Can You Start A Conqueror Challenge Over? (Why I Had To)

I was crushing my conqueror challenges for a while. This is because I was working at a very physical job where I was walking over 20,000 steps per day. That’s why in May I took on one of the longer challenges, the Ring Road Iceland challenge, at 1334.5km. I thought I was going to finish it in a few months, based on the length of time it took me to finish other challenges. But then my dad got sick and went into the hospital and everything changed.

Conqueror Challenge While Dad Was iN Hospital

For the first little while, I was keeping up with the challenge, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. I was just walking all day because I was in and out of the hospital, taking care of my place, taking care of my parent’s place, and doing all the other things you do in situations where you need to be responsible for a lot.

Then, my dad went into palliative care and things slowed down – a lot. I spent a lot of time just sitting, because that’s all he was doing, and I was more focused on spending time with him than taking care of the house or other things.

Then he passed away. And things slowed down even more. I went from walking 20,000 steps per day to walking 5,000 – if I was lucky. I didn’t feel like doing daily walks. I also didn’t have time to do physical activity because I was busy being with my mom and doing all the things you need to do after someone passes away.

Then, within a few months of my dad passing, my sweet dog passed away and life came to a standstill for me. I was very overwhelmed and very sad. I didn’t move that much at all. I spent a lot of time sleeping, crying, meditating, and being online.

It’s taken me a month to even think about the Conqueror Challenges and what I want to do with my physical health. I’m finally starting to come back into the land of the living, and I kind of want to do a reset on a few things, including my Ring Road challenge.

You Can Reset The Timeframe Easily, But Not The Steps

I had completed 1198.9 km by the time I wanted to reset the challenge.

I want to start the Ring Road Iceland challenge again because I want to enjoy it as I go. I want to know where I am on the virtual challenge day by day and feel that sense of movement, motivation, and accomplishment.

It was easy to reset the timeframe. You simply go into your challenge, click on the rocket in the top right, choose settings, and then choose timeframe. You can choose to start from today and pick the time you want to go for.

However, resetting the steps was not that easy.

You can go in and manually delete steps for the days, but it would take me forever to delete all the days in the months that I’ve been walking on this challenge.

So, I contacted support and asked them how I could completely restart a challenge – both the timeframe and the steps walked. And here’s the response I got.


I didn’t know that you only had 2 years to complete a challenge. I thought once you bought a Conqueror Challenge it was in there for life, so that’s good to know.

I responded and asked them to delete all the distances for me, and they did very quickly.

I wrote them back just to be clear that they were the only ones who could restart a challenge and here’s what they wrote.

Restart Conqueror Challenge

In other words, it’s exactly like I thought.

If you haven’t put much work into a challenge and you want to restart it, you can go back and delete all the distances manually by yourself. But if you have 6 months of work put into a challenge and you decide to restart it, contact the support at Conqueror Challenges and get them to restart it from their end.

Here I Go (Again) On The Ring Road Iceland Virtual Challenge

It’s all reset, and I’m starting the Ring Road Iceland Virtual Challenge again as of today.

Not knowing for sure whether I’m going to go back to my physical job or not, I set it for 15 weeks, which would mean I need to get close to 15,000 steps per day. I based it off the last challenge that I finished. That seems easy if I go back to the physical job and a little more daunting if I don’t, but I can always extend the time on the challenge, so I’m leaving it where it is.

By the way, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again – the Conqueror Challenge support is awesome. They are quick. They understand what you need. And they are friendly.

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