The Golden Future By Diana Cooper: Fact Or Fiction?

The other day, I got my first Card Deck Club subscription box from HayHouse, and in it was Diana Cooper’s The Golden Future cards. I loved the cards. They made me happy looking at them. So I tried listening to a meditation about what the future looks like according to Diana Cooper, and it was a little weird. Then, I decided to try to listen to her audiobook about the Golden Future and it was even weirder.

I tried to listen to it at work, so I zoned in and out of it, but what I caught was really weird. Instead of nodding my head as I often do with personal growth books or simply just listening, I found myself scrunching my face up and thinking about one thing: Is this is a fictional story she made up and published it as non-fiction?

Is The Golden Future Fact Or Fiction?

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Do you think it’s possible to come up with a story in your head and then get it published as non-fiction? After listening to Diana Cooper’s book for a little while, I’m asking myself this question.

Why can’t I say that angels came to talk to me and told me what the future was going to look like and then spiel a tale of fantasy?

For example, maybe I see a world where humans and fairies live together to create magical lives full of floating around, visiting other planets, and being visited by all kinds of currently unknown mythical beings?

Can I create something like that in my head and get it published as non-fiction AND become a public speaker about the future I see?

All I can think is that if Diana Cooper can do it, so can I!

Diana says that the future she describes will be here in 2050. I think that’s a very interesting time to pick. She is currently 83 years old. The chances of her being alive in 2050 is slim. She may be, but she would be 109.

So, she picked a time when she will no longer be here. Which is something I would do if I was going to predict this elaborate future that is completely different than it is now – with unicorns and no money needed, for example.

The Unicorns Are Hard For Me To Get Past

It would be nice to have a future full of love and peace and happiness. I think that’s a message from Diana Cooper that I resonate with. What I don’t resonate with is unicorns.

She says, “Unicorns are a pure white energy of source life. They appear as horses with a horn of light.” Apparently, in 2007, the first Unicorn came to her. She was writing a book and she became aware of a pure white energy… and she realized it was a unicorn. How she realized this I don’t know because she doesn’t say in the video I watched. But she said the unicorns are coming because we have raised our frequency to a level where they can connect with us again and they are to bring enlightment to humanity at this time.

By the way it’s not just Diana Cooper that believes in unicorns. She has a Unicorn Documentary pilot episode on YouTube where other people talk about unicorns.

It’s just weird to me, and I believe in a lot of stuff other people don’t believe in.

I Think The Golden Future Resonates With A Lot Of People Because Of The Positive Messages

Beyond the crazy predictions, there is a message that many people want to hear. The world will be just fine. In fact, according to Diana, the world will be a loving, peaceful, glorious place to live where everyone is happy and everything is good.

That’s a nice message, and I think people want to hear that, which is one reason her story resonates with so many people.

Here are some other thoughts from her about this golden future:

  • People are worried about their children and their grandchildren, but they don’t need to be because their future will be good.
  • We’ve chosen to be here at this unique time on earth. She talks about how people who have unfinished business are reincarnating to make the most of it while we are still living the way we are living.
  • In 2032 there will be a new blueprint for our planet and earth will be 5th dimensional. A portal in the mountains of China will open and love will flood out and shift us into a 5th dimensional consciousness.
  • She talks about the power of crystals and new forms of eco-power.
  • She talks about how you don’t have to earn a living because the universe will supply everything you need.
  • Money will cease to be relevant. We will be sharing and given things away.
  • The soil will be nutritious so the food will be nutritious. And there will be no toxicity in the water or air.
  • Houses will be built with plant materials and will be in flowing shapes.
  • We will be able to travel faster and cars without drivers will be the main way of getting around.
  • She even gets specific about creating little batteries with massive amounts of power.
  • We will be able to levitate and teleport.
  • Babies will be born with slightly enlarged heads to compensate for their new information in their brain.
  • Besides fish, people will eat a vegetarian diet or will just be vegan.

As she’s talking, she’s very matter of fact about things like percentages she calls out or things that she says. According to Diana Cooper, this is how it will be and that’s that.

She even says that she even knows what animals are here for. For example, cats are psychic and watchers of your home and watch out for any negative energy coming into your house.

And she shares some tools to prepare you for the future, such as affirmations.

The Downside To The Golden Future Message

If everything is going to be so perfect, why should I save money, pay bills, or worry about anything? I’m sure this is how some people will think.

2050 is not far away. For someone who is 20, they will only be 46 in 2050, the time when debt is often at it’s highest because of all the stupid financial decisions made in your 20s, 30s, and even early 40s. So why should they bother to worry about that stuff and plan for their future?

Or what about the generation that will soon inherit the hard earned money from their boomer parents. Should they spend all their inheritance quickly because money won’t mean anything soon?

But if this Golden Future doesn’t happen, then they will be screwed beyond belief!

I get that we need to act in a certain way to bring the future we want to us, but I can see how many people will develop the ‘who cares’ mentality because the future is so bright they don’t need to worry about it.

In the end, The Golden Future seems like a fiction book being sold as a non-fiction fact. I hope it comes true, but I also don’t want to be blind to the fact that it may not come true and preparing for the future financially, whatever it will look like, might still be important.

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