3 Ways Hypnosis Has Impacted My Life In The Past Few Months

I have been listening to a hypnosis session twice a day for the past few months. Most of my sessions have been from Hypnosis Downloads because, as I said in my Hypnosis Downloads review, I joined their membership called the ‘growth zone’ and consistently get new hypnosis sessions to listen to. I’ve also purchased extra credits, which allows me to buy extra download sessions. So, I have built up a little list of hypnosis sessions to choose from. I’ve listened to my sessions in the morning and at night. And, I foresee myself using hypnosis sessions for a long time to come, even if they are not from Hypnosis Downloads. There are a few reasons for that.

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1. I’m More Relaxed

Every session I’ve downloaded so far from Hypnosis Downloads has been by Roger Eliott. He has a very soothing voice and it’s gotten to a point that when I hear his voice, I instantly relax. Obviously my body knows that his voice and the intention of listening to a hypnosis signals the fact that relaxation is coming on.

Each session is about 21 minutes long. The first minute is an introduction, and I just forward through that.

I used to fall asleep during hypnosis sessions, but now I guess I want to listen to them badly enough (and get the message I need from them) that I tend to stay awake. I do fall asleep once in a while, but usually, I can manage to stay awake.

At the end of every session, he brings you back to the present moment in an awake state. I always react to this message. My mind seems to become clearer and my body starts to wake up as soon as he starts to deliver this message.

In the end, I get a really good 20-minute relaxation session where my brain and body are relaxed. I know that fully relaxing during these hypnosis sessions have many benefits for my health all around, just like other forms of relaxation.

I’ve been noticing a huge shift in some health problems I was having, both physically and mentally, and I attribute that to the fact that my body and mind are more relaxed and less stressed. Stress was causing a lot of issues in my body, and these hypnosis sessions have helped me to chill out and relax much more.

2. I Have A New Coping Tool

Sometimes things get overwhelming or frustrating. Between work, family, friends, worries, unexpected events, and stressors from everywhere, things can get too much and I just want to shut my brain down.

My biggest way of coping with being overwhelmed wasn’t very healthy. I would head to the casino. I know it sounds crazy, but while I was at the casino, I could zone out and focus on something completely unrelated to what was making me overwhelmed. It got me out of any anxiety and worries. It was like a different world where amazing things could happen and the potential was limitless. (It really isn’t limitless at the casino as you lose your money 99.9% of the time, but my hopeful thoughts would always head in that direction.) It also reminded me of being younger, since my family used to go to the casino for a Sunday afternoon when everyone came into town and got together. Some people go to dinner theater, we went to the casino. For me, it was a bonding time between myself and my nana, who has now passed.

But, of course, the casino usually caused more pain than anything. While playing, I would move through my feeling of initial overwhelm. But, once I was finished at the casino, and counted my losses, I would just get upset with myself and think about a million better ways I could have spent that money. It would just cause a whole new level of panic.

Now, I turn to hypnosis when things get overwhelming. Of course, I did buy the Slot Machine Addiction hypnosis to help me soak in the message that the casino really isn’t doing me any favors.

I have a bunch of hypnosis sessions to choose from, such as Keep a Cool Head and Forgive Yourself and Be More Tolerant. All of these can help me calm down and get back into a space of relaxation and being level headed.

And, if I know that my issues are stemming from something else, I can easily buy a hypnosis session based on that issue. I’ve done that a few times.

For instance, when someone who is very frustrating to me decided to do a surprise visit with very little notice, I downloaded the Keep a Cool Head.

3. They Complement The Personal Development Work I’ve Done Over The Years

Hypnosis sessions give you messages to think about. They give you a different way to look at things. And, when you listen to them consistently, they do this over and over again and help those messages and different viewpoints soak into your mind because you are in a very relaxed state where your subconscious mind is willing to listen. Consequently, you start to speak to yourself differently and behave differently.

Every course I’ve taken or book I’ve read has at least one powerful message in it and gives you a different way of looking at things, but I feel like you need repetition in order to really drive the messages and viewpoints into your subconscious mind so that you can make the changes.

I’ve found that all of the hypnosis sessions have reminded me of things I’ve learned over the years. I think these reminders have helped me to be a calmer, more positive, and more grateful person.

For instance, I bought the Don’t Take It Personally session. One of the messages is that things that others do can’t really affect us unless we let it. It parallels to many of the messages in Personal Mastery by Srikumar Rao. Man, I loved that course and the messages in it, but there were so many important lessons in that quest that you couldn’t possibly retain all the messages in your subconscious. You would need to take it over and over again, or, download those messages through things like hypnosis.

By the way, Subliminal 360 also allows you to write out those little lessons in affirmations and flash them over your computer for constant exposure, or you can put them in an MP3 file that you can listen to over and over again. I’ve been using that constantly throughout the past few months as well, and I know that it’s also complemented the things I’ve learned throughout the years because I’ve programmed it with messages I want to retain for those courses or books!

In short, hypnosis is another powerful tool to help you drive home those positive lessons you’ve learned throughout the years that you want to somehow make a part of your life.

I’ll Be Using Hypnosis For A Long Time To Come

Hypnosis has been working well for me. It’s a relaxation tool that helps me relax, cope with issues, and remember lessons that I want to implement into my life.

I would say that thanks to hypnosis combined with Subliminal 360 and all the courses I’ve taken through the Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass, my personal growth has been on a fast track. Things like stress, worry, and other negative emotions are starting to take a back seat in my life.

I’m not perfect, but if this keeps up, I think that 2020 is going to be an amazing year for me as I overcome some long-standing hurdles that I’ve had and start to make more effort on what really counts in life.


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