions with her. Then one day I woke up depressed and worried about the future. I went for a walk, like I always do, but this time I started going through Jennifer’s process with tapping, acknowledging, love and acceptance, and creating a new vision. It was really dark out, so I wasn’t too concerned about anyone seeing me.

This is when I really felt my first big shift with her tapping process. It was so personal, and I made it my own.

I was feeling heavy with worry as I started my walk. When I started tapping, I still felt heavy. As I worked through my statements, I started to feel better. And when I finished, I felt energetic. So, I went from feeling heavy to energetic and worried to hopeful by doing a tapping session while I was walking.

Two Things I Didn’t Like About Emotional Freedom Tapping

There were days that I would feel like crap, turn on the day’s class, watch Jennifer Partridge for a few minutes, and then turn off the class and leave it for the day. Mostly because she annoyed the heck out of me.

There are two reasons for this:

1. She’s A Lot To Take Sometimes

For instance, there are points where she takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh. To me, she looked kind of like a Muppet when she does this – swaying her whole body and head around as she breathes out an enthusiastic AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Kind of like this…

High energy people have always been exhausting to me. They demand too much energy from me, and I don’t have that much energy to give. So, when she’s laughing and yelling and screeching and encouraging us to do the same, that’s too much on days where I’m feeling really low energy.

2. She Can Talk Too Much

I get it, she’s demonstrating how to do this and I’m grateful for that.

But there are some sessions where she asks you how you are feeling and as I started to contemplate it and find the word, she would start talking again interrupt my thoughts. Then I would try to concentrate again and find the word and she would start talking again!

She didn’t do this in every session. Sometimes she gave the appropriate amount of time to find your own words, but when she didn’t, I found it extremely frustrating.

There were a couple of times she would ask how you are feeling about 3 or 4 times, interrupting until the fourth time. I found myself yelling how I felt by the fourth time and then turning off the session because it had become more annoying than helpful.

What I Did Really Like About Tapping Into Emotional Mastery On Mindvalley

Sometimes Mindvalley’s quests can contain some filler days. These are days where you are supposed to go back and do any work you missed or do whatever you want. I call them filler days. There was one quest that had one of these days on the LAST DAY OF THE QUEST. It was ridiculous.

There were no filler days with Tapping Into Emotional Mastery.

Every single day, for 28 days, she had content.

Every single day you do a tapping session with her on a topic – and these sessions aren’t short. She doesn’t skimp on them. She doesn’t rush you through it (even if she does talk when you are supposed to be talking sometimes). She makes sure to walk you through the entire process, leaving no aspect of the process uncovered.

That’s pretty awesome.

It’s also why it’s best to do this program one day at a time. There’s a ton of content in Tapping Into Emotional Mastery and breaking it up daily can help you digest it all better.

There’s Also A Daily Soul Tap Session To Do

Along with the daily tapping sessions on various topics, there is a daily soul tap session that you do each morning.

You can do these with a guided session, or you can do them on your own, which is what you will likely do near the end.

For the most part – about ninety-nine percent of the time – I do my morning soul tap on some aspect of productivity. The thing that brings my soul the deepest fulfillment is getting things done, so that’s what I focus on most.

However, if I have something to do with family or something in another area of my life that I think is important, I focus on that.

I found that this daily tap is a great way to put in your intention for the day and get excited, or at least hopeful, about your day ahead.

I’ve been doing this tap along with The Get Over It process (prayers and affirmations from Iyanla Vanzant) every morning. You are supposed to do tapping with Iyanla’s process anyway, and I find it to be a great combination to work on stuck negative thoughts.

I Did Most Of The Sessions With My Eyes Closed

The good part about Jennifer Partridge talking so much is that she, for the most part, tells you when to tap a new point. This means you can close your eyes and follow along with the tapping progression as well as the emotional aspect of it.

I found that closing my eyes got me deeper into the heart of things.

When I had my eyes open, I was looking at her outfit or facial expression or Muppet movements or even something in my room, and I wasn’t fully engaged in the session.

When I closed my eyes, I felt things deeper. I was more connected to myself. I was able to sit with the negative emotions, and then I was able to bring about more positive emotions quicker.

If You Have Body Pains Or Emotional Distress, Tapping Into Emotional Mastery Could Help

For me, I can say that taking Tapping Into Emotional Mastery should help you if you are having emotional problems. It’s helped me. It’s a tool that I can pull out when I’m feeling stress, anxious, depressed, worried, or something else. It helps me work through the thoughts that brought me there and think and feel in a much more positive way.

And it works fast. It only takes about 10 minutes for me to feel better.

Apparently, Jennifer Partridge suffered from colitis and this type of tapping helped her heal. I believe that.

I fully believe my physical problems this past year were caused by stress. This is because, before each issue, I spent the majority of my time for at least a few weeks (in one case a few months) in a highly stressful state.

I already had a lot of tools to help me destress, but I wasn’t using them. For some reason, I didn’t just feel stressed, I felt like it was inevitable to be in that state, which is weird because I’ve taken plenty of courses and read plenty of books that offer tools to get out. I think the issues that arose were issues I’ve never dealt with before and they kept my focus so much that I could even think to use my tools.

That’s why I’ve made dealing with stress my number one priority. I will never let myself stay in that state again for hours, days, weeks, or months.

There’s More To Tapping Into Emotional Mastery With Jennifer Partridge

I felt like Tapping Into Emotional Mastery had a lot of parallels to Unlimited Abundance. You are going in and tackling deep-rooted beliefs that are causing issues in your life. You are clearing out old beliefs that don’t serve you and installing new ones into your system. Although, Unlimited Abundance tackles very specific things, such as fear of rejection, growth, numbers, and scarcity. But the result I feel can be the same.

Another parallel is that you can go back to a specific session and work on it because the daily topics are so specific. For instance, in Tapping Into Emotional Mastery, you can go back to lesson 10 on command reality, which is I think is super important!

You also learn how to help others tap for better mental and physical health, exactly how Jennifer Partridge does it.

I normally include the curriculum in my reviews, but I’ve decided to change that up with Mindvalley’s quests when they include the curriculum on their information page. There’s no point in going over it twice. So, if you want to know what you will be doing each day, you can read about that here on the full information page for this quest.

If you have any questions about my experience with Tapping Into Emotional Mastery, please ask in the comments below. 


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