Review Of Mind Blowing Love By Dr. Laura Berman

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I haven’t taken too many courses off the Hay House video membership because I’ve been busy, but this is one course I was interested in. Laura Berman talks about quantum love, and when it comes to improving my relationship, that’s something I am always willing to do. I strongly believe that if you don’t  constantly work at your relationship, it can quickly go downhill.

It’s Really About Being In A Higher Energetic State

If I were to sum up the course’s lessons, I would say that they teach you to be in a higher energetic state and focus on the energetic connection between you and your partner as opposed to the physical aspect. Although, the physical aspect is still important, living from a high vibration and connecting from a higher vibration is what Laura Berman really focuses on in this course.

The course focuses on Quantum Love, which Laura Berman describes as a soul to soul recognition that results in an intense love.

She focuses on how energy affects the people we are in relationships with, and how, by harnessing that energy, you can create an intense love relationship with your partner.

She does mention being in a state of 200 or above, which I first learned of from Love Or Above with Christie Marie Sheldon.

The energetic state of 200 is courage.

One thing I found really interesting in the beginning of this course is what she said about the observer effect: Basically she said that when an experiment is being observed, the outcome of the experiment is affected by the observation. That’s why you are creating your own reality with your beliefs and expectations, which is really the basis behind the law of attraction.

When you think about the quantum field, everything starts with your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. Energetic frequencies and the effect they have are created by all of those things.

It’s really something to meditate on. It’s quite fascinating to think about.

You Can Figure Out Where You Are On The Vibrational Scale

She includes a tool in this course that helps you figure out where you are most on the vibrational scale and where your balance point is – the point between your two extremes on the scale that you kind of revert to.

Reflecting on this, I was able to see where I tend to revert to and what emotion I needed to feel more in order to be happier in my relationship and my life. So that was an interesting aha moment from this course. I’ve been trying to do, think, and feel things that help me hit that energetic point more often.

She also includes practical things you can do to improve your vibrations that I’ve never heard before. One trick was moving in a weird way, which I really enjoyed. It helps you get out of your mind and kind of shake out that negative energy that is stuck in you. I did this trick on a really shitty day, and it did help me smile and feel better.

This Is A Great Course For Your Relationship

If you are working on your love relationship right now, then this course can help you identify what you want out of it and how you can improve it. Not just the day-to-day aspect of your relationship, but your intimacy too. She talks about quantum intimacy, and explains some techniques that can help you connect on a deep energetic level that can only improve your relationship.

One of the intimate techniques she talks about it is extremely intimate. My husband and I had to go out of the house to do it the first time because I think it would have been too much to do it in our home for the first time. It’s not something we’ve ever done, and I was worried we might back out of it and revert back to our usual things if we stayed in the comfort of our home. So we went to a hotel.

The technique involves wrapping legs around the other person, staring into each others eye (yes, just an eye), putting a hand on the other person’s heart, and maintaining this weird kind of position for a while.

It’s something similar to what you may do with your partner AFTER you are intimate, but much more intense.

And doing it before intimacy is what drives up that connection and makes intimacy so much better.

There are a lot of great lessons like this taught about the mind-body connection and the energetic body in this course. Lessons I’ve never heard before.

And, besides that, it was a great course that helps you move from a lower state of energetically being (shame, fear, grief, etc.) and into a higher energetic state. Which will benefit not just your relationship, but every area of your life.

It’s part of the Heal Your Life+ Membership.

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