28 Days Haunted Review: Seemed Staged And Rushed For 28 Days

At the start, I thought 28 Days Haunted was a brilliant idea, but by the end of the show, I wished I hadn’t wasted my time watching it. I strongly believe that anyone who doesn’t believe in the paranormal is just going to further not believe in it after watching 28 Days Haunted.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s names are attached to 28 Days Haunted. Ed and Lorraine Warren were a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators and authors. They founded the New England Society for Psychic Research, and have written numerous books on the paranormal.

They have both passed away.

In 28 Days Haunted, their son-in-law, Tony Spera, and the New England Society for Psychic Research are putting a theory that Ed And Lorraine had into play on a Netflix reality show.

Tony Spera In 28 Days Haunted On Netflix

The premise is that Ed and Lorraine Warren discovered that it took 28 days to pierce the veil between the living and the dead and find out all their secrets, and this show was going to test that theory.

This was an exciting premise to me, and I feel like there was a lot of potential with this experiment, but the show fell flat very quickly.

Three Teams And 28 Days Haunted

Three different paranormal investigator teams were sent to three different locations in the United States:

  1. The Lumber Baron Inn in Denver, Colorado
  2. Madison Dry Goods Country Store in North Carolina
  3. Captain Grant’s Inn in Preston, Connecticut.

The places in 28 Days Haunted were selected because they are known to be very haunted.

By the way, these are not closed-off places. Anyone can go to them.

Two teams had three people and one team had two people, but each team had a medium or sensitive on it.

Tony Spera and Aaron Sagers, a paranormal expert, oversaw what was happening on multiple screens.

They called it a ‘social experiment’ with extreme isolation and trauma in a paranormal environment that is supposed to be haunted. But, there was really only one case of anything happening that had any sort of ‘proof’ and the rest of it could have been utter crap.

I Feel Like 28 Days Haunted Was Staged For A Few Different Reasons

I believe in the paranormal. I have my Ghost Hunter app that I love to use. But I don’t believe in 28 Days Haunted.

I think it was staged, and there are a few reasons why.

First, there are supposed to be cameras set up all over the house, but for the majority of the time, when something happened, there was no visual or audio proof of it from the source.

Things like:

  • A woman screaming from upstairs when investigators were in a downstairs room. Shouldn’t one of the cameras catch that scream upstairs?
  • A chair being thrown down the stairs from an upstairs room. Why was there no camera in that room to see the chair go flying? There were cameras in their bedrooms, so why not in the other rooms?
  • Garbage was strewn about in the same room the chair was thrown. Again, why were there no cameras?
  • Footsteps and random noises that were not shown audibly on any cameras they had set up.
  • Words came through headphones that we couldn’t hear. Moreover, the people asking questions were standing right next to the people wearing the headphones, which had me thinking they were able to hear the questions and just answer with whatever words or phrases they wanted.
28 Days Haunted

28 Days Haunted Day One Screenshot With Amy Parks And Shane Pittman

To me, there wasn’t much ‘evidence’ caught in 28 Days Haunted besides some words coming through spirit boxes.

These are supposed to be extremely haunted places. How can there be no evidence after 28 days?

There was one video caught of cabinet doors opening by themselves, and one video that caught something flying off a shelf, but because the rest of 28 Days Haunted seemed so staged, I think those events were likely staged too.

The thing that really made me feel like this was more of a scripted reality show than an actual paranormal experiment was the possible possession of Jereme Leonard.

About halfway through the experiment, they made it seem as if something evil had possessed him or was manipulating him in some way. In fact, they made it seem as if this same entity was likely responsible for murders that happened in that home many years ago. Jereme eventually fights off the ‘demon’ and returns to his old demon-fighting self that we see in the first episode.

However, in the last scene, while Jereme and Brandy Miller are at a cemetery, Jereme looks sideways toward the camera after Brandy declares they had at least gotten rid of the demonic presence. There’s a loud noise edited in to accentuate the look. It was meant to imply that he could still be possessed.

This last scene was extremely edited and fake to me, and if I had any doubts that the rest of the show was fake before that, they were gone. What a ridiculous notion for him to look at the camera as if he was possessed and for editors not to notice it or address it.

Jereme Leonard: Screenshot from the last scene in 28 Days Haunted

In another group of investigators, the medium outright asks the spirit if they have helped her to move on and he gets a resounding ‘yes’ from the spirit box. This is ridiculous to me. If she had moved on, how is she answering? How do you know it’s not the evil entities trying to trick you?

It was just full of ridiculous scenes that didn’t prove anything. There were a few voices and noises that could have been real as they seemed to be intelligent responses, but because 95% of 28 Days Haunted seemed so fake and staged, that 5% doesn’t have a lot of validity.

I Think We Proved Our Theory!

At the end of the series, the hosts of 28 Days Haunted declare that the experiment was a success.


Nothing was proven. All that was proven was a couple of the investigators were poor actors and others weren’t as bad.

If I were going to believe any of the investigators on 28 Days Haunted, I suppose Brandy Miller, a psychic medium, would be the only one. However, there were a few times that she seemed to be acting and speaking from a script, especially when it came to interacting with Jereme.

It’s true that the investigators did seem to piece together what had happened in their haunted places with correct names and happenings in the places, but I have a hard time believing that they weren’t made aware of some of that information before they went in or received some of that information through pictures or other information in the homes.

If 28 Days Haunted was done better, it would have been amazing. But, to me, it proved nothing. It seemed to go from Day 1 to Day 28 really fast and there wasn’t a lot of evidence found in between those days. It just felt rushed to me.

In my opinion, they need to document everything – noises, voices, chairs being thrown – better.

28 Days Haunted could go on forever if it wanted to, as there is no shortage of haunted places and investigators, but if it goes on like the first season, I won’t be watching.


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